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I saw this video of chimp Farah arriving at Ape Action Africa's Mefou Sanctuary and it melted my heart!

I saw this video of chimp Farah arriving at Ape Action Africa‘s Mefou Sanctuary and it melted my heart! It’s so touching and puts a big smile on your face. Farah, a 10-month-old chimp, was confiscated from an ape trafficker who was trying to sell him as a pet after his mother was killed by poachers. Watch the video below and consider sponsoring an ape. Even a small donation can make a difference in an orphaned ape’s life! Less than $3 can feed a chimp or gorilla for a day.

It always amazes me to watch these guys.. They truly are our brothers and sisters!
Ape Action Africa carries out education and conservation work in addition to rescue. Gorilla and chimpanzee meat is a delicacy, so it’s high prices drive poaching despite it being illegal. Ape Action Africa works with local education programs to teach children about bushmeat, logging, conservation and more. Read more about their projects and how to take action via their website.
More about Ape Action Africa
Ape Action Africa is a charity devoted to the conservation of gorillas, chimpanzees and other primates in Cameroon. Established in 1996 as Cameroon Wildlife Aid Fund, the organisation has rescued and rehabilitated hundreds of apes and monkeys through its sanctuary in Mefou, Cameroon, and has initiated some fantastic conservation and education projects in the area.
Photo Credit: Jo-Anne McArthur – check out her photos, they are gorgeous!

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