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Guest Blog: Save Your City’s Wildlife

When we think of kindness to animals, companion animals and possibly farm animals might first come to mind, but what about wildlife?

When we think of kindness to animals, companion animals and possibly farm animals might first come to mind, but what about wildlife? Out of frustration with the lack of wildlife care and protection in Los Angeles, we initiated a grassroots group called CLAW – Citizens for Los Angeles Wildlife. Our mission is to protect wildlife and their habitats, restore open space and the ability to migrate (where they have may have been cut off by urban development such as roads, buildings, even fences) as well as educate on the important role wildlife play in our environment.
Nationwide stories are popping up about bears in backyards, coyotes making their way right up the center of major city boulevards… Wildlife is the barometer of health for our environment, the more biodiverse our environment and ecosystems, the healthier our planet! So, let’s cultivate and grow compassion for local wildlife populations to protect them!
LA Kind Lifers, consider a barn owl nesting box:
Rat and squirrel poison has a bigger impact on the environmental and wildlife population that you might think. 95% of bobcats tested by specialists have been poison by some kind of rat poison. In November 2015, another mountain lion was found dead from over exposure to rodent poison!
This harm is the result of secondary poison due to the predator consuming the sick and poisoned rat or squirrel. This toxic concoction moves up the food chain affecting all sorts of wildlife!
To help address the destructive impacts of conventional rat poison, implement a barn owl nesting box! Why barn owls? Barn owls are a permanent source of rodent control without the need for pesticides or chemicals, they pose no threat to pets (the largest prey they can take is a rodent), and a box increases wildlife advocacy and thrive-ability.
In order to get a box, you must live in LA and educate 10 or more neighbors and ask them to stop using rodent poison. For more information, visit our website.
Join the urban wildlife conversation to protect, restore, and educate via #BarnOwlsLA and follow CLAW on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
How do you help protect the wildlife local to your community? What issues pose a threat to them? How can we take action?

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