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July 24th, 2019 | By Alicia Silverstone

I ran into my old pal Nic Adler recently and was blown away by what he’s up to. He’s taking Los Angeles by the vegan storm! I reconnected with him at Outstanding in the Field, a table to farm pop up dinner that was all plant-based thanks to Nic! He convinced the event to make this LA dinner a vegan one, and they did. The food was totally insane… Nic is batting for veganism at every stop of the way so I can’t help but shine a light on him!

He’s been running the Eat Drink Vegan (EDV) festival for a decade, bringing over 100 vegan food and 250 beverage vendors together for a celebration of tasty cruelty-free food. EDV happened earlier this summer and brought in over 10,000 attendees!  Nic’s also a culinary director for the Coachella festival and definitely can be attributed to bringing more and more plant-based options there.

Last year he opened a burger joint called Monty’s Good Burger in LA, with the second location recently established in Riverside. These burgers are the real deal, Impossible patties topped with locally-sourced ingredients and drool-worthy sauces. Nic told me that in the making of Monty’s he worked with non-vegan chefs to ensure beyond delicious burgers satisfy carnivores. I’m certain they do, have you tried Monty’s yet?!

In addition to Monty’s, he recently opened a new restaurant called Nic’s on Beverly. Bear and I went and were thrilled! If you are looking to treat yourself to a nice dinner, you need to go to Nic’s. Look at this menu!!

Anyways, I feel so inspired by Nic’s work! He’s really making change in LA through food by providing such fun and delicious plant-based options. Thank you, Nic for all that you’re doing!!

Nic at the Animal Equality Inspiring Global Action Gala in 2018 (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for Animal Equality Los Angeles)


Top Photo: Nic’s on Beverly

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