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I know that I have mentioned before, but Kind Lifer Amanda Goodfried wrote about it in the forum
The Kind Life

I know that I have mentioned before, but Kind Lifer Amanda Goodfried wrote about it in the forum and I wanted everyone to see it! is such a great website!!!


Amanda wrote:
“Today I used “Freecycle” for the first time, which is a network of local message boards where people can exchange unwanted items for free. It’s sort of a pay it forward for anything you’re not using and also a great place to find random stuff and keep junk out of landfills. You either post an “OFFER” (anything from furniture to cell phone chargers to old magazines and coupons you’re not using), or you make a “WANTED” post for something you’re looking for.
On Friday I offered up a coffee table, television, and television stand, all of which were too big and clunky for my current home. I didn’t feel like going through the hassle of selling these items and since they were all in good condition, I decided to pass them on to someone who could use them, but may not have the means to acquire them. (I also had Alicia in my mind reminding me to reuse!) The television and stand went to a woman who runs a preschool out of her home, while the coffee table went to another woman who recently moved and needed some furniture.
So the next time you’re looking for an item or want to unload one, why not give it to someone in your local community? ” is such a great resource for recycling and reusing, and I am so happy that you used it, Amanda!
Let me know if anyone else has used freecycle, and how you liked it.

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