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My 53 Favorite Holiday Gift Ideas

Alicia Silverstone

The holidays are here again, and, if you’re like me, it can all be a bit overwhelming sometimes. Mostly in good ways, of course, but also — all the busyness of the season, especially the gift-gathering. It’s a lot!

I’ve pulled together some suggestions that I hope can help with some meaningful gift ideas and products I’ve personally tried, tested, and loved.

And for the person on your list who insists they don’t need anything (good for them!), why not consider a donation to a nonprofit organization doing meaningful work for others? You can read about charities I love, here.

Meaningful gifting Ideas:

  • Bake assorted desserts (from my book or any other vegan recipe book) and gift them in boxes or decorative jars. Be sure to include the recipes (printed on recycled paper of course), so your friends and loved ones can recreate the kind treats.
  • Pay the donation fee to an animal shelter or rescue group for your giftee to adopt an animal of their choice (when they are ready to adopt, of course!).
  • A package of online or IRL yoga classes to a favorite studio
  • Hand-make caramels and package them in vintage jars (be sure to send me some! My favorites!)
  • A Gift Certificate to The RealReal for stunning, eco-friendly gently used high-end fashion.

Might I add that the Kind Diet and Kind Mama make excellent gifts? Mykind Organics sprays and vitamins make great stocking stuffers, too! (More on those in a bit).

And if you’re looking for a super cool, super eco way to wrap your gifts, I recently found this dissolvable wrapping paper. How cool is that? No recycling needed. Just let this eco paper rinse down the drain when you’re done. And don’t worry; it’s safe for our waterways.

Now, on to the gifts!

Holiday gift ideas

1. Eslla Vegan Bag, $455

I love this handbag (I have it in black and green!). It’s made from upcycled cactus leaves! It’s so sexy and so sustainable. It’s Fair Trade certified, vegan, cruelty-free, and free from harmful PVCs. This will be a holiday highlight for the bag lovers on your list.

frida rome bag and wallet

2. Frida Rome Wallet + Bags, $150-$514

Frida Rome makes the most chic bags. The little one is for going out at night and running around. The bigger one I use for travel, business, and anywhere else I want to bring an elevated look. I also love the wallet, too — so cute. Everything is made from vegan materials like cactus and pineapple leather and the company has a sustainability commitment so you’ll feel extra good about gifting these.

3. JW PEI Mini Flap Crossbody Bag, $89 

How cute are these crossbody bags from JW Pei? Made with vegan materials like upcycled plastic bottles, these bags can be dressed up or down. Perfect for the fashion lovers on your list. 

4. Miomojo Backpack + TECLA Bag, €175.00 to €365

I love the bag and backpacks from Miomojo and use them all the time. The bags are made from corn leather and sure to wow the eco-conscious giftees on your list. The bio-based material is PETA-approved and non-GMO. The backpack is made from 35 percent recycled nylon. Other materials are made from Forest Stewardship Certified viscose or post-consumer recycled polyester. So cute!

Terra gear

5. Terra Thread Cadera Fanny Pack and Duffle, $35

How about an organic cotton fanny pack for your friends who love to hike? They can wear this over the shoulder or around the waist so they’re hands-free. It’s another great practical gift that will keep on giving. (It’s perfect for air travel, too.) Terra Thread also makes a super cute duffle bag you can use for travel, camping and so much more.

daughters of india dresses

6. Daughters of India Dresses, $299

Aren’t these dresses lovely? The naturally loose fit makes them a great choice if you’re not sure about sizing. They can be easily dressed up with a belt and boots. They’re also great for traveling, especially if you’re headed someplace warm.

7. Doen Trench Coat, $449

This showstopper is made from heavyweight water-resistant cotton twill. This design is inspired by the Bolton coat of the ‘70s and is so stylish. If there’s someone on your list in need of a new coat, this is the one.

8. Tradlands Relaxed Button-Up Shirt, $96

I love this cute button-up cotton gingham shirt. You can dress it down with jeans or cargo pants, or dress it up under a blazer or with a skirt. A fun gift for mom or the fashion lovers on your list.

doen diana jean

9. Doen Diana Jean, $198

Nothing beats a classic pair of denim jeans, right? And this straight-leg rinse-wash with button fly pair from Doen is delightful. Made in Los Angeles from premium materials, you’ll give Santa a run for his money with these under the tree on Christmas morning.

Spiritual gangster athletic wear

10. Spiritual Gangster Athletic Wear, from $58

Yoga lovers on your list? Spiritual Gangster essentials will tick all the boxes. Made from recycled materials, the Brooklyn Dream Tech leggings are comfortable and cute enough to wear when you’re not in the studio. And the One Shoulder Crop Tank could easily do double duty on the mat or in the club.

