Summer Fruit is Here!

Happy almost summer solstice!! This past Sunday at the Farmer’s Market I got blueberries, blackberries, boysenberries, raspberries, mulberries and strawberries. Boysenberries are soo good, and fun to have! And mulberries are my absolute favorite! This is the time of year that all of these delicious berries are growing locally for us in California. It’s also time for nectarines, cherries, and I think apricots are almost here too!

Anywho, I made a berry stew this morning. I used raspberries, blackberries, and some brown rice syrup. If you’ve never made a dish like this before, try out the Plum Soup from my book (page 280). It’s in the Superhero section, and it’s delicious. You can use any seasonal, local fruit that speaks to you.


I grew all these berries in my garden!

I love how every year I wait for gorgeous summer fruits to come in season. I wait and wait and then suddenly, one day I go to the farmer’s market and there they are, all ready for me….so exciting. It’s so great to get them when they are in season. This is when they are supposed to be eaten. They are better for you, they taste better, and cost less. It’s a great time for superheroes to indulge in nature’s sweet treat. Don’t let grocery stores pull a fast one on you and make you think that summer fruits are in season all year long. They are usually shipped from far away places, enjoy summer fruit while it’s summertime. It’s like a special gift, this precious window of time.

If you are a superhero, try to only have the fruit as a dessert or snack, and not more than a cup per day, if you want to keep Superhero powers!!! Eating excessive amount of fruit can cause breakouts, loose stool, and weaken intestines. That said, if you are apt to go for haagen-dazs and this is your replacement- have as much as you want!!


And you can always freeze the summer fruit that you may have bought in bulk for super cheap at the Farmer’s Market” so you will have a secret stash of it if you get desperate for an out of season fruit pie or a smoothie. If you don’t live somewhere that has a local farmer’s market, then of course do the best you can at the store. Some stores have labels saying where the produce was grown…like grown in Mexico, California, etc. Try to choose fruit that traveled the shortest distance and that is organic. Do the best you can, making the best choices under whatever circumstances you’re dealing with. Otherwise, enjoy the fruit while it’s here!

Seasons are beautiful… Enjoy them!!! And happy Summer!!!

What are your favorite summer fruit dishes?

Photo credit: Justin Kuo

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