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My Take on Kombucha

Kind lifer Jenee posted a question in the forum asking if kombucha is healthy. I wanted to post about it, because this question comes up a lot.
What Is Kombucha?
Kombucha is a cold carbonated beverage made by fermenting bacteria, yeast, sugar, and tea.
Is Kombucha Good For You?
Some people believe that kombucha has a variety of health benefits, including improving immune system, cleansing toxins, improving digestion and liver, preventing arthritis, and even preventing cancer. Some also say that it gives them a calm energy. The Chinese have been drinking it since 221 B.C.
My husband was on a kick quite a few years back and it didn’t do him any good. On the other hand, there is evidence it can be harmful. Christina Pirello said kombucha is too rich in bacteria for the intestines and can cause bloating. It has also been linked to dental and gum problems.
In general, it’s my understanding that carbonated beverages are not healthy (according to Dr. Fuhrman, soda can cause bone loss).
Warren Kramer explains, “The effect of carbonation over time will weaken the intestines and will pull calcium out of the body. The reason why people are so attracted to it is because it in fact is so yin or expansive and relaxes people quickly but at the same time is weakening if consumed day to day. Having it now and then is not an issue for most people.”
My Take On It
I’m not against it, I just don’t choose it for myself. For me, kombucha is just not a health food. I think many people drink it because they think it is healthy. If you are drinking it because of that, you don’t have to. If you drink it because you love the taste, and it’s a nice treat for you, then go for it. Enjoy.
What Can You Have Instead?
If you are looking for a good source of probiotics, I would not recommend kombucha. Instead, follow a superhero diet, which includes fermented foods such as miso and unpasteurized pickles, kim chi, or sauerkraut. See page 97 of The Kind Diet for more on going superhero.
What do you think about kombucha? Tell me in the comments below.
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