Sanctuary Spotlight: All Things Wild Rehabilitation

All Things Wild Rehabilitation is a rescue and rehabilitation center for wildlife, located in Georgetown, Texas. Their mission is to promote respect and compassion for all wildlife through public education and awareness; to rescue and rehabilitate sick, injured, orphaned, and displaced wildlife and release them back into their habitat; and to provide sanctuary for all animal needs.

Their website also features a store with animal and bird houses (squirrel homes to nesting platforms) that look really cute!

If you ever find an injured hummingbird or rabbit, All Things Wild is the place to call! They offer information and help for animals ranging from birds to owls to coyotes and more. Check out this video below to get more insight on what they’re about. It’s really inspiring and amazing how all these volunteers came together and carry out their mission without a ton of resources.

If you live in Texas, take note of All Things Wild! Have you ever found wildlife in need of help? What have you done?


Photo by: @firstmohican

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