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March 20th, 2014 | By Alicia Silverstone

Happy spring! Today marks the official start of spring, where the sun crosses the celestial equator and the natural world begins to awaken from its slumber to blossom. With this increase in pheromones, pollen, and sunshine, its no wonder love is in the air. To toast off this beautiful energizing season, I am de-briefing sex tools from healthy condoms to great lube.

Spring Love

Condoms are great options for contraception; they’re inexpensive and easy to use. But, did you know that most mainstream condom options are non-vegan and contain harsh ingredients like casein (a milk derivative), parabens, or spermicides? All these additives can   irate and get absorbed by the sensitive skin of the vagina and vulva. Therefore, I am thrilled to recommend these healthy, vegan, and eco options made by Glyde , L., and Sir Richards. These three companies are making epic strides in changing the condom industry. Glyde sources it’s latex from non-GMO rubber trees and is Fair Trade certified. For every condom you buy from Sir Richard or L., another gets donated to a country in need. L. also recycles all unused or excess rubber latex leftover from the manufacturing process by sending it to facilities that can re-use the material to make other rubber products such as flip flops.

Blossom Organics is an excellent water-based lubricant company that utilizes all-natural based ingredients such as organic rose hip oil to organic cinnamon leaf essential oil.  I love their products, but be careful with the “warm sensation lubricant”, it can leave you red and itchy! The regular one is lovely.

Spring Love

This Leaf Vibrator is another kind option to most  conventional sex toys. It is made free of phalates, soft and safe silicone, and uses rechargeable batteries. Very cool.

There you have it, some safe and kind products to kick off your spring lovemaking.

I would love to hear from you! Leave a comment below about your experience with these products and/or any other safe and eco ones that I have not mentioned!

Photo sourcese: LOVE Condoms, Leaf 

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