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The Kind Diet Book Tour: San Francisco!

Hello all - had a great time in San Francisco! Thank you so much to Sharon Schmidt, Catherine Eure, Alessia, and Zachary Wolk for your recommendations.
The Kind Life

Hello all – had a great time in San Francisco! Thank you so much to you kind lifers for the recommendations.
I stayed at the Good Hotel, which is so cool because they are green. The beds are made from 100% reclaimed wood and the light fixtures are made from recycled glass bottles. There are even vending machines in the lobby that sell wallets made out of Fedex envelopes. So cool! I would recommend this hotel to anyone staying in San Francisco. It was reasonably priced, clean and everyone there made my stay worry free. It’s so great how easy it is to find green hotels these days!
Good Hotel is only a 15-minute walk to Cafe Gratitude, which I love. I walked there one morning. The people that work there are so nice and friendly and happy. So cool to be around people that love what they are doing. Love the vibe there and the music. I had the Macro Bowl (delicious) and the Key Lime Pie (insane”and I don’t generally like Key Lime Pie). Walked back with a happy stomach. This was definitely the highlight of the trip.
I had a book signing in Danville that was very nice! A sweet young lady made the Oatmeal, Walnut and Dried Plum cookies and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from The Kind Diet to pass out while I signed books. I love that people were able to try a couple recipes so they could get a taste for how good all the recipes are.
Later that night, I ate at Millenium Restaurant, which I’ve been to many times over the years. It’s always so comfortable and friendly. Their beer is so good. Everything is organic and locally grown. I had a great meal with my friend Brian (pictured below). By the way ladies of San Francisco, Brian is single and cute and a member of our community so if you want to meet him go to his profile and demand that he put a picture up or just start chatting with him! My favorite dish that I didn’t have this time is the Chocolate Almond Midnight dessert. My husband and I had a version of that instead of cake at our wedding. Yum!


I wanted to try the restaurant Weird Fish, but didn’t make it there. Has anyone heard of it? Let me know if it’s tasty.
I even got a chance to make a quick stop at my old junior high school. I hadn’t been there in so long so that was fun! I saw Ms. Lyons, Mr. Oshita and Mr. Chung. So nice to see them! Before the Palo Alto book signing, Brian and I went to the Loving Hut and I had a yummy Rice Bowl and a delicious Vegetable Soup with Kabocha Squash and coconut. They have locations all over the place so check them out.
I was also on View From The Bay and everyone was super nice! They had my Caesar salad, Chorizo tacos and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups. It was all yummy! And the host was a big fan of Cafe Gratitude too.
My last stop before leaving for the airport was dinner with friends at Slanted Door. The food was really good! They have tons of delicious, healthy options there. We tried the Cabbage Salad, Mung Bean Paste Dumplings (my friends didn’t like those much), Daikon Rice cakes, Bok Choy and Glass Noodles. All really good food but later that night I was sooo thirsty which means they used way too much salt. You know that feeling when your mouth is raw from thirst? It drives me crazy! Salt is so important but it needs to be used carefully. Some places are crazy on the salt so be careful! Of course, I never notice this until I’m done eating a few hours later and suddenly need bottles and bottles of water. This happened after my meal at Pure Food and Wine in New York too. Some of you who are not superheroes yet probably won’t notice this, so you can just ignore me!
All of my signings have been going so well. I love interacting with people about the book. It’s so much fun and I love all the questions and talking about this lifestyle. It means the world to me!

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