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Vegan Millet ‘Mashed Potatoes’ With Mushroom Gravy

This recipe from The Kind Mama is a great one if you are a superhero. It's the perfect time to try it this Thanksgiving season!

This recipe from The Kind Mama is a great one if you are a superhero. It’s the perfect time to try it this holiday season!

Millet is such as healthy grain to have in your rotation. It’s the base of this rich creamy dish. Choose whichever variety of mushrooms you like best, or try a combination. Shitakes have a chewier texture than button mushrooms, so sometimes I’ll combine them with creminis (fancy talk for regular button mushroom), which I love.

You can make this dish pretty with something fresh and green like scallions, parsley, or chives, but it certainly doesn’t lack flavor if you go without.


1 cup millet, rinsed
5 ½ cups water
2 ½ cups cauliflower (1/2-1 head), broken into small florets or medium-size chunks
Sea salt
1 tablespoon tahini, or to taste (optional)
1 tablespoon sesame oil
1 medium onion, diced (or ½ if you prefer a smoother gravy)
12 white button or cremini mushrooms, 8 fresh siitake, 6 dried shiitake (reconstitute in warm water for about 10 minutes, then strain that water and use it in the gravy – instant mushroom stock!), or any combination
½ cup shoyu or tamari (or soy sauce)
2 tablespoons mirin
1 drop of brown rice vinegar
2 tablespoons of kuzu, diluted in ½ cup cold water
2 tablespoons scallions, parsley, or chives chopped for garnish (optional)


Place the millet in a heavy-bottom stockpot and toast it over medium heat for 5 to 8 minutes, or until it dries, becomes aromatic, and takes on a lightly golden color. Add 3 ½ cups of the water and cauliflower and bring to a boil over high heat. Add 2 pinches of salt, cover, and reduce the heat to simmer for 30 minutes. Remove from the heat.

Pass the mixture through a food mill, smooth out with a potato masher, or puree in the pot with a handheld immersion blender to your desired creaminess. If you decide to use a blender or food processor – which I don’t recommend because I don’t love putting hot food in a plastic container – be careful not to overblend or the mixture will get runny. Fold in the tahini, if using.

To make the gravy, heat the oil in a medium-sized pan over medium heat. Add the onion and a couple pinches of salt and cook until translucent. Add the mushrooms and cook until tender, then pour in the remaining 2 cups water and bring pan to a boil. Reduce the heat to a simmer and season with shoyu, mirin, and vinegar. Gently cook for 5 minutes, adjust the seasoning to taste, and simmer for 5 more minutes.
Add the diluted kuzu to the mixture and bring to a boil, stirring constantly, as it thickens the gravy. Pour over the mash, garnish with the scallions, parsley, and chives, if you’d like, and serve.

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