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From My Closet Giveaway: Sweater & Jeans

Jazmin! You won this giveaway, enjoy :)

Thank you everyone for your thoughtful and beautiful memories. It was such a treat to share these with me, and as always this was a crazy tough decision!


This week I’m giving away this cute simple chic outfit! This sweater is made by Native Youth, which I got at a vintage store. It will fit a size small/medium. I loved it and wore it often with jeans!

The black jeans are J Brand. They will fit a size 28-29.


To enter this giveaway, leave me a comment below telling me about your favorite memory from this past winter.

I will announce the winner on Friday, April 6th. 





  • Basia

    New Years Eve. I decided to stay at home with my dog, because she gets scared of fireworks. Also, I had been seeing this guy online for over a month but had never spoken to him face to face. Some time before midnight he calls. And for the first time we were able to speak seeing each other. But then, as midnight came I ended up having to climb into my dog penn and sit and hug my trembling dog. It ended up being perfect, a well spent couple of hours speaking online from the dog penn as the new year started.

  • Magooters Human

    My favorite memory was spending New Years Eve in Sydney, Australia. I am grateful for the amazing opportunity to experience such an adventure!

  • Missy

    Sipping home-made cashew milk hot chocolate, enjoying the warmth of inside while watching the wild winds outside, and loving those winter morning sleep-ins!! ❤️
    That sweater has such incredible details!! Would happily wear it to keep warm ✨

  • Tamara Mendelson

    What a lovely idea to give away well loved clothes. I think I’ll start the same tradition in my closet.

  • Lindsey B.

    This winter, my favorite memory of this past winter was spending the holidays with my family. My husband and I spent our first Christmas together as a married couple, so we spent a lot of time traveling – just the two of us – where we were able to talk and learn even more about each other. We spent cozy nights with my parents sitting around the fire, drinking cider and tea, and days with his mom and sister exploring out on their farm. It was a fabulous week filled with fellowship and Christmas cheer!

  • Abba Eban
  • Keri Lisa Mladenov

    My favorite memory of this winter was celebrating my 40th birthday. It was a huge milestone for me. Initially the thought was hard, but once I accepted it, and embraced it, I knew it was going to be great. It was also the moment I decided to go Vegan. I knew that being the animal lover I was, I couldn’t continue eat meat. It grossed me out. I made me feel horrible. So, I am almost two months in, and making lots of progress. I couldn’t have ever had a better Winter…because it was the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

  • steph oliver

    Hi Alicia! This past winter was a very difficult one: my father died and I had to spend weeks away from my husband doing family things. Despite this grieving process, which as we know is on-going, in these times you are reminded of all of the people in your life that give you strength and offer their support. There were people who I never would have expected to reach out and that meant the world to me. A time like this also reminds you of what is important and has allowed me to be more open and accepting to others. Why waste time worrying about not being good enough or holding negative thoughts and feelings? I feel like I’m emerging into Spring as a more whole version of myself.

  • Beth Rapp

    I have been home with my two boys ages 4 and 2 and have created so many memories. Some wonderful: a kind hot chocolate stand where we warmed and re-fueled the neighborhood kids on the sledding hill. And some heart wrenching and insightful: visiting a local dairy farm to give the over used cows some love only to find a pile of dead cows around back. My favorite memory though, is the excitement and enthusiasm on the boy’s faces as they create art for the upcoming farmers market. We art creating collages and paintings on recycled materials (leftover boards of wood,found styrofoam, cardboard, plastic) to sell at our local farmers market. They are so colorful and creative. Proceeds are going to the art department at the school my boys will attend. My eldest has been practicing for the market by setting up a pretend market in our front yard. They both want to work on new pieces almost every day. It’s been a thrill to work and prepare with them. Can’t wait for the market to open!

  • Leslie Werner

    Favorite memory is our living room dance party on my daughter’s birthday <3

  • Terri Narehood

    Having my daughter home over Christmas – she goes to school in Atlanta and we live in Pittsburgh. This is her first year in college and we all missed her and didn’t want her to leave.

  • G. B.

    My favorite memory from the winter was taking my best friend to meet my horses for the first time! They were mesmerized by each other. It was amazing to see!

  • Annette Nichols

    Hi Alicia,
    My husband and I are big fans of your films and love what you do for animals including educating the public about the healthy vegan diet. We maintain a vegan diet ourselves. I’d say my favorite memory this past winter was seeing our kittens be born. It has been a challenge raising our cats but we wouldn’t trade it for the world. Needless to say we go through a lot of kitty supplies and outfits (clothes are not scratching posts!) which can be costly. Thank you for existing and doing what you do. You’re a huge inspiration in our lives.

    P.S. I could use a new outfit! :)

  • Allison Jaynes

    This winter was a bit difficult, as we had moved away from our beloved Colorado to start a new life (and a new job for me) in Iowa. One week we had a few snowfalls in a row, so we decided to rent skis and try cross-country skiing. We ended up having a wonderful day with friends, skiing a nature preserve, watching bald eagles fish in the nearly-frozen river. A day like that can make a new place start to feel like home!

  • Melissa F

    My favorite memory from this past winter was spending a week away from the cold and snow in sunny Mexico. I had a warm and relaxing vacation !

