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December 6th, 2017 | By Baylor Chapman

Inspired to create a wreath that is also a mini garden? A twist on the living wreath and vertical garden craze, this project requires only ordinary ingredients and takes less than an hour to make. Hang it, grow it, and harvest your very own garden wreath!

– Chicken Wire
– Wire Cutter
– Plants (we chose edible ones here) Strawberry and Thyme in 4″ containers
– Sphagnum Moss (moistened)

1) Using a wire cutter slice off a strip of chicken wire about 8″ wide. Fold and roll the wire into a tube. Then bend into a loop (or wreath).

Lila B

2) Stuff the holes in the chicken wire with your (moistened) moss.

Lila B

3) Unpot your plants. We chose blooming and almost fruiting strawberries and two varieties of time. Squeeze and shake off the extra soil.

Lila B

4) Open up the wire slits – and place your plants inside. Squeeze the wires shut again to hold it together. Work around the wreath form and keep planting big plants through the slits and smaller plants thru the holes.

Lila B

5) Gently tuck the plants thru the wires to look as tho it had been planted for a long while. Cover any soil exposed areas with moss.

Lila B

6) Water thoroughly and hang outside. Rotate your wreath every week for growth and water distribution.

Lila B

7) Enjoy!


About Baylor

Baylor Chapman is the author of The Plant Recipe Book, which features more than 100 lush photographs of creations similar to those she makes for Lila B., her green-certified, plant design business founded in 2007. Baylor’s work has appeared in Sunset and Better Homes and Gardens. She has been a guest on PBS’ Growing a Greener World and a DIY expert on HGTV’s online network, and she speaks nationally on how to beautify the home with what she calls “living centerpieces”. Because bringing nature into the city is essential to what she does you can often find her in the urban-industrial garden where her studio and growing grounds reside.

For more information visit Lila B. Design’s website  or follow Lila B. Design on Instagram and Facebook.

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