Kind Gift Guide 2017

Whatever the occasion, I always try to give gifts that people actually need and will use

Whatever the occasion, I always try to give gifts that people actually need and will use – this might look like some of my favorite beauty products, fresh produce from our garden, a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers from our backyard, a copy of one my books, or mykind Organics vitamins. It’s so important to me that the gifts I give are always vegan, eco, and useful!
From do-it-yourself funky gifts to eco and socially conscious goods and experiences, here’s a guide to kind gift giving this season:



  1. Recycled t-shirt fabric yarn – We Are Knitters
  2. Aroma therapy eye pillow – Grist
  3. Vegan soap – Wellness Mama
  4. Kid’s clothing – Katie Gillespie 

You also can’t go wrong with baking delicious goodies! The Chocolate Dipped Shortbread Cookies on page 187 and the Oatmeal, Walnut, and Dried Plum Cookies on page 186 of The Kind Diet are yum cookies that are perfect to mail to your loved ones. Or my mom’s granola on page 201 of The Kind Diet is the best ever and perfect for mailing in a pretty jar!
One year, I baked assorted desserts from my book and gifted them in boxes decorated with pieces of ribbon or wrapping paper I’d been given in the past. I also included the recipes (printed on recycled paper of course), so my friends could recreate their kind treats 🙂 If baking isn’t in the cards for you, chocolates are also always a solid choice.
If this year is crazy busy, you can find great useful and eco gifts all over the web!

Health Inspiration


  1. A box of organic produce – Imperfect Produce
  2. Organic garden in a can – Back to the Roots
  3. Inspiring and game changing documentary  download/DVD – Cowspiracy
  4. Three yum plant-based meals delivered to the door – Purple Carrot



  1. Linen, hemp, or organic cotton pretty washcloths – Malacosmetics
  2. Guide to Sustainable Living – Ed Begley Jr.
  3. Kitchen composter – Bokashi
  4. Organic cotton unisex bathrobe – Coyuchi

Self Care

Self Care

  1. Cacao Antioxidant Mask – Josh Rosebrook
  2. Full Bloom Fog Toning Mist – Garden Apothecary 
  3. Customizable Natural Perfume Oil – Soapology
  4. Massage “on demand” gift card – Soothe
  5. For additional ideas on this subject check out my natural makeup and toners + serums posts. For a full on recap of my go-to green beauty routine check out this recent NY Times article.


Amour Vert

  1. Sexy eco platforms – Susi Studio
  2. Chic Baker bag – Filbert
  3. Sustainable modal chic sweats – Amour Vert
  4. Eco conscious & cruelty free fashion – Vaute

Give back

The Kind Life

  1. Sponsor a rescued farm animal – Farm Sanctuary
  2. Fund solar energy in your community – RE-volv 
  3. Help refugee children receive the resources they deserve – MercyCorps
  4. Educate high school students on ethical food choices – Ethical Choices Program
  5. Support criminal justice reform – #Cut50
  6. Help orangutans and their habitat – Orangutan Foundation International
  7. Contribute to ending animal cruelty – Mercy for Animals 
  8. Help conserve and protect our oceans wildlife – Sea Shepherd
  9. Give the gift of clean and safe drinking water – Charity: Water

The Kind Life

  1. A delicious meal – gift card to your favorite local vegan spot
  2. Facial, manicure, or massage – gift card to your preferred spa
  3. Cooking class, ceramics, kayak tour, you name it – Airbnb now features a ton of curated experiences all around the world
  4. Botanical garden, art museum, or theater company membership


Nico Nico
Visit my Little One’s Essentials post for a mega list of ideas.
For more thoughts and ideas on gifts, read my post on how I approach gift giving.
What will you be giving your loved ones this holiday season? What other fun DIY or eco material goods do you like?

Top photo credit: Just Imagine

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