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Farm Sanctuary: Let’s Build the Good Together

Farm Sanctuary

At both of our Farm Sanctuary locations in Watkins Glen, New York, and Acton, California, rescued farm animals live second lives, safe from harm and free to live with each other in peace and get the healing they need and deserve.

There’s so much wrong with factory farming, with how we feed ourselves and each other. The harm and the hurt are hard to ignore. The scale of the challenges, the suffering of animals, people, and the planet. But there are changemakers across the country and around the world, imagining and building new ways of growing food and breaking bread together. 

Here at Farm Sanctuary, we celebrate the changemakers. The rebels against an unjust, unsustainable system who dare to nourish their neighbors, the land, and the planet. We’re here to support these heroes, celebrate them, and pursue bold solutions that help them “build the good” for all of us — animals, people, and all who rely on our shared environment to flourish. 

Food matters to us all because food is at the heart of health, sustainability, social justice, vibrant rural and urban communities, and animal well-being. It can hurt us or heal us; food matters a lot. As does the way we grow food and how we treat those who grow it. It matters that millions of children don’t have access to nourishing food, it matters that 10 billion land animals are raised for slaughter every year — 99 percent in factory farming conditions.

Here at Farm Sanctuary, we do more than rescue. From the beginning, the role of refuge was only one part of the solution. We are aware that we are only able to rescue and house a tiny fraction of the billions of animals killed for food every year in the U.S. We know that it is essential that we work at all levels to stop cruelty at its source, to change the food system, and to “build the good” for everyone — animals, people, and our planet. So we also work to educate and advocate. 

We have reached more than 100,000 students through online and in-person humane education classes. We have reached across courthouses, statehouses, and Capitol Hill. We have crossed aisles and traditional divides in pursuit of bold solutions. We strive to build the good and work toward a world where one day rescue will no longer be necessary.

Please join us on our mission to build a better food system that nourishes, heals, and creates no harm.


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