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Hey Kind Lifers!
Ugh, I feel overwhelmed at the moment about how the holidays are here so quickly. I feel like it was just Halloween!! But anyways it is the season of giving, and as most of you know, I always aim for a useful gift! Something the person actually needs or will be sure to love! Not only will a well-loved gift bring more joy to your loved one, but gifting consciously is kinder to the planet. Between Thanksgiving and the New Year, Americans generate 25 percent more waste than usual… This is enough to fill an additional 140,000 garbage trucks every week of the holiday season! And it’s not just the extra packaging waste that’s a problem, but material gifts require the use of natural resources like trees and fossil fuels to create them.
For this reason, I love DIY simple but thoughtful gifts like a handpicked bouquet of wildflowers from my garden, a framed photo, or some freshly made chocolate-dipped shortbread cookies from The Kind Diet (p.187 )! I also enjoy experiential gifts such as taking a cooking class together, giving a gift card to a delicious vegan restaurant or a fantastic spa. It really depends on the person but there are so many lovely experiential gifts, a few more I admire include a membership to a local art museum, botanical garden, or tickets to the theater! And of course, The Kind Diet and The Kind Mama make great gifts 🙂
Reusable water bottles and hot traveler mugs are also super handy gifts. I dig these!
Hot cups: Keep Cup x Sea Shepherd (benefits Sea Shepherd!), Package FreeSoma x Everybody & Everyone, and Kinto insulated tumbler
Water bottles: Sol Bottle, Soma, Byta, 24 bottles (rose gold and black), and BKR
Another earth-positive love gesture is to make a donation in honor of your loved one! There are so many nonprofits out there doing powerful work on every issue imaginable. Here are some charities I am excited about:

  1. Contribute to ending animal cruelty and a kinder planet  – Animal Equality
  2. Plant a tree, help sequester carbon and curb climate change – The Nature Conservancy 
  3. Sponsor a rescued farm animal – Farm Sanctuary
  4. Fund solar energy in your community – RE-volv 
  5. Help refugee children receive the resources they deserve – MercyCorps
  6. Educate high school and middle school students on ethical food choices – Ethical Choices Program
  7. Support criminal justice reform – #Cut50
  8. 80% of the orangutan population has been lost in the past 75 years mainly as a result of mass deforestation. Help orangutans and their habitat – Orangutan Foundation International
  9. Help conserve and protect our oceans wildlife – Sea Shepherd
  10. Give the gift of clean and safe drinking water – Charity: Water

If you’re seeking something new, you can vote with your dollar to support companies with responsible values that are making worthwhile items. Here are some suggestions 🙂

  1. The Vegan Starter Kit book – Dr. Neal Barnard
  2. Yum plant-based meals delivered to the door – Purple Carrot
  3. Inspiring health and fitness film – The Game Changers
  4. Nutrient-boosting & delicious gummies, herbals, multis’  – mykind Organics 


  1. Non-toxic, effective deodorant – CRYSTAL
  2. Higher Ground Serum – Garden Apothecary
  3. Yummy fragrances – Stella McCartney
  4. Everything Oil – Carter + Janeuse code ALICIA20 for 20% off 🙂


  1. Kitchen counter compost container – Bamboozle
  2. Zero waste kit – Package Free Shop 
  3. Photography prints shot by kids all over the world – 100 Cameras 
  4. Ceramic vegetable bowl – Heath


  1. Classic white eco sneaker – Yatay
  2. Organic waffle robe – Coyuchi
  3. Dress made from deadstock fabric – Christy Dawn
  4. Recycled polyester handbag – Svala

Top Photo:  Caley Dimmock

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