  • Laura

    My favorite memory this past winter was when birds finally started coming to my new bird feeder! I (and our furry friends inside) love watching wild birds out our window and we are working on being a wildlife-friendly yard for all the animals, birds, bees, and butterflies around. Thank you for the chance for this darling outfit, Alicia. You are beautiful inside and out.

  • Isabelle

    So… we live in Cleveland. That explains all you need to know about our winter lol! Snow, snow, and well, ice? My hands-down favorite memory involves any night I spent cuddled up on the couch in front of the fire with my munckin, reading and drinking “baby coffees” aka steamed hemp milk (he’s 2!). It’s the first time he said “i luff vu mommy” and nothing can compete with hearing that for the first time, or really anytime!

  • Lauren

    My favorite memory from this winter is when my girlfriend was visiting in NYC from Italy (Long distance is HARD!) and I had to go to work but was BLESSED with a snow day. We only see other about 4-5 times a year so it was a gift to be able to spend the day snuggled in each other’s arms

  • Jessica Alexis

    My favourite memory from this past winter was being able to travel to Punta Cana with my family and celebrate not only my graduation from university, but also celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday! Also, I’m a teacher and one of my favourite memories was when I helped my kindergarten students build a massive snow fort (filled with snow chairs) which we worked on for several weeks!! Seeing their eyes get so excited to play in the snow and enjoy the outdoors made my heart melt!

  • Anna Perez

    My favourite memory this winter was playing in the snow with my dog, Ben who just turned 1. It’s his first experience with snow. He loved rolling around and catching and licking the snowflakes. He was so happy and that made me happy

  • Via Roman

    My favorite memory from this past winter has to be visiting my best friend Monica at college in Albany. I’m not in college yet so it was very fun to experience it for a weekend and meet all the lovely people she spends her time with at school. P.s. I love you Alicia!! I appreciate you spreading veganism everywhere you go. I always try to do the same. Anyway, hope you are well!!!

  • Dayln Keith

    Favorite memory is the birth of my nephew!

  • Vanessa Diede

    My favorite winter memory has to be this past winter. My wife and I moved from South Florida to New Hampshire. We both work for a nonprofit Darbster Foundation. We pull dogs and cats off the streets and or about to get
    When we first arrived we were both not ready for the winter we had ahead. It happend to be one of the worse winter in years lol anywho we have a facility up here Darbster Kitty. We get about 18-24 cats a week from South Florida and find them forever homes here in New Hampshire. So although the winter was intense our job makes up for that. Saving animals is our life and we will forever help them :)
    Peace and Love Vanessa Diede

  • Lauren Mimms-Bockmier

    My favorite memory was getting to share the holidays with my family and take them to Christkindlmarkt in Chicago!

  • Natalie Alba

    My favorite memory from this past winter is going to see the lights at Lincoln Park Zoo for the first time with my boyfriend. We then found a cozy, low lit Italian restaurant afterwards where we ate the best pasta.

  • Diana Allen

    Went on a family bonding trip to my boyfriend’s cabin with our rescue pup, Sadie! Completely disconnected from the world for a weekend (we live in the city and my job requires my email to be up and running 24/7), snuggled up, and ate yummy food (it was my boyfriend’s first venture into veganism. I’ve been transitioning to 100% plantbased, and I’m thankful to have a supportive partner who is now also embracing a vegan lifestyle). A simple few days, but they meant the world to me!

  • Annie

    My favorite memory from this winter was having my son, Emery. Not only was it my favorite memory from the winter but also just my all time favorite memory! Such a magical moment full of so many different emotions.

  • Maral Khaghani

    My favorite memory from this past winter was passing my comprehensive exams for my Master’s degree and having my mom there as my professors informed me that I had passed. My mom has been through so much this past year, so to share that special moment with her and see her wonderful smile just totally made my year.

  • Valerie Camille Warschak

    So cute!! My favorite Christmas memory from the past year is decorating the tree & house with my sons! It was our last Christmas as a family of 4!

  • Amanda V

    I moved from Massachusetts to sunny Florida 3 years ago and have not seen snow since. As much as I love the warm weather I was born in January and have always been a winter baby. This winter my parents and I visited my sister @ her college in NYC. It had warmed up just before I was arriving but I kept praying to the universe to please LET IT SNOW once I arrived. The second day we were there we went to Brooklyn to eat at the most amazing vegan diner and the second we walked out… it snowed!!! I have never been so happy in my life/to see snow. It makes me tear up just thinking about it. There are so many other amazing moments from this past winter but that will be in my heart forever.

  • Kinjal

    My favorite thing from this past winter was my trip to Goatlandia. One of my friends was down in the dumps – lack of motivation at work, some physical injuries had him
    Feeling depressed. So I surprised him with a visit to Goatlandia and it was absolutely amazing for both of us!

  • Xiomara Guerrero

    My favorite memory this past winter was simply the fact that there were an unusual amount of “cold” days this season. They are few and far between seeing as how I live in Miami!

