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Can You Adopt A Dog That Lives In Another State?

Can You Adopt A Dog That Lives In Another State?

It happens – you’ve already looked at the local shelters and rescue groups and have just not fallen in love with the right pet for you yet, and suddenly you’re scrolling through facebook on a Sunday night, and *bam* you fall madly in love on sight with a beagle at a kill shelter in Detroit. But bummer, s/he’s in another state – far, far away from you, and you can’t get there easily. This does not mean you cannot still have snoopy in your bed with you by next week.  If you are serious about an adoption of a dog, but the distance seems too great – there are people out there willing to helping. Many will help organize legs or a portion of the distance to bring these dogs to a soft place to land. That is how they help, and they love to do it – sometime for a small fee or none at all. Please don’t let distance stop you! It may take a bit longer, but who cares for the right match?
This transportation list by dog page moderator Jen should be a perfunctory share for everyone.  There are always options, and a way if there is a will!
Please note: Some rescue groups and shelters strictly do not participate in out of state adoptions, however *many* do – so always ask. It never hurts to ask! Many shelters would rather the animal go to someone out of state than be euthanized for lack of shelter space.



Please note that some of these groups are volunteer-based. Please be patient when waiting for a response.


  • Pilots N Paws (volunteer AIR TRANSPORT) A meeting place for those who rescue, shelter or foster animals, and pilots and plane owners willing to assist with the transportation of animals, including overseas transport. Also for people who can help with, including being a volunteer driver or a temporary overnight foster home in case of an unexpected landing.
  • Animal Rescue Flight (Non-profit organization)
  • Flying “B” Pet Transportation Service (individual volunteer)…/a-man-and-his-flying-b-transport-…
  • Pittsburgh Aviation Animal Rescue Team (volunteer AIR & GROUND TRANSPORT) The PAART team is passionate about saving animals. Whether it be by land or by air the team is on constant standby, ready to mobilize at a moments notice. Over the last few years our missions have varied in both size and scope. Every mission has unique circumstances and challenges. From large land rescues, to spur of the moment air missions, to humanitarian missions, the team is ready and willing to go to any lengths to leave No Dog Left Behind.
  • (volunteer AIR TRANSPORT) is a NC nonprofit foundation that flies dogs for medical care or relocation. Founded in 2015 by Steve & Pam Rhode and a trusty IFR certified 1974 Cessna 182.


  • Best Friends Network: We invite you visit the new Best Friends Network website at The Best Friends Network is an online community that they have created that allows animal lovers to connect and to help each other. You can search by state or by topic and find resources and forums dedicated to helping animals. Get HELP from this rescue by state, they can pull the pup to keep it safe, then you can work on transport (some are free).
  • Click on the state & start contacting them; they can get the pet out of the shelter for you if you live far away too.…/animal-rescue/index.php


If you have more groups or recommendations to add to this list, please leave them in the comments, and we will edit the post to show your updates!
Photo by Sheri Hooley on Unsplash

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