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December 17th, 2021 | By Alicia Silverstone

There are so many reasons to celebrate this time of year and I’m always so interested in hearing about particular traditions people have for the holidays that are unique and festive.
I’ve been thinking about holiday traditions and ways to celebrate the season, so I thought I’d share a few ideas and ask you to share your own too.

  1. “Do less, enjoy more” (à la Magda Gerber) is my usual mantra. Toddlers and children, and adults for that matter, are sensitive and absorb our moods, try to avoid becoming possessed by the Christmas holiday madness and truly enjoy this holiday season. If anything is a chore or draining you, try really hard to listen to that signal and get out of it.
  2. Make Glogg (recipe from The Kind Diet) and cheers to the season.
  3. Use all reclaimed items for the season, nothing disposable, and make it a Kind Hanukkah or Christmas holiday.
  4. Keep it simple. Toddlers play longer with simple toys that they can be creative with and actively explore, like a set of blocks or a basket of balls. And the gift they treasure most is our attention and love. No need to get fancy and spend money and make waste.
  5. Make hot apple cider and get cozy with your loved ones.
  6. When cleaning up after the holiday festivities, make a ceremony of putting your decorations away in reusable bins and containers to be used for the following year.
  7. Take all of the Christmas cards that you love and turn them into placements to use over the years to come.
  8. Go on a family/friend nature walk and take in all of the smells of the changing season.
  9. Go ahead and blast those classic holiday tunes and dance a little…or a lot!
  10. Volunteer your time. Do something for the less fortunate and find an organization in your neighborhood that helps feed the homeless for the holidays. This LA organization provides free vegan and vegetarian meals to the homeless throughout the city.
  11. Research the origins of Christmas and Santa Claus (St. Nick) and learn about the long history and how it has transformed over the years.
  12. Let your little ones help wrap gifts using reclaimed paper – without scissors unless they are ready, of course. And don’t worry about how crazy the gifts look. It’s the fun of the project. And remember to try and save your paper from this year to use for next year.
  13. Make your own winter wonderland by cutting out snowflakes and taping them to the windows.
  14. Take time to read. The Winter Solstice: The Sacred Traditions of Christmas is a book I’ve had on my list.

Do you have any alternative ways to celebrate with kids?
What special traditions do you have for Christmas time?
Has anyone made up an amazing holiday tradition that feels exciting and fun and more meaningful?
I hope you all have a relaxing and joyful holiday time – a time to live and love and enjoy!!

Photo source: Toner Spot

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