  • Joe Fearon

    Baking gingerbread cookies with my Nana on Christmas Eve. X

  • Jazmin Charlesworth

    This winter was filled with bitter-sweet memories for me after my community, Ojai, endured the Thomas Fire. My favorite though, has to be this memory: My husband dabbles with wood craft, and he made several wooden toys and donated them to the Upper Ojai Relief Center (created for victims of the Thomas Fire). On Christmas we were sent a photo of two children who lost everything in the Fire, playing with the toys. It was the greatest Christmas gift we could have received.

  • Shelby

    My favorite winter memory was helping my mom make a vegan dinner for the first time. She was having everyone over for the holidays and had recently gone plant based. I wrote her a grocery list and came over that morning to help her cook everything. Since then, she has been making such amazing plant based meals and my younger sister also has gone vegan! Great food and memories made.

  • Christy Stuller

    My favorite memory from this winter is going out with my fiancé and our two dogs, during our only snow storm, and having a snowball fight. The dogs were so into it, they caught the snow balls as if they were tennis balls! Being the Clueless fan that I am, winning a beautiful outfit from the closet of the original fashionista would be incredible!!

  • Muse Somthip

    My favorite memory from this past winter was when I was locked out of my house for three hours in a snowy day. It was 30 degrees outside and I had only a t-shirt on… it was fun.

  • Carly

    My favorite memory from this winter was watching my three year old learn to snowboard. The smile on his face was absolutely priceless!!

  • Carly

    I loved watching my three year old learn to snowboard, the smile on his face was priceless!!!

  • Meshgon Hakimi

    My all time favorite memory from this past winter was spending the holidays yet another year with my father, my best friend. Whom I don’t see very often since we live in different states. My dads had 4 heart attacks, 13 stents, and (1 open heart surgery in late fall.) Every winter especially this one, I look foward and felt very blessed to have been able to spend it with him.

  • Rebecca

    My favorite memory of winter was watching my children play in the snow with the jack rabbit in our backyard. The rabbit would hop around in circles for a few laps, letting my boys chased after him, before hopping back into the brush. The children were laughing and snow was flying everywhere. They thought the rabbit was so silly and they were so happy it wanted to play with them.

  • Crystal

    Fun! Mine is probably sledding and playing in the snow with the kids. We got around 6 inches which was a blast!

  • Alexandra Smith

    For dinner at my grandmothers this winter I made a vegan lasagna. My Midwestern family has the same traditional meal every year. I was a bit anxious but was happily surprised by how many people wanted their own slice and even more surprised by their kindness to have an open heart and try something different. Some of my family members are still confused on how I made ricotta cheese out of tofu. :)

  • Emily

    This winter, my favorite memory was making holiday cookies to give to family and friends. I love how full my heart feels when I bake for people.

  • Hannah Brown

    Having my baby on a snowy winter morning!

  • kristen conti

    Favorite winter memory: spontaneous Christmas card family portrait in front of the gorgeous Christmas tree in the gazebo, at the square in Medina Ohio….We weren’ t sure who would take the pic and our teenagers were reluctant but saw how strangers were generously taking turns taking one anothers pictures. It was a great laugh and a treasured memory of us being together❤

  • Stephanie Cheek

    My favorite winter memory was probably that we had Christmas for the first time as parents to our baby daughter just born this past October! Even though she won’t remember, her first Christmas felt significant: baking (kind, of course!) cookies, decorating the house, and seeing family. We can look back at the photos together one day:)

  • Amber

    My favorite memory from last Winter was going on a hike along the ocean with my friends . It was super foggy out and it just felt so peaceful and wonderful.

  • Kate orr

    Hi Alicia!
    My favorite memory from this winter would have to be watching my 16mo enthusiastically become a potato farmer. Even with all the snow and outdoor activities, his fervor for “cooking” me food is what makes me smile. Cheers!

  • Amanda Quirk

    Oh I love that combo! My favorite memory from winter was going to Paris, my first time in Europe. It was at the top of my bucket list and pretty much as magical as you can imagine. Every corner was romantic. I was newly vegan so finding vegan items was challenging but everything was still delicious!

  • Gabby

    Bringing vegan smashed potatoes with vegan cashew garlic sauce to my family’s Christmas Eve party.

  • Courtney Ommen

    My favorite memory this winter was seeing my boyfriend graduate from his undergrad! He’s worked so hard and I was so proud!

  • April Cooper

    While on vacation in North Carolina, I experienced my first time sitting in a hot tub while snow fell heavily around me and my kids. We only stayed in for a few minutes, but it was a magical moment for this South Florida family.

  • cassie

    It snowed in South Texas❄️☃️

  • elisagraber

    My favorite memory is one that you just helped me to start today. You see, I found your book at Goodwill and I can’t put it down. I’ve been an on again, off again vegan/vegetarian for years, but after reading just the first two chapters of your book, I know I now can follow my inner truth and live a vegan life. I really related to the story you told – especially where you talk about the love we have for our pets yet somehow think it’s ok to eat beef, poultry, lamb and fish. I can’t wait to finish the book and try some of your recipes. Thank you so much!

  • Ashly

    Hi! My favorite memory from this past winter would have to be the weekend before Thanksgiving. My hubby and I took our two kiddos to a lodge in Yosemite that we normally go to for our anniversary. They always wanted to see if with their own eyes. We had a wonderful time hiking, eating, and enjoying one another’s company without cell service yay!!!

