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4 Ingredients for Glowing Skin & Giveaway!

Congrats Moll J, Sara G, & Lisa F you won the plant collagen giveaway!

Many thanks to all you kind lifers for entering. So many lovely recipes and foods mentioned!!

Beautiful people just glow. And I don’t mean they look shiny, I mean they glow from the inside out. To me, that is beautiful!

Beauty begins with food, whether we like it or not. When your blood is clean and your internal organs are working well, your skin looks great. And guess what? It takes fresh, plant-based foods to do that inner clean-up job.  The saturated fats and toxic yuckiness of meat and dairy keeps the skin thick, blocked, and overworked. Sugar and processed foods don’t help either. What’s going on skin-wise can really be an indicator of what’s happening inside, cool right?

Whenever people make remarks about my skin and ask what special products I use, my answer is always, “I eat really good food.”  A healthy diet truly has an amazing impact on your skin, giving you that gorgeous glow from the inside out. Believe me, I’ve had bad skin and I’ve had great skin and it all had to do with what I was putting in my mouth!

That said, here are some superfoods for beautiful skin!

Sea vegetables: These superhero foods are so rich in minerals and other nutrients that they quickly improve blood and lymph circulation throughout the body and to the skin. They also restore natural moisture levels, which revitalizes and firms your skin as well. And get this: sea veggies literally detoxify the body, thereby cleaning you up from the inside out, so your skin doesn’t have to handle all that toxic crap and can get its glow on! As an extra bonus, sea vegetables are also great for your hair and nails.

Vitamin C: Wrinkles absolutely hate Vitamin C because it helps you to produce collagen (that web of tissue that holds your skin together). The best source of Vitamin C is not a pill, but dark leafy greens like kale, collards, and broccoli.

Antioxidants: Free radicals, which damage cells and are a big cause of aging, can be neutralized with antioxidants! Vitamin C is an antioxidant, and so are Vitamin A, E, and beta-carotene. These vitamins are found in abundance in fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

Hato Mugi Barley (aka Job’s Tears): This ancient grain helps to clean the blood of excess fat, allowing more circulation to your newly beautiful, supple skin. Standard barley is also great for the skin if you can’t get your hands on this kind.

I try to fill my plate with these ingredients regularly, you’ll definitely notice a difference once you start integrating them! If you want to read more about skin and superfoods, check out Glow by Christina Pirello. While I credit my nutritious diet (more on this in The Kind Diet) for the quality of my skin, I am thrilled about my plant collagen builder supplement! If you’re in the market for some extra help in the skin/hair/nails department, check out our mykind Organics Plant Collagen Builder. It’s made from over 30 real, nutritious organic, family-farmed whole food foods—with specifically chosen ingredients to help support the body’s own collagen production. Collagen can be a misleading and confusing subject, so I encourage you to educate yourself on it and find out what’s so special about our Plant Collagen Builder. Want to try it? Enter the giveaway below by telling me what are your go-to superfoods? What are your favorite glow-y recipes?

I’ll announce three winners on Friday 2/2/2018.





Photo: Victoria Pearson


  • Lynn

    Thanks for the wonderful info! I love adding spirulina to my smoothies three times a week and have noticed a pleasant improvement in my skin.
    I will surely try your new product.

  • Kirsten Antony

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away!
    My superfood at the moment is organic green apples. There are so many health benefits I won’t list them here, but in addition I take apple pectic as well as a detox of any heavy metals. As far as a recipe for apples, the possibilities are endless. I just like to eat apples in the packaging Mother Nature provided.

  • Kat

    Hydration is my #1 glow-to for healthy, plump skin! Making sure I get my 8-10 glasses of water a day is a must to look and feel my best!

    Have been meaning to pick up your well-received collagen supplements, as I love the rest of the mykind line! Fingers-crossed :)

  • Laura

    Hi Alicia! My superfoods are always greens!! I love my vegetables more than any other food and I can eat them with every meal! I have been using your collagen for a few months now and I love it. Thank you for giving us these wonderful vitamin options because there is nothing else like it our there. Also, is there any place to buy the barley in the Los Angeles area? Thank you!!!!

