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November 9th, 2017 | By Alicia Silverstone

Will you join me in taking action to reducing plastic in the world?
There are so many great eco straw alternatives out there from stainless steel to glass! The glass straws come in all sorts of pretty colors and with a cute on-the-go pouch to keep it in. There are also a ton of great reusable options out there from water bottles to groovy utensil ware. 
Try not to get overwhelmed. It’s all about doing the best you can! There are definitely times when plastic gets used in my world even though I try very hard to eliminate it all. If Bear and I are on an adventure and drink all our water from multiple reusable water bottles, Bear might say he’s still thirsty. Then darn, I buy a plastic bottle and hate myself a little…. But! I remember that I make the better choice most of the time! For the occasional smoothies on the go, I keep a mason jar with a glass straw in my car so whenever I’m on the go and tupperware for any to go items if they will let me use it – sometimes they won’t. When we’re at the farmers market we bring our cutlery, cloth napkins, and containers for our breakfast treats!
It’s my upmost intention to be plastic free, but I also want to be real with you all! It’s not all or nothing, keep finding ways to reduce your use…every action matters.
Share your thoughts below on all things straws and plastic reduction! What other cool reusable straws do you love?
Photo: Brooke Drabot

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