Alohas boots

11. Alohas Watercolor Black Boots, $120

Black boots are a winter-style must — they go with everything. The only problem? They go with everything, which means they wear down quicker and need replacing. For the boot lover you’re shopping for, I live and die in this cute pair from Alohas. It’s affordable but luxe and for the girl who wears black boots with everything, she won’t miss a beat.

12. Katari pointed knee boots, Lulus, $56

These faux crocodile leather knee-high boots are showstoppers. For the shoe and boot lovers on your list, you can’t go wrong with these.

brave gentleman boots

13. Brave Gentleman New Lover Boot, $240

The guy in your life will be so thrilled to get these vegan boots! Not only are they made from the highest-quality vegan materials, but just look at them. These stunners need to go out, and that means a fun night on the town for you both. 

mate the label sweats

14. Mate the Label Men’s Fleece Sweatpants, $138

For the guy who loves to cozy up in a pair of sweats, this is the ultimate pair from a brand I love, Mate the Label. Made from premium 100 percent organic cotton, these are so soft and luxe the guys on your list will want to wear them everywhere.

idle robe

15. Idle Silk Robes, $178

These sexy, chic robes are so comfortable to wear — everyone will love them. Men love to rub their hands all over them, by the way! And, bonus: they’re eco and sustainably made from deadstock materials. But all your giftee will care about is how comfortable it is to wear. I have one in black and one in pink and I am obsessed with both.

Conscious citizen sweats

16. Conscious Citizen Sweatsuit, $143

If you’re not getting or gifting a sweatsuit this holiday season was it really even Christmas? It’s an essential gift for everyone on your list. And this set is a must. I live in these sweats — they almost never come off. It comes in gorgeous colors and is made from 100 percent organic cotton. Win-win.

don't eat the homies sweatshirt

18. Please Don’t Eat the Homies Sweatshirt, $98

Enough said, right? Don’t eat the homies. For your animal-loving friends, this is going to be a favorite. I will be getting this for my son’s Hannuka gift. It’s so good for young people and all people, really!

cozy earth pajamas

17. Bamboo Pajama Set, Cozy Earth, $85

For the women on your list, PJs are also a thoughtful holiday gift, especially when they’re made from sustainable bamboo. It’s a super soft material that’s renewable and this set comes in so many cute colors. 

19. Kids Organic Cotton Pajama Set, City Threads, $23.99

For the littles on your list, cozy PJs are a holiday essential. It’s a physical representation of the comfort of the season, right? Your kids want to put these soft, organic pajamas on immediately, and you’ll feel good knowing they’re wearing something better for their bodies and the planet. These come in tons of colors and sizes up to 16 for kids of all ages.

20. Votch Watches $100-$120

Watches are always in style and they’re an excellent choice for those on your list who are stylish but hard to shop for. All of Votch’s watches are made with cruelty-free, vegan materials, so you’ll feel good about gifting this timepiece. They’re affordable, too, under $120.

solios watch

21. Solios Watch, $295

This is such a cool watch! It is charged by the sun; all you need is 2 hours of sunlight exposure to power the watch for six months — that’s 180 days of power. So innovative, right? You can forget swapping in new batteries or looking for chargers. Plus it comes in great styles that will work for everyone on your list.

aurate tennis bracelet

22. Aurate White Sapphire Tennis Bracelet, $260

Tennis bracelets are all the rage right now, but skip the mined diamonds and opt for a sustainably made option from Aurate that uses white sapphires and recycled gold instead. Gift clean jewelry for the clearest conscience like this one.

idyl jewelry

23. Idyl Jewelry, from $345

Made from lab-grown diamonds and traceable gold, Idly prides itself on being an ethical jewelry label. There’s so much to choose from! I love the popular Lena necklace and Lucia diamond stud earrings. I live in these — I never take them off.

etnia glasses

24. Etnia Sunglasses, $255

Whether you’re shopping for Anna Wintour or someone who looks equally as cool in sunglasses, put Etnia at the top of your list. I really like all of the options, especially these cute green ones. I wear them a lot. This is an extra nice gift for someone traveling to warm weather soon.

PF Candle

25. P.F. Candle Co., $24

Candles are so easy to gift to anyone. But just be sure you’re gifting a stunner that’s also free from toxic ingredients phthalates, parabens, and artificial fragrances, like these PF Candle Company options. So cute and the scents are really fun.

makana candles

26. Makana Candles, $25

It’s difficult to find candles that are made with essential oils and not chemical fragrances. and I appreciate how Makana is that they are using coconut and soy waxes, lead-free cotton wicking, and phthalate-free fragrances blended with pure essential oils instead of artificial fragrances.

27. Pact Sheets and Towels, from $20

We spend a third of our lives in bed. Did you know that cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed agricultural crops? We can do better than that like these organic sheets from Pact. All of my fancy guests have enjoyed them. There are some great towels as well.