  • Nicole Hatfield

    I am new to eating healthy but my favorites are fresh spinach and purified water. I came across an anti-inflammatory cashew and kale soup recipe which I absolutely love.

  • Cassondra

    My favorite superfoods are Maca and Spirulina powders, but my favorite whole foods are spinach, sweet potatoes, papaya, and pineapples. My favorite glowy recipes are definitely smoothies or Buddha bowls (with sweet potatoes, lettuce, rice, black beans, and different veggies)

  • HilLesha

    My favorite superfoods are blueberries and avocados.

  • Lisa G

    Thanks for the chance to try the Plant Collagen Builder! My skin has been always been a challenge. Avoiding all processed food and really focusing on WFPB keeps my skin glow-y. Lots of greens, especially broccoli. I’m going to try the barley you mentioned.

  • Jennifer Merriam

    I try to fill my plate with the colors of the rainbow…but when I want an extra boost for my skin I make a smoothie that I found on Simple Green Smoothies called Spa Skin Cleanse with spinach, coconut water, pineapple and avocado. Yummo!

  • Kristen Jacobson

    I love berries and adding some cranberry oil to my face moisturizer!

  • Blub

    Bliss balls! So versatile and you can add any superfood…cacao, hemp, chia, flax!

  • Sara

    I am just beginning my vegan journey. I’m glad I’m able to start here. This is one change I look forward to and need to educate myself as much as I can. Thank you Alicia

  • Magooters Human

    I have a smoothie made from kale, blueberries, lemon, ginger and flaxseed every morning. Wakes me up and makes me feel energized for the day!

  • Elena

    I love avocados as a super food. I eat one every day for lunch in my salad. There are so good for your body and skin and they’re so filling because of the oils they have.
    Also I use almond oil for my skin as a moisturizer to give me that dewy and glowing look.

  • Amanda Williams

    Pure Acai Bowl
    1 Sambazon Pure Unsweetened Superfruit Pack
    ½ – 1 c Non-Dairy Milk
    ½ Banana
    ½ c Frozen Mixed Berries
    Top with granola
    Put it all in a blender and enjoy. If you want to make it a bowl: add another Sambazon Superfruit Pack and a frozen banana. Blend until thick, pour in a bowl and top with your favorite granola.

  • Heather Meleski

    Berries, berries and more berries! : )

  • michelle

    Some of my favorites which I try to eat on a daily basis are: Flaxseeds, wild blueberries, broccoli and powergreens (a mix of spianch, kale and collard greens from Costco) I start my day with steamed powergreens before I eat anything else.

  • ktgonyea

    My go to super food is Kale !!! It is so versatile !!! I love a greek yogurt and tumeric facial for my glow :)

  • Amanda Westphal

    Favourite superfood would be spinach. I love that it’s so easy to eat a ton of it! Avocado is delicious on toast with a bit of salt.

  • Elizabeth Slingluff

    I’m not sure where this will post

  • Hannah

    Chocolate is my favorite superfood, naturally. 😉

  • Jennifer Flores

    I have a difficult time changing my diet. Even though I see the consequences to my body and my environment, my mind can’t grasp that completely yet but I’m trying day by day and have slowly eliminated meats from my diet. Like you said it’s a replacement for something yummy and helpful to our environment. I’m only twenty years old and my energy level is very low at times.

    My super food that has help me with It, it’s avocado. I love making veg avocado rolls, always a fun and yummy meal. Or guacamole (with tomato, onions, lime, cilantro and an option of serrano spice) and making lettuce wraps~

    Also drinking water has help my skin look more moisturize. I learned nothing replaces drinking pure water. It’s funny how the simple things have help me. Things I overlooked.

  • Tricia Callahan

    My favorite go to super food would be blueberries. There great antioxidant support for the skin as well as the immune system. I love to add it to my favorite quinoa oatmeal with strawberries and a little nutmeg and just a little honey and chia seeds. Great for a little light morning pick me up . get me started breakfast.

  • Sara S

    I make a great salad with spinach and roasted beets that is delicious and packed full of superfoods!

