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January 28th, 2019 | By Alicia Silverstone

The Hilton London Bankside Hotel recently established a deluxe vegan suite – how inspiring is that?? With the help from The Vegan Society, the suite is consciously sourced from room materials to mini-fridge ­čÖé┬á According to The Vegan Society’s website: “Everything you touch in the vegan suite is suitable for a vegan lifestyle, including the toiletries in the bathroom and the organic buckwheat pillows on the bed. The linen is even washed in eco-friendly detergent and the housekeepers use vegan-friendly products to clean the room.” More details below!

  • Guests can select cruelty-free comfy pillow options from a “Pillow Menu” – including buckwheat hulls, natural kapok, organic millet husks, or bamboo-based memory foam.
  • The curtains are made from a soybean-based fabric (as opposed to harmful silk).
  • Arm chairs, cushions, headboards, and room keys are made of Pinatex, a natural vegan leather derived from pineapple fiber!
  • The floor is comprised of bamboo.

I’m so thrilled about Hilton’s leadership! Fingers crossed they turn the whole hotel vegan! There’s so much room for eco and cruelty-free improvement in the hospitality industry. Join me in Tweeting @HiltonHotels to thank them for taking action and encouraging them to keep it up ­čÖé
Have you had luck in expressing eco-concerns to hotel staff when traveling? What issue or tool have you found most effective in educating staff and making change?
Top Photo by Thomas Kelley

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