28. Lighter Sticks, Reidea, $27

These rechargeable lighters are such a nice stocking stuffer for your outdoor-loving friends and family. Windproof and flameless, you’ll never want to go camping without them.

scent beauty

29. Scent Beauty Fragrance, $24.99

This lovely-smelling toilet spray is free from harsh chemicals bad for us and the planet. Made from upcycled and sustainably sourced ingredients and those sustainably sourced. It is vegan, cruelty-free, and PETA-approved. It’s also free from synthetic colors, as well as parabens, sulfates and phthalates.

30. Bkr Insulated Cup, $42

Don’t underestimate the power of a reusable cup, mug, or bottle as a holiday gift! Gifting practical and reusable items is truly the gift that keeps on giving. These are such great gifts for everyone on your list, especially those hard to shop for. This insulated cup is a must for the coffee, matcha, or tea drinkers on your list. And it works for cool drinks, too, once the warmer months come back around.

fellow carter coffee mugs

31. Fellow Carter Coffee Mug, $30

This sleek coffee mug heat-locks your coffee or tea for a drink that will stay warm all the way to the office and then some. Plus, its cool design will make you feel like you’re from the future. Gift it to the coffee lovers on your list and get one for yourself, too.

hawkins glassware

32. Hawkins New York Glassware, from $28

Glassware is another gift that works for the hard to shop for on your list. It’s especially lovely for new homeowners or newlyweds. And this very pretty set is all hand-blown for a gorgeous look. Use them for wine, lemonade, seltzer, oat milk or anything else. Nab the matching pitcher if you really want to impress.

bindewerk notebooks

33. Bindewerk Journals, from $10

Some thoughts flow better on paper. And l’m guessing a journal is perfect for someone on your list. I like these notebooks from Bindewerk. I have the wood one and it’s very nice. The linen ones are cute, too. Bindedwerk creatively reuses waste through recycling and donations. It also uses FSC-certified paper and runs on green energy. It’s a super green company worth checking out.  

jasmine tea

34. Ikaati Tea, $20

Prepare for all the oohs and aahs when this package is opened. Ikaati Teas are so, so yummy and fragrant. You will stun your giftees and make others jealous! So maybe gift a selection from Ikaati to everyone on your list this year. I love the Jasmine and the Royal Breakfast, too.

35. Nibel Vegan Charcuterie Box, contact for pricing

If you’re in Los Angeles and think charcuterie is the opposite of vegan food, just look at these boxes from the local plant-based charcuterie company Nibel. They are loaded with yummy plant-based meats and hand-crafted cheeses. Plus, there are spicy mustards, fresh fruits, crisp crackers, and so much more. Bear gobbled this up so fast! Check out the Nibel grazing boxes — they will absolutely wow your friends and holiday guests. So, so good!

Hu chocolate

36. Hu Chocolate, $49

I love Hu Chocolate. The company promises “no weird ingredients” and while weird can be fun, I get what they’re promising here. They mean no risky ingredients like artificial colors, sweeteners, or flavors. All you get is a delicious, creamy chocolate that’s healthier than the majority of the junk out there. Put this chocolate in a box as a gift on its own or stuff it into stockings. You can’t go wrong with either. I love the Cashew and Vanilla Bean Hunks and the Sour Golden Berries Hunks, but there are many to choose from!

Glow Chocolate Box

37. Glow Chocolate

Another yummy chocolate that’s healthier than the conventional stuff. Glow has no refined sugars and very clean ingredients. The Truffles, Bark, and Nut Butter Cups are some of my favorites. The whole line is very pretty and you can even buy a truffle mix and make the chocolate at home yourself for a fun treat.

38. Spunky Pup Clean Earth Collection recycled dog toy, $10

Pups are part of the family, too, and kids love making sure there’s something for them. This cute plush toy will bring your dog hours of fun while helping to use up ocean-bound plastic.

mountain leash

39. Mountain Dog Leashes, $39.95

For dogs and dog parents, the leashes from Mountain Dog are such a nice gift. I’ve been using them on my pups for years — they’re sturdy and comfortable. 

John Masters body milk

40. John Masters Vanilla Blood Orange Body Milk, $24

This lotion smells so lovely! Made with organic ingredients that leave skin feeling soft and sweet, it’s the perfect gift for anyone on your list.