  • Carolyn Dillon

    Alicia, I had the best winter of my life so far. I work at an all vegan restaurant, and now my husband not only works there too, but decided to have a vegan diet as well! We moved into our first house, which allowed us to adopt a rescue dog that we love endlessly. I love the outfit and would be so happy to wear something of yours, I’ve been a fan of yours since I was a teenager seeing Clueless with my friends at the movie theater. Love,
    Carolyn Dillon

  • Melissa

    Love this giveaway! My favorite memory from this winter was hiking in the snowy forest with my kids. The stillness of the snow quiets all of us.

  • Laura

    My favorite memory from this past winter was when my step son came to visit from Ohio. He just turned 18 and it was his first time in California. We never really had a chance to bond when he was growing up and that always made me sad. When he was visiting, his Dad had to work for several days so that left me having to figure out what to do with him! Thankfully we had just moved to NOHO so there were many things to do. We had a great time, had a lot of adventures, and we had time to form a relationship! It took a lot of years but it was worth it! It was great having him here!

  • Bre

    My favorite memory from this winter was spending time with my family our first year together in Oregon. Walking in the snow, having “sleepovers” with my daughter by the fireplace and getting moved into our new home. It has been one that I’ll never forget!

  • Abigail Foskuhl

    My favorite memory from this past winter was when I flew down to Florida to visit a dear old friend. :)

  • Tiffany

    My favorite memory from this winter was my hubby and I taking our daughter to Europe for her birthday and exploring Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam kind foods and cultures for the holiday season…truly incredible memories that we shall treasure forever!

  • Mariam M Ballout

    I walked outside in a bad mood on a snowy day to find amazing footprints in the snow: birds, small mammals, and possibly a fox or coyote! I felt overcome with wonder but the people I was with didn’t appreciate the footprints or seem particularly charmed. I called my mother and told her I knew she’d appreciate them properly and was sad she wasn’t there. She was having a similar experience somewhere else! The rest of my day was charmed by both the footprints and being reminded of the wonder I share with my mother and how much I love her! #gotitfrommymama

  • Carolyn
  • Elizabeth Findlay

    I can’t say that it super special or anything, but the fact that this winter was fairly mild here in Kenosha WI is a big deal. I am not a big fan of being cold anymore especially as I get older. There was an 80’s themed birthday party me and my boyfriend went to and the special part was the two of us getting ready for it. We went to several resale stores to find the perfect 80’s prom wear. It was fun goofing around with him about the things we found.

  • Monica Wilding

    My favorite Winter memory is traveling to Brianhead, Utah with my husband and two little boys. We had so much fun sledding and playing in the snow ⛄️

  • Becky Schaffrick

    This past winter, one of my life long friends married her boyfriend of 8 years, her mom officiated the ceremony, her sister the maid of honor, her dad sat proudly in the front row, the vows were personal, loving, and funny at the same time. It was the winter wedding she always dreamed of. The phenomenal band played songs of her and her husbands choosing, making the reception as personal as the ceremony. The joy and love on that day still brings tears to my eyes. I am so blessed to have been included in their day. My favorite memory from this past winter without a doubt. ❤️

  • vegetarian for life

    It must be watching the winter Olympics with my visiting friend whom I had not seen for ages :)

  • Whitney

    My Favorite memory: my little man learning to crawl and pull up after many months of therapy.

  • Sandy

    My favorite memory from this past winter has to be the protests I did against Canada Goose at their new Chicago location. We stood outside in the cold and snow to let them know that they are not welcome here and to educate people about this cruel brand.

  • Caroline Kusmierz

    My favorite winter memory is when I traveled to Poland to visit my family, since only my parents and my brother and I live in the states, it was nice to see my cousins and grandparents as well as aunts and uncles!:)

  • Shana Anderson

    My favorite memory from this past winter was spending some much needed quality time with family :) My brother & his wife & their 2 little boys just moved to TX in January, so it was extra special having everyone together for the holidays at my parents’ house cooking, watching movies, decorating gingerbread houses with the kids, drinking coco, playing games & sharing stories before their big move from AZ.

  • Amy Snelgrove

    Definitely going through the holiday season with my newborn daughter.
    Separately big thank you for the Kind Mama book. Growing a human is hard enough, but going against the grain and doing it vegan was made much easier with your book and website. She came out extra cute and I like to think it’s because her existence didn’t involve any unnecessary suffering.

  • Teresa

    Hello, thank you for the opportunity to win this cute outfit. My favorite memory from this winter is of being with my family and taking my baby boy sledding. We bundled him up and went down the dirt roads by the home where I grew up. He loves being outside!

  • Ken D. Bartley

    My favorite time this winter was building a nice warm fire in my workshop, setting beside the fire and picking out old appalachian photos from getting off the internet. I try to save as many as I can find due to my high respect for the mountain people in the Appalachia mountains area in the 1920’s an1930’s on up until the 1960’s. They never had a lot but was so happy with what they did have. I take these photos and vacuum mount them on poster boards and hang them in my shop. I also enjoy making Mountain Dulcimers. This is a typical winter day for me, always trying to think of something to make. LOL

  • Katie Hunt

    This winter, my kids and I flew out to see my father who has been very very sick. We had such a wonderful visit where my 3 yr old played the piano with him and my 5 year old got lots of cuddles. We just lost him a month ago but I treasure the time we recently had. Life is short. But beautiful.

