kind cures: kelly banishes eczema

Kind Lifer Kelly recently shared how adopting a kind diet healed her skin. Check it out:
After seeing your recent post on Carol, the mother who cured her child’s eczema by eliminating dairy from her diet, I thought I would message you my story to thank you for your inspirational effect in my life.
I spent the first 25 years of my life suffering from intense eczema. My lips and face would react viciously to at times. I would swell up badly, and then as the rash would heal, I would have flakey, dry skin. I have memories of being 2 years old and scratching my arms so badly that they would bleed. As I grew up, I would go through periods were the flare-ups were worse than other times, but they were always present. My condition sent me all over Southern Calif. to the “best” doctors. I had allergy scratch tests, cortizone shots, every imaginable topical lotion/cream, ointment, oral medications, photo light therapy at UCLA, etc. Any possible solution, I was directed there. It wasn’t until my last pregnancy, when my eczema became embarrassingly unbearable, that I began eliminating items from my diet. Within one month of eliminating gluten, my skin was 75% clearer. And within the next three months, my skin had healed, and I no longer had symptoms. My lips, once swollen, raw and red, were clear and comfortable. My hands and back were totally clear.
After I had my daughter, I became enamored with the idea of having all of the control over my body. I had been trained all my life to turn to doctors for the answers, when they clearly did not have them. I read The Kind Diet after seeing you on “Oprah.”

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