success story: jaki overcomes sugar addiction

Kind Lifer Jaki recently shared how giving up sugar helped her to lose weight and clear up her skin. Check it out:
“I gave up sugar for 30 days and thought I’d share my experience with you. It was a really good journey that helped me health wise and also taught me that there are so many products out there with added sugar!! It’s ridiculous how things that you wouldn’t think needed any sugar have it added.
I did slip up twice on purpose (not because of cravings). My favorite restaurant was closing down, so I had to have my favorite dish which I am pretty sure would’ve contained sugar. I also had some of the dessert and hot apple cider on Thanksgiving because I didn’t want to miss out. When I did eat that, I noticed how I got a headache from it and how it affected me, which I wouldn’t have noticed before I started the challenge.
I lost weight from doing this challenge, my skin cleared up, and I have so much energy! The good kind of energy – not the kind from a sugar high. I can’t sit still, I always want to be outside doing something! I’ll go for a run and ten minutes later I’m ready to go play tennis! It’s fantastic!
I really recommend that everyone gives it a go, because you don’t realise how much sugar rules your life until you try to give it up.”
Congrats, Jaki! You can read more about Jaki’s journey on her blog. And you can read about how I broke up with sugar here.
If any of you kind lifers have a success story to share, email me! I may feature you on the homepage of The Kind Life!

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