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May 16th, 2018 | By Mena Suvari

In continuation of becoming Vegan, I soon realized that in order for me to feel my absolute best I also needed to veganize my closet and replace animal items with cruelty-free materials!
I recall the moment I walked into Little Pine with my overpriced, designer handbag (which was a massive leather tote) and feeling like an a**hole. I knew then that I would donate of it all! All my handbags, my shoes, my leather pants and start anew.  As is practice with all things I decide to change, I quickly get to work! I went home and literally put all non-vegan clothing items in bags to “clean house.”
I started searching the web and Instagram for cruelty-free fashion inspiration and boy were there so many options! I fell in love with so many awesome designs and couldn’t believe how much was out there that I’d never known of.
I went to MooShoes and got me a skanky new pair of Sydney Brown clogs.  I completed the look with a new tote bag by Angela Roi (aptly named the CHER- *wink Alicia!) and was ready to begin with the new me. I saw things differently. I felt better and was eager to add more to my collection!  I discovered the line Deux Lux, which literally changed the game for me with offering a plethora of clutches for all sorts of work events, along with just the right kind of creative day looks. I found Susi Studios, which make the chicest faux suede heels to wear anywhere, day or night.
I got most excited about finding international companies that were changing the fashion scene with their beautiful looks. Companies like:
Daquy, who make the illest platforms!
Mashu, who designs handbags with such flair and decorative handles.
Faux Fur inspo UnrealFur from Australia bringing the best faux fur looks in the game!
Designers like Amur, Mi Jong Lee, and Mikado that work to use and create within an eco-friendly, sustainable guideline.
Accessories designers like Votch that make the coolest vegan leather watches!
And sometimes, it’s fun to see lines like Lulus have a special section in their shoe department just for ‘Vegan Shoes”!
All these awesome options make it easy, fun, and accessible. Not to mention a great price point.  I love that I can have so much and such a fun variety in my closet. And most importantly, it’s honoring these individuals who choose to work hard with pure passion to change the fashion space.  Plus, a lot of these companies work with a variety of different charities and donate a portion of sales to them. To me, that’s the most special!
I have always loved fashion and I think it’s so important to show how you truly can have it all by “doing good” and giving back. I look forward to continuing my journey of finding more and more designers and special pieces to add to my closet. I am more than honored to collaborate and work alongside highlighting these awesome individuals!
Mena, I couldn’t be more proud for you. Sending love! -Alicia

Dress: Amur,  bag: Deux Lux

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