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The Kind Diet

By following The Kind Diet, you will lose weight more easily, your skin will absolutely glow, you will have tons of energy, and you will become more sensitive to all the important things in life – like love, nature, and your deepest, truest self. By eating this way, you will become stronger. Your immune system will work more efficiently as your body releases excess fats and toxins. Released from the grip of certain foods, your body will begin to heal itself.

You will strengthen your immune system, beautify your skin, increase your energy, and reduce your risk (significantly) of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, allergies, asthma, and almost every other disease. What if I said I that I feel myself getting younger, more powerful, and more beautiful as I age simply because of what I eat?

You will not feel deprived! You will be amazed at how delicious kind foods are. You will not exceed your budget, these foods are cheap. But that’s not all. One of the things I love best about the Kind Diet is that you will actually become a part of the solution to our global problems. The kind diet dials down our insane consumption of resources like fresh water, oil, coal, and the precious rainforest. It helps heal the environment by denying support to toxic food industries. It is a significant move toward ending world hunger and distributing food more equitably.

I encourage you to let this book gently lift your awareness and you will begin to make the changes that work for you. There are plenty of little choices you can make – choices that will make huge impacts – without getting all uptight and thinking you have to be perfect. No matter where you’re coming from, there’s plenty of room for you on this path.

Bon appetit!

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The Kind Mama

When did making babies become so hard?

First there are the drugs and injections just to get pregnant; then what seems like the inevitable 9 months of being a bloated, hormonal bitch; topped off by a hectic delivery under bright lights while strapped to beeping machines. Not to mention the impending doom of having to deal with a screaming baby while feeling sick, tired, and helpless. Whatever happened to starting with sweet baby-making love, enjoying 9 months of glowing fertility-goddess joy, then giving birth with confidence and raising a baby with clarity? Well, listen up, ladies: It can be that way.

Having a super-healthy, super-vibrant, soul-satisfying pregnancy, birth, and mama-hood is a complete and total reality. The Kind Mama is a recipe for how to have a pregnancy, birth, and ever after free of fear, anxiety, and all the not-fun things that everyone says are unavoidable. While we’re at it, we’re going to help prevent or even cure your PMS, irregular periods, high blood pressure, insomnia, allergies, breakouts, weight struggles, thyroid condition, lupus, and multiple sclerosis- while significantly lowering your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. We’ll boost your immune system and unclutter your mind. You’ll have more energy, sleep better at night, maintain an ideal weight, and exude a glow that’s more than just hormonal frenzy. All you have to do is get kind, tap in, and receive the gifts of the incredible road ahead.

Now, let’s go make a baby!

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