41. Shades of You Gift Set, ILIA Beauty, $98

For the beauty lovers on your list, Ilia is a delight — a clean ingredient kit that packs in all the basics: a Super Serum Skin SPF Tint for dewy-looking skin, a multi stick for pops of color on lips or cheeks, a buffing brush, and Ilia’s award-winning mascara (contains beeswax).

everything oil

42. Carter + Jane Everything Oil, $128

Carter + Jane says that the Everything Oil replaces all other skincare products in your routine. It’s an incredible oil made from prickly pear seed oil (those purple fruits on the cactus). You can use this one all over your face, eyes, lips, neck, and décolletage for deep moisturizing without clogging skin or leaving it greasy. This smells so weird at first. I made such a fuss about it, but trust me – stick with it and you’ll love it in a week or so. Once I got used to it, I became obsessed with the smell. Made with 100 percent USDA-certified organic, sustainably sourced, high-purity, cold-pressed prickly pear seed oil. Gift this to the skincare lovers on your list — including yourself!

garden apothecary serum and toner

43. Garden Apothecary Toner and Serum, from $48

The Full Bloom Fog toning mist has been in my skincare regimen for years. It’s so yummy and delicous smelling — reminds me of chocolate. Who doesn’t love a good spritz of botanicals to refresh and hydrate your skin? And add Garden Apothecary’s serum IS made from a blend of plant oils including sesame, jojoba, rosehip, and borage, among others for a silky smooth moisturizing finish. 

body deli

44. The Body Deli, from $16

This is meticulously handmade skincare crafted from raw plants and superfoods. It’s so fresh that some products need to be refrigerated. It’s a super fun and effective line and they all smell so delicious. I’m particularly fond of the blueberry scrub, the melon cleanser, and the vanilla body butter, but you’ll find plenty more to gift here as well.

radiance oil

45. True Botanicals Radiance Oil, $110

The True Botanicals Radiance Oil ticks all the boxes for a luxe moisturizing oil rich in ceramides, fatty acids, and antioxidants. It goes on sheen and soft without feeling greasy and leaves skin visibly hydrated and glowy. It’s a must for skincare enthusiasts of any age.

Carasoin moisturizer

46. Carasoin Cold Fusion Intense Moisture, $120

This cold-pressed moisturizing cream is as luxe as it gets. Made with a who’s-who of skincare superstar oils including shea butter, hemp seed, jojoba, rosehip, kukui, and pumpkin seed, this blend delivers superior absorption. All you need is a pea-sized amount for nourishing, hydrating protection.

HImalaya mint toothpaste

47. Himalaya Mint Toothpaste, $7.99

Toothpaste as a holiday gift? Hear me out! Self-care is the gift that keeps on giving, and for the health-focused, it’s an easy option. Trust me, they’ll get it and enjoy this fluoride-free mint toothpaste from Himalaya.

elder gummies

48. Mykind Organic Elder Gummies, $37.99

Gift a little immune support with our Mykind Elder Gummies. Drop these in every stocking — and the thoughtful gift will be met with gratitude.

mykind prenatal and kids

49. Prenatal + Kids Gummies, $37.99

If there’s a mom-to-be on your list, she’ll love the Mykind Prenantal vitamins. Because ours are made from whole foods, they won’t make her gag like most prenatal vitamins. Plus, prenatals can be pricey, so gifting her one she can keep down is a gift unto itself! And for the moms to littles, our Kids Gummies are so good! Kids love the taste and parents love that they’re made from super clean, organic, whole-food ingredients. 

mykind golden milk powder

50. Mykind Organics Golden Milk Powder, $21.99

For the wellness lovers on your list, our Golden Milk Powder is a must. This centuries-old Ayurvedic formula blends turmeric with ginger, black pepper, and Ashwagandha. This delicious powder mixes up with your (dairy-free!) milk of choice for a creamy, healthy latte for relaxation and recovery. It’s such a perfect drink for the winter months. We also have a Turmeric Booster powder and Turmeric Gummies for the turmeric lovers on your list!

Mykind vitamin C sprays

51. Mykind Organics Spray Vitamins, from $14.99

Put these in every stocking you’re stuffing this year. They also make great gifts for Secret Santas in the office, too. This time of year, I especially love the vitamin C and D3 sprays for supporting immune health. And the B12 will support your energy levels during the craziness of the holiday season and well into the new year. 

apple cider vinegar gummies

52. Mykind Organics Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, $25.99

Do you know about apple cider vinegar’s benefits? It has some pretty die-hard fans, and if you happen to have one of those fans on your list, our ACV gummies are the perfect gift. All organic and made with real fruit. No artificial ingredients and no gelatin — just pure plant goodness. The collection includes formulas to support natural energy, digestion, and healthy weight. 

mykind collagen builder

53. Mykind Organics Plant Collagen Builder, $36.99

If you’re gifting a bunch of topical products to the skincare junkies on your list, be sure they’re clean and natural. And to complete the package, be sure to gift them another big skincare support product with our Mykind Organics Plant Collagen Builder. Made from whole food ingredients that support your skin’s natural elasticity, the skincare lovers on your list will be so grateful.

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