  • Sarah

    My favorite memory would be my kids being on winter break, we really were able to enjoy each others company. I also decide then that I’d make the switch from vegetarian to vegan, and it’s been amazing!

  • Ashley Elizabeth

    My favorite memory from the winter was spending the one and only snow day with my dog and my boyfriend letting my dog run around in the snow and cuddling and watching movies.

  • Hilaree Anchondo

    My favorite memory was walking through the snow in my beloved city headed to a concert by my favorite musician with my new husband by my side. Pure joy.

  • Ane-Martha

    What comes to mind is when I hosted an event during the Christmas days for people in my little town in the north of Norway. An event for people that don’t have the biggest family or circle of friends. We came together and truly creative an amazing experience for us all. Made vegan dinner for 30 plus people and everyone enjoyed the dish, even though most aren’t plant based in their diets. A cruelty free community event for enyone that felt the need or wanted a free dinner and some good conversations and live music.

  • Melissa

    My favorite memory from this past winter is that i was with my family all day and sang karaoke all night together

  • Tifarah Mektrakul

    My favorite memory from this past winter is spending time with family and friends! From get togethers to ice skating to movies to coffee dates to building gingerbread houses. I love the winter.

  • Amanda

    My Favorite memory from this past winter would be getting snowed in and the power going out and spending quality quite time with the family and watching my all time favorite movie clueless on my iPad :)

  • xoNessie

    Road tripping with my husband is one of my all time favorite things. Getting on the road eating (vegan) snacks, listening to music, sharing stories, getting lost, exploring, and endless adventures are always a great time. Being in nature and my first bald eagle was this winters road trip across Washington state to Oregon. Memories made will last my lifetime!

  • Saskia Kappel

    I don’t know if I have any chance to win here because there are so many lovely memories. Mine is actually about realizing how much plastic there is in the ocean because I had to do a presentation in school about it. Now I’m really focusing on wasting less plastic and that’s also a reason I’m entering this little Contest. Because I know how much you care about the animals, Alicia, and I know that rewearing somebody elses clothes is way better for our oceans than buying new ones.
    Saskia (18 Years old, from Germany)

  • Ireland

    Mine was going ice skating and getting to spend the holidays with my family down in California, now that I’m in college it is hard to find time to go down there and see them.

  • Lexi Lauren Baltrusch

    This past Christmas, I met up for dinner with some high school friends I haven’t seen in years. When we got to talking, it was like no time had passed at all.

  • Susan Macy

    My favorite memory of this past winter happened on a snow day when work was closed. I baked chocolate chip cookies because that’s what I always did on snow days growing up. It reminded me of wonderful days with my family. Laughter and food and conversations which I treasure.

  • Mimie

    My favorite memory was witnessing the first snowfall through the window. It was perfect as the fireplace was on. Warm fuzzy blankets, socks, and sweaters. I was finally spending quality time with my father, I don’t see him often. The hot cocoa made it more magical. I loved it as it was a break from anxiety filled school.

    Love you Alicia <3

  • Codi_Cathleen

    When my husband and I moved to kauai because life Is short and dreams are meant to be lived!

  • Kate Muss

    My favorite memory from this past winter was building outdoor shelters for community cats. The animal organization I work for invited some local school children to paint the shelters. They did a great job and painted some really cute designs. They had lots of questions about outdoor cats and lots of them left with a shelter to put outside for the cats in their community. It was a chilly winter where i live so it made me happy knowing the cats would have somewhere to shelter from the elements and that the kids were so interested and so willing to help our outdoor feline friends! It warmed my heart, despite the cold!

  • Winston Aversa

    My favorite memory from this past winter was the day my daughter found out she got the legal fellowship job with an animal rights organization that she has wanted to work for even before starting law school.

  • Stephanie O’Neill

    Every year, my husband and I take our cat and dog to see Santa Paws. Their photo is always the hottest card of the year! My cat got diagnosed with diabetes and it was hard year for him and this year, in order to tame him, my husband and I had to be in the photo too. One of our only family photos! I’ll cherish it forever because we unexpectedly lost our dog on Jan 11. She looked so happy in their pic! Definitely my favorite memory of this Winter.

  • Lily Lucas

    My first favorite memory was going to a painting class with my mom where each student painted their pet! We each painted our cat, Goldie Mae! Another favorite moment was going to a vegan potluck with my mom and I’s vegan group! I’ve been away at my first year of college and haven’t been able to attend regular meetings, so being able to go over my winter break was awesome!

  • Darla Poulas

    A highlight of our winter was passing time in Key Largo with my family. Chilling and playing on our little beach, watching dolphins swim by the dock, searching for lizards in the trees, swimming in our birthday suits… good stuff.

  • Danielle ward

    My favorite memory about this past winter, I found out I was cancer free. I also have chronic lyme disease and for the first time in over a year, I was able to go back to this gym and start living my life again. I’m very grateful for a second chance at life.