  • Alicia Webster

    The foods that make me the most “glow-y” and that I eat daily are nuts, seeds, and avocados. I also work some flaxseed into much of what I eat (sprinkle it on top or stir a spoonful in). I don’t cook or bake so I don’t have any recipes (sorry, but it’s just not my thing), but I love to eat everything that my friends and family make :) I especially love a good vegan curry, and I find that curry also makes my skin glow.

  • msrodeobrat

    I’m not sure exactly. I guess my go to is spinach because it doesn’t have a lot of taste so it can be worked in many things and its good for you
    addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
    Ashley C

  • Amanda

    Kale and cocoa (not necessarily together) are my favorites! I’ve never had an iron problem as a vegan and I think my daily cocoa is the reason. Kale makes me feel so amazing and I’ve noticed that if I fall off the kale wagon, once I get back on for a few days my skin starts to feel and look much better!

  • Christine Lewis

    I love berries & spinach.

  • susansmoaks

    I love kale and blueberries. They are my favorite superfoods.

  • tojokroeg

    My superfoods are greens! I put them on everything.

  • Mariana

    I’m eating vegan for almost a year. I’m a 31 years old and my skin looks like I’m in my early twenties. Since I was a kid I eat at least a lemon per day, I put the juice in my plate with food or into the water I drink, and as one of the most powerful antioxidant I believe lemons are one of my secrets. The other one is water, because it reflects instantaneously in your skin, I use to drink 3 liters or more of water in a day. I live in Brazil really far from the ocean, so sea vegetables are totally out of my budget. Quinoa is a superfood I love! I make burghers with quinoa and lentils or chickpeas, it’s really good. We have here a Brazilian superfood that is awesome: açaí. The last thing I’ve been doing that reflects in my skin in a really good way is to eat more and more raw vegetables and fruits. When we bake or cook them we miss lots of their properties, so lately I’m discovering new flavors with raw vegetables, and discovering that everything we think we know about our food is a lie made by these industries. So, this the way I keep my skin glowing. Thank you Alicia for share so much interesting content.

  • Lisa Ferrero

    My favorite superfood (which I think is often overlooked) is BEANS! I make a big slow-cooker pot of them using dry beans (not canned) and lots of herbs and spices every Sunday. Then I have them at-the-ready throughout the week to pair with roasted veggies and quinoa or brown rice or even on their own. Better still, I make a yummy White Bean and Tuscan Kale soup that is warming, versatile, and packed with vegan goodness. Beans + Kale = My Glow. I’m turning 50 in a few weeks and everyone thinks I’m in my 30’s (it amazes me)! Thank you, Alicia, for turning me on to the Kind Life!

  • micwit

    I’m 43 and still get compliments on my skin. I swear by washing my face with oil and using as my skin care regime. I make my own cleanser with hemp oil, argan oil, tamanu oil, jojoba and almond oil. I also use an oil combo of jojoba, sea buckthorn, tamanu, and vetiver as moisturizer. As far as what I put in my body I use spuralina daily in my smoothies along with a mushroom blend of reishi and cordyceps I love using a powder blend of vitamin C, astragalus and tremella mushrooms. Plus a plant based Whole Foods diet does wonders for my skin!

  • Emily

    I have a hard time eating veggies for breakfast and lunch. I take my kind vitamins to help though! Dinners are easier because I can prep for those. I make sure my kids eat well, I just have to take care of me a little bit better. I love all the greens you listed so I just have to do it! Thank you.

  • PhyllisAdelle “Dell” Sherer

    I don’t have any of these great things! Teach me, oh Great One!! LOL :) I’m still a virgin to all this!

    I simply use the Aveeno Ultra-Calming line because I break out so easily. I’m 51. This is the only thing, so far, I have found that is truly gentle to my aging face. I know this is not what we’re striving for as far as living a Kind Life, but currently it’s what I’m doing. I have not made the change yet.

  • Krissy Falzon

    Spinach processed into pasta or my multivitamin with greens, that’s the best I’ve got! I’m a vegan who despises the texture of vegetables. And of course lots and lots of water.

  • Sara Gedde

    Really working hard to be strict vegan, and your book has been the building block to start my sister and I on this journey! Always need skin help so thank you for this post and giveaway!

