Kind Cure: Kimberly Beats Infertility

Kind Lifer Kimberly recently shared her story with me… Thank you so much Kimberly for sharing this and taking action to help others!!
The Kind Life

Kind Lifer Kimberly recently shared her story with me… Thank you so much Kimberly for sharing this and taking action to help others!!

Seven million women in the United States each year find themselves not able to conceive. They want a child desperately, more than anything in the world, but for some reason their bodies are not cooperating. I found myself in this same situation. I was in my mid-late 30’s and was diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Basically, that meant doctors had found no medical reason why I was unable to conceive. I tried conventional fertility treatment, but still no baby. I eventually gave up and came to grips that my husband and I would be a childless couple. We would travel. We didn’t travel much more, but that’s what people say to make themselves feel better and we were no different.

Time passed after giving up on becoming pregnant, when I stumbled across a new way of eating. A whole foods plant-based diet, specifically raw food for me, and in less than three months of eating this way, I found myself pregnant! What I discovered was the same diet that helps cure diseases and conditions such as heart disease, cancer, migraines, etc. cured my unexplained infertility. You can only imagine my happiness and joy after years of not being able to conceive and learning that food balanced my hormones and increased my health to a level that allowed me to give birth to a beautiful baby boy. I felt compelled to share my story with as many women and families as possible. I want to help women learn what good nutrition is and how it can change their lives as it did mine.
I’ve recently published a book, Passing the Pregnancy Test, which is the story of my journey to better health and the ability to conceive. The book also includes 11 interviews with experts in the field including Dr. Neal Barnard, Dr. Pam Popper, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Brendan Brazier, Joe Cross and more.

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