  • Amanda Power

    My absolute favorite moment of this past winter was when I found out I was pregnant! My husband and I got married in September and started trying right away. I’m 15 weeks along now and loving every minute of it. I got your Kind Mama book for my birthday in February and I love it so much. I’ve been vegetarian for about 6 years now and I love learning everything about your experiences with your pregnancy and your recommendations in the book. My husband is a big meater but is starting to love some veggie meals. I’ve been feeling wonderful so far throughout this pregnancy, aside from being super tired for a while, and I credit a lot of that to my way of eating. Thanks Alicia!! -Amanda

  • Kimberly langlais

    I had a blast taking my twin four year old niece and nephew to see snow for the first time. We spent the day in Idyllwild. Nothing beats the smell of pine trees, the crunch of snow beneath our feet and the sound of giggles as I fell on my butt.

  • Lisa

    My favorite memory from this past winter is a simple one. Maybe not one that would jump out to others as great but it was to us. My son has autism and we live in NC. We dont normally get snow. IF we do, its a dusty where in a few hours its 70 out and the snow is gone. But this year we got about 4 inches of snow. Its the first time in about 5 years my son got to play in snow AND enjoy it. Due to sensory issues, the past snowstorm he just cried when he touched it. Too cold for him and with him being non verbal at the time, he couldn’t tell us so he just cried. This year, he was able to be bundled up and actually enjoy the snow. Something I will always remember and cherish! Simple yes, but monumental on our house :)

  • Jenn T

    this past winter i have never been happier. but with the highs also comes the most terrible lows. i reconnected with someone who i had not seen for 6 years. this rekindled my belief in fate as only such a serendipitous encounter on the streets of the city could we have found eachother again. i spent this past winter creating memories and learning the true meaning of love with the person i am meant to be with. we saw the first snow in new york together and we walked through a neighborhood decorated with christmas cheer with kids selling hot cocoa & treats in front of their homes. even throughout all these joyous times it scares me that our time together may be limited. but even if we aren’t able to stay together in this life i look forward to finding them again in the next life.

  • Ciara Heatherman

    My favorite memory from this past winter was when I found out I was pregnant with our first baby! After trying for a year, it was a shock to finally see those two pink lines with my naked eye! Due date is November 1st 2018! We had gone vegan four months prior, and feel that it helped us concieve. Such a wonderful feeling to know we were chosen to be parents!

  • Amanda Quirk

    Oh my gosh what a wonderful giveaway! My favorite memory from winter was definitely going to Paris for the first time. It has been at the top of my dream list forever and it did not disappoint! It was just as romantic as you would imagine it would be. Seeing it in the brisk cold weather was somehow even more beautiful!

  • Sarah Mabry

    Feeding my baby Thomas his first food! oatmeal!! On Christmas morning. He loved it so much. Made the sweetest nom nom sounds and couldn’t get enough.

  • Sara Gordon

    Oh man. My favorite memory from this winter was DEFINITELY when I realized my really good friends are absolutely my very best friends. This was huge for me, as I feel like I may block myself from having close friends.
    As a vegan with zero vegan friends, I can always expect to bring my own food to functions, etc. and always feel like I need to hold my tongue when thinking/talking about animal rights and my morals and ethics. We had a Friendsgiving potluck, and I was blown away that nearly every item brought by my friends was made vegan or had a separate vegan version. They acted as if it was no big deal for them to do, and it certainly was to me, as no one has ever been thoughtful enough to think of me to such an extent. We even opened up a short dialogue about why I feel it is important to live as a vegan.
    So as I write this, tearing up, I am so grateful to say that Amy, Jill, Diana, and Josh are the best friends and people anyone could wish for, and not because they made me vegan food, but because they support me at all times.

  • Sarah

    My favorite memory from this winter was going snowshoeing. The snow was deep and the weather was cold but refreshing. I went with a friend who could appreciate the silence of winter. I liked the time for reflection mixed with exercise and being outdoors. It was simple but exhilarating.

  • Natalia

    Turning 25 on 12/31 – a symbolic number and a pivotal year. It turned out to be a year of watching my family grow stronger roots after losing all our leaves. The gray and gloomy skies, like the color of this sweater, are slowly turning into bright blue sunny spring days. Our spirits follow the weather. This entire winter was a nauseating, painstaking, emotional journey with countless hospital visits, but everyday this past winter was a memory, up or down. I will never forget all the moments of both the gray and blue days.

  • Jose David Diaz Vasquez


  • Jose David Diaz Vasquez

    The most beautiful queen

  • D.Roc

    My favorite memory from this past winter was rocking my three-year-old granddaughter. While we snuggled under a blanket and watched the snow fall one late afternoon. I softly sang, The Ghost in You, a Psycadelic Furs song to her. Such a simple and beautiful snapshot in time.

  • Amy S

    My favorite memory this winter was taking my kids to see their great-grandma in another state for the last time. It was so good to see how she loved them and they loved her. So much natural beauty in it.

  • Facebook User

    My favorite winter memory, is spending my first married Christmas with my husband. It was such a special time to decorate our tree together for the first time, and make our own traditions as husband and wife. I will cherish those moments always.
    Jacqulyn Salamone

  • Lily Pants

    My favorite memory from this past winter was celebrating my daughter’s first Christmas with family. She has brought so much joy and purpose to my life that I am grateful to have her.

