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Kind Lifer Cara’s Health Journey

Cara wrote to me about her kind life journey and it inspired me so much! Plus, mykind Organics vits boosted her health to the next level.. amazing! Thank you Cara for sharing this with me!

My plant-based journey began with my husband, two very close friends and myself engulfed in documentaries about global warming, animal cruelty and industrialized farming. The overwhelming knowledge shook us all to our core. 
 4 years later, we are raising 4 fully vegan children. This journey has made me more aware of how important a whole food, plant based diet is to a thriving life. I turned to YouTube for inspiration and education on how to navigate a vegan lifestyle with children. Alicia was on a video of another YouTuber I was watching. She was talking about her vitamins and how sustainably sourced they are. I was skeptical at first but ordered three to try. The B12, vitamins C and D sprays.
 I’ve struggled with mild anxiety and depression my entire life. I’ve tried medications but nothing made me feel “better”.  Some even made me feel much worse. I decided years ago to just deal with it on my own.  I noticed a change in my mood when I would eat whole plant foods, after researching natural ways to overcome anxiety and depression. When I added the vitamin sprays it was a total game changer! I’ve never felt better in my life! I feel as if I’ve been let out of jail. I can finally live my life out of the darkness. 
 My anxiety and depression still exist but I now know how to fight back. All thanks to Alicia and The Kind Life .

Photo: Kristin Burns

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