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September 8th, 2021 | By Alicia Silverstone

These nori rolls have evolved over time—most of the time we make them super quick with sauerkraut, avocado, and paprika. Other times it’s like in the video with sweet potato (Cuban-Style Roasted from my book The Kind Diet or just plain baked). We top them with radicchio, sprouts, tahini, basil, cilantro, and apple. There are other variations in The Kind Diet on p. 219, but really the sky is the limit here.
There are lots of creative tasty ways to make these rolls—that’s why there’s no need to give you super detailed recipe instructions.
Just take a sheet of nori and fold it into fourths, then add all the goodness! Try making them the way I did in this video, it’s freaking delicious!
Tahini is a staple for us. The dressing I make is linked below. Another yummy tahini recipe is in my book The Kind Diet on p. 263.



Nori Burritos

4 sheets nori, toasted
Sweet Potato, cooked
Avocado, sliced
Apple, sliced
Basil leaves
Cilantro leaves
Lightly toast the nori sheets. Layer in kraut, greens, avocado, sweet potato and top with tahini. Garnish with paprika. That’s it! Enjoy!

Top Photo: Victoria Pearson
Video: Kristin Burns

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