  • Andee Slabaugh

    My favorite memory is always the holidays! This year, my brother and his wife and their 3 children were home for the first time in 2 years (they’re missionaries in South America). The family time we enjoyed and watching my children play with their cousins are treasured memories which I stored up in my heart. It was the first time my daughter got to meet them!

  • Terri Whalen

    My favorite memory this past winter was when I was able to run 10 miles! I’ve always been a runner, but since becoming vegan, my runs have become easier and longer. It made me decide to register for a half marathon this June, which I would have never thought possible a few years ago. This past winter allowed me to set goals, focus on them, and succeed. As we get older, we forget that our accomplishments, whether big or small are such an important part of who we are. Needless to say, it was a great winter full of reflection.

  • Facebook User

    My favorite winter memory was sharing my and my husbands first married Christmas. It was such an amazing experience to put our first tree up and decorate it together. It was nice to make new traditions for us and our future family.

  • Anna Lee

    My favorite memory was the day I met my girlfriend and spending all winter making new memories together. <3

  • Kimberly langlais

    I had a blast taking my four year old twin niece and nephew to see snow for the first time. We spent the day in Idyllwild. Nothing beat the sound of snow crunching beneath our feet, the smell of pine trees and the giggles of the children as I slid and fell on my butt.

  • Lauren Hefferon

    My all time favorite memory from the past 2017-2018 winter would be the love spread. Spending time with my animals, my 6yo dog and my 16yo horse were truly great. I loved spending time with my family and friends, spreading Christmas spirit and baking cookies! I loved decorating, and sitting by the warm fire with my mom, reminiscing on past memories and watching our all time favorite, Clueless! This winter was a wonderful time to spend moments with the ones I love most, and with the time off, it gave me more time to spend moments with those I may not be able to see as often! Love you Alicia! Thank you for everything!

  • Sara G

    This outfit is so cute! I made a great new friend at a vegan dating event (our relationship has outlasted the two relationships with guys I matched with to date- haha!). I’ve had a ton of fun with her exploring vegan restaurants in the Portland area and playing with her adorable dog!

  • Rose VanBuren Schroeder

    My favorite memory from the winter was Christmas Eve. It snowed in Seattle, which it rarely happens in Seattle. It was so beautiful seeing it snow at the beach. My husband and I walked in the snow to our local small church for the Christmas Eve night candle light service. We had no idea it was canceled because of the snow. The pastor was still there and a small handful of people came. So she decided we would still have a small candle light service. It was so beautiful with the candles, Christmas songs, watching snow fall outside the beautiful stained glasses windows on the church.

  • jberry

    My favorite memory of this past winter was when my landlord/neighbor unexpectedly dropped by with a gift for us. He was mid-retirement and newly involved with someone new, having suddenly less time for us. Nice to know he thinks of us when he was so obviously pulled in too many directions over the holidays.

  • Emily Boardman

    My favorite memory from this winter was the birth of my daughter, Veronica! A very fast 1.5 hours of labor and my little girl was born in her unbroken amniotic sac. 1 in 80,000 births are babies born en caul, and it really was so cool!

  • Shaniel Wisniewski

    This winter was my last one with my Nana, so my treasured memory is making potato pancakes with her. She normally put eggs in them, but she left them out for me. She doesn’t necessarily understand vegan, but would always make sure there was something I could eat. She was the best, and so were her potato pancakes!

  • Maria Slezakova

    my children playing with them during the holidays

  • Perlamar Kimbrell

    My favorite memory from this winter has to be seeing my dads side of the family in California. After not being able to see anyone for 5 years due to being on the east coast, it was the best reunion my family has had ever. All the babies having grown up and are now in elementary school, my grandmother keep pushing on despite having some set backs and my aunt finally getting her degree after many years of hard work. Every single day we were thanking God for some much needed family time.

  • Courtney Brown

    My favorite memory from this past winter was watching my husband play out in the snow with our dog. We faced a lot of troubles this past year together, and that was a special moment where we could just be free and not think about our burdens.

  • Karen Meyer

    My favorite memory this winter was flying to South Africa, funny enough with a suitcase full of my giveaway clothes, to hand out to those less fortunate in the rural townships. Seeing the joy on their faces and how happy they were was just the most amazing feeling! Joy is definitely in the giving.

  • Anna Louise

    Building a snow lady with my nephew ❤️

  • Crystal G

    My favorite memory from this Winter is it finally getting cool enough in Florida to have a bonfire. My family and I would eat outside by the fire and enjoy the beauty of the night sky above us. It sounds simple, but given our busy lives it was pure magic for us.

  • Jen Yellets

    Hi Alicia! My favorite memory from this past winter took place on November 8th- it’s my anniversary date of going totally Vegan! Well, superhero most of the time! This memory is relived on daily basis. I am in the best physical, mental and emotional shape that I have ever been. Your book was truly inspiring in every way … thank you!

  • vika

    I am still in school, so during this past winter I had a break from school. I was also lucky enough to have a break from work at the same time. Where I live we don’t usually get much snow, but this winter we got quite a bit! So I didn’t leave my house during break, but instead got to stay indoors with my cats and dogs listening to music and working on my art. Being home alone with my animals and music and drawing is always when I’m happiest!

