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Stop Sucking!

Will you join me in taking action to reducing plastic in the world?

There are so many great eco straw alternatives out there from stainless steel to glass! The glass straws come in all sorts of pretty colors and with a cute on-the-go pouch to keep it in. There are also a ton of great reusable options out there from water bottles to groovy utensil ware. 

Try not to get overwhelmed. It’s all about doing the best you can! There are definitely times when plastic gets used in my world even though I try very hard to eliminate it all. If Bear and I are on an adventure and drink all our water from multiple reusable water bottles, Bear might say he’s still thirsty. Then darn, I buy a plastic bottle and hate myself a little…. But! I remember that I make the better choice most of the time! For the occasional smoothies on the go, I keep a mason jar with a glass straw in my car so whenever I’m on the go and tupperware for any to go items if they will let me use it – sometimes they won’t. When we’re at the farmers market we bring our cutlery, cloth napkins, and containers for our breakfast treats!

It’s my upmost intention to be plastic free, but I also want to be real with you all! It’s not all or nothing, keep finding ways to reduce your use…every action matters.

Share your thoughts below on all things straws and plastic reduction! What other cool reusable straws do you love?


Photo: Brooke Drabot



  • Rhonda Dunlap

    Thank you Alicia for posting this plea for people to stop using plastic. It does require a little effort on our part, but it is not difficult. I always carry my water bottle with me and canvas bags for shopping. Being the example of caring for our one planet is a daily task we must all contribute too. It is sad that we are such a throw away society.

    I remember a post that you shared a few years ago that really spoke to me on the benefits of recycling things. I loved how you shared that you shop “vintage” as you are a very conscious consumer. I hopped on that cycle and it has served me and my family well. We are much more conscientious about our spending habits and we enjoy recycling our unwanted items and shop this way too. Perhaps repost that post again for others and as a reminder as we head into the highest consumer time of the year, the holidays, that we don’t have to participate in shopping for a bunch of unnecessary items to jam into our closets and homes.

    I love our Kind Life suggestions.

    Happy holidays ~ Rhonda

  • KJP

    We are switching our home over to a non-plastic home. It takes time, but every little bit makes a huge difference. Looking at straw options, I wonder if bamboo used just as much energy and resources in processing and if bamboo is more sustainable and renewable than glass or stainless steel. Does anyone have thoughts to share on this?

  • Sara G

    This is one of my favorite topics too! I don’t use straws- my favorite approach to trying to avoid and minimize plastic is to consider whether I need the item to begin with. Usually there is a more old-fashioned way to get something done, or I realize that the item isn’t needed at all. Plus, I am saving a ton of money!

  • Catriona Leslie

    My husband and I keep our own tupperware containers in the car, so when we go out to eat, we can put the leftovers in them. The restaurant workers usually think this is pretty cool. I am going to buy some glass straws now. I just saw them for the first time last month.

  • Natalie Smith

    My reusable stainless steel & bamboo straws come from Straw Sleeves! They make super cute hemp pouches to carry the straws in too!

  • Mama Grriimm

    We usually find a place with a water fountain, and refill bottles. Steel straws here, too.

  • Theron Winsby

    Plastic should be against the law for disposable food products. I buy bulk Tea and bring my own glass jar. I refuse to use the plastic bags. The cashiers pretend like they can’t weigh the jar but there is always a way. Just talk to manager. Glass straws are good way to go. I always bring my own stainless steal cup wherever I go.