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Vamps-Inspired Eco Fashion

I really like this post from Kind Lifer Fiorella. She was so inspired by the fashion of my Vamps character (Goody), and Krysten Ritter’s chacter (Stacy), that she went digging for some eco-friendly fashion pieces that matched each character’s style. Check it out!

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Did you enjoy watching Vamps as much as I did? The comedians were excellent and had me laughing out loud from beginning to end. The romantic soundtrack was marvelous and the clothes worn by the actresses definitely caught my eye. Today’s fashion post is: Goody and Stacy inspired looks.
1. Ktjean White Ruffle DressThe ruffles are made from different vintage fabrics that make each dress unique ($280).
2. Qupid Miriam-79 Satin Nude Bow Platform Pumps: Platform pumps are a must have in your wardrobe, and these ones have an asymmetