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How I Cleared Up My Acne

When I went vegan, I was on the pill, and acne wasn’t really an issue for me. In fact, after only two weeks of being vegan, people were beginning to ask, “What is going on with you? You look amazing!” I was still eating junk food like fries and white pasta, but I’d given up meat and dairy. That alone gave me a vegan glow.

Acne and the Pill

When I went off the pill, my skin broke out. At that time, I was experimenting with a raw diet. I was eating tons of fruits, nuts, and other cool, uncooked delicacies, but I wasn’t feeling great, and I was dealing with really bad cystic acne. I even had to reshoot a scene for a movie because of it.

Acne and Macrobiotics

Simultaneously, my husband got interested in macrobiotics. I went with him to see a macrobiotic counselor in New York – she’s the first person who suggested that trying a macrobiotic diet could clear up my skin. She also pointed out that eating tropical fruits in the middle of winter in NYC was neither good for my body nor eco-friendly. She convinced me to try macrobiotics, which I combined with a vegan diet to create what I now call the superhero diet. That’s what really made my skin turn around. Within just a week of eating superhero, my skin had significantly improved.

Here are five major changes that made the difference:

1. I started eating whole grains at every meal.
2. I had miso soup once a day and cranked up my consumption of vegetables.
3. I chose local and seasonal produce (apples instead of pineapples for example) instead of eating the non-indigenous fruits I’d been eating on the raw diet.
4. I cut out white sugar, white flour and all processed foods. Of course, I continued to avoid all meat and dairy.
5. In general I cut way down on fruits and nuts.
These changes made my cystic acne go away. I was still getting minor breakouts around my period, but nothing like before. Next, I’ll share how a facialist helped me to completely clear up those smaller breakouts.
What else would you like to know about diet and acne?
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