  • Megan

    My go-to superfoods are greens and Blueberries My favorite glow-y recipe is a smoothie with a scoop of protein with a handful of spinach some berries a lot of ice and blend!

  • Debi Cole

    I try to drink a ridiculously green smoothie every morning. The ingredients very..depending on what fruit and vegetables are in the fridge! But the base always has a super greens powder….chia seeds and a scoop of vega! I feel really good and if my food can’t be perfect super hero the rest of the day..i feel I am covered!!I

  • kathypease

    I love blueberries and love to make smoothies every morning

  • Christine Paiva-Stewart

    Lately I love almond butter! And s smoothie made with Orange juice, frozen berries, frozen banana, frozen spinach and either flax seed or wheat germ!

  • Yogi Syd

    I do a great superfood smoothie with coconut milk, chia seeds, bee pollen, frozen wild blueberries, hemp seeds, ground flax, coconut meat, raspberries and strawberries and spirulina.

  • Harsha

    Alicia Silverstone is the best. You have earned a lot of people’s trust.

  • Moll Jean

    My favorite super foods include sea vegetables, dark leafy greens (especially mustard greens), quinoa, hemp seeds, and many others. I like to make a super food packed bowl as an easy weeknight dinner recipe – it’s one of my fav meals. I make a different sauces and layer vegetables over quinoa, beans, and leafy greens. The vegetables I use depend on what is available seasonally, but I do usually include some roasted sweet potatoes!

  • Brenda Elsner

    My favorite go to food are berries!!!

  • Laurie Emerson

    My go to superfoods are smoothie with Chia seeds. I also use chia seeds with granola for my homemade trail mixes. My glow-y recipes are ones which have a lot of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.

  • Harsha

    You eat the best foods to get the best skin!
    By the way, my comments here are disappearing for some reason! Does anybody have any idea how? I’ve already commented here twice before.

  • Kerry P

    i drink a vege fruit slushie everyday.mits the only true nutrition that i get!

  • Ed Nemmers

    I heart any produce, specifically blackberries.

  • Peggy Rydzewski

    I really enjoy cranberries. Wonderful in a salad

  • Mayra Escobar

    I love all types of berries and chia seeds. I noticed that there is now whole wheat bread that has chia seeds on them! I can have it for breakfast or have it for lunch. I love the variety in berries as well :)

  • Jennifer Herman

    I like to eat Walnuts everyday!

  • John Herman

    My superfood is salmon.

  • Pooch

    My favorite go to super foods are all kinds of unsalted nuts.

  • trisha mckee

    My go-to super food is Spinach leaves. Love them to snack on, in a salad, with just a little bit of dressing.

  • amysmeltzer

    I love vegetables and am trying to eat more healthy.

  • zesty77777

    I drink lots of water, take vitamins, eat a salad everyday and fruit.

  • Leela

    Pomegranates, kiwi and blueberries.

  • Kenia P.

    I drink bone broth everyday.

  • Luvdabeach33

    I love blueberries

  • Rob

    My wife absolutely enjoys cool avocados, garlic, and sweet potatoes in our meals.

  • Milt

    My wife and family definitely like garlic, olive oil and blueberries in our dishes.

  • Marc

    My lady friend and I just love the Chia seeds, ginger, garlic and walnuts in everything.

  • Paulet

    My family really enjoys spinach, salmon and oranges in our meals daily.

  • Malv

    I love the fabulous green tea, turmeric, and Brussels sprouts with my family all of the time.

  • Aaron

    My wife likes the dried plums, chocolate and paprika as awesome foods to eat.

  • Aaron

    We also love almonds as a great snack, too.

  • nicci marquart

    I love the fact that this post was full of natural ways to a healthy skin! I use The ordinary’s products and they are great. However this taught me how to implement nutritious food as well.
    Thank you //

  • PhyllisAdelle “Dell” Sherer

    CONGRATS, winners!

  • Jendria

    I have goji berries, hemp seeds and spirulina every day. One recipe I love is to blend lots of fresh pineapple with lots of baby arugula leaves (and some water), for a healthy and great-tasting smoothie.