  • nikitajosephine

    My favorite memory is of the new people that I met when I started going to these Charles River Laboratory vigils/protests to try and bring light to animal testing & abuse. I don’t really know any vegans and I am new at protesting so this was really great. Plus I really hope that we can make a difference and eventually (soon) close this place down.

  • Frenchpetal

    Going by myself to a 4 night Northern Soul event and dancing my a** off. Never done anything like that ever. I’ve been a stay at home mom for 28 years. It was a blast to have that kind of me time!

  • Heidi Henriquez Bollon

    This winter was a very blessed one! my toddler dancing around the Xmas tree at the tune to my Xmas snoopy (ies) (which I love collecting!) was one of them; we also took her on her first plane ride, so seeing her exciment watching the planes land and take off at the airport, her happiness (and fierceness!) when it took off and landed like she has done this a million times :) On this trip we visited the smoky mountains so watching the snow falling in the smokies while my husband held our daughter was pretty up there in my happy memories album!

  • Brenda

    My favorite memory of this winter was spending time with my family around the holidays, spending time with my furkids, exploring vegetarianism & then becoming one, spending time with my friends & recovering from my 2 surgeries & finally getting back good news this time.

  • Natasha villien

    My favorite memory from this winter is definitely going on vacation to Hawaii with my three year old son and my mom! She had never been on a proper vacation before and it’s was so fun for my son to have her join us

  • BJake Gerl

    My fave memory of this past winter was warming up with my kiddos and husband by the fireplace watching a movie and eating air popped popcorn with earth balance butter, mooch and siracha while our boxer snored away in utter contentment.

  • Andrea Rossmann

    My favorite memory was making the 90 minute drive to visit my oldest son at college. My younger kids were with me in the car, the weather was terrible, there was zero radio reception, and we had the best time laughing and listening to the terrible music on my phone. We lost my husband last year and it was so great to hear my kiddos laugh.

  • Cheri Brown

    At the beginning of winter during the first snow fall we went up to the North Shore with some friends and did some hiking. It was such a needed weekend getaway for our family and it was just beautiful out.

  • Katie Morris

    My favorite memory from this previous winter was finally being home. I was finishing my final semester at university and my husband had already graduated in the summer. He moved in with my parents in my childhood home and worked while I finished up. I was so grateful to finally be home, with him, back in our bed with our furry babies. It was just so wonderful to finally be back with my best friend. It snowed in the middle of the night (a rarity in our part of east Texas) and even though we had work the next morning, we played in the snow until 3 am. :)

  • Amanda Reagan Schnabel

    Watching my newly adopted Great Pyrenees rescue old-man pup (Dario, A.K.A Duke Silver, A.K.A Joe Biden) romp around in the snow for the first time ever with my other other rescue pup. Dario was rescued from a bad backyard breeder situation and never got to run around and just be a dog. It warmed my heart so much to see him just beside himself with joy <3

  • Woody

    My favorite memory of the past winter was with my 2 year old son who this year understood that Christmas is a magical special time of year. Playing games in the snow, making cookies and enjoying the Christmas lights in the neighborhood. A Winter I will never forget for sure.

  • Katie

    My favorite memory from this past winter was on Thanksgiving day. We had snow and my sister and I took our 8-month-old puppies Sophie and Charlie to run at a ball diamond near my house. With hopes of wearing them out before the family celebration, we were awed by the quiet stillness of the snow falling and the chaotic happiness of puppies racing. The commercialization of the holiday season was looming, yet we took that hour to reflect and be in the moment of pure joy.

  • Fiorella

    My favorite memory from winter 2017 was me and my two lovely cats, Bianca and Rita, living in an apartment in Sao Paulo, as tourists, and me eating Brazilian vegan food at restaurants. The food was beautifully presented and very tasty. I highly recommend visiting Sao Paulo.

    • Fiorella

      Oh, I forgot to say what was that. That was the chef’s speciality. On the right you can see ‘Moqueca de Shitake com Palmito’, which is like a sweet carrot stew with shitake. It was yummy. And on the left you can see ‘Arroz de castanhas do Brasil com coco e salsa, leite de coco, farofa de cúrcuma e molho de pimenta da casa’, which was rice with nuts but also tasted very sweet because they used coconut milk.

  • Tris Bain

    Bring pregnant with my daughter and going on long drives with my husband along the Cali coast!

  • kristen conti

    where was the winner announced for giveaway?

  • Shelly Brown

    I went “home” for Christmas to Arizona. My sister and mom have moved from the house I grew up in to one in Prescott Valley. My nephew and niece in law came with their new baby, Cohen. We had such a great time on whisky row and making drinks with vegan Baileys and sitting around in jeans and sweaters like the ones you are giving away!!! Lol

  • Alissa Rennells

    My favorite memory from this past winter was visiting my siblings in Arizona, and thus getting out of the frigid weather in NY. We took a special family hike in Sedona with our 5 month old while we were there. She loved visiting with my sister and brother and their spouses.

  • Anne Perry

    My favorite memory from this winter is a train ride with my sons.