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Action Alert: Horses Need Our Help

Although horse slaughter is illegal in the USA, we routinely ship horses overseas to be slaughtered and sold as meat. Here are three major reasons why this needs to stop:
1.  The transportation process is cruel and lengthy. Each year, more than 130,000 horses are slaughtered in Canada and Mexico. To get to the slaughterhouse, they are often crammed into trailers and transported through subfreezing temperatures for days without food or water.
2.  Horses are routinely given certain drugs that the FDA considers unfit for human consumption. It is therefore illegal to sell horsemeat in America. So, on a humanitarian level, how is it considered ethical to sell horsemeat to people in other countries?
3.  Horse slaughter plants are eco-disasters. They pollute waterways and lower property values, and fill the air with a horrible stench.
You can help stop this cruel, disgusting practice by contacting your representative today and asking them to support the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act. This bill would make it illegal to transport horses outside of the U.S. for slaughter.
Stop The Use Of Carriage Horses In NYC
Another abuse issue is the continued use of carriage horses in New York City. Lea Michele guest blogged about this last year, and recently, a horse named Oreo was in the news for getting spooked and injuring a couple of pedestrians ins the city.
An organization called NYCLASS is working to end the use of carriage horses in NYC. They have proposed the use of a groovy electric alternative:


You can support NYCLASS by signing their petition, volunteering, or making a donation.
Eighty percent of Americans say they’re against horse slaughter.
How can we mobilize them to help protect horses?

Share your ideas and suggestions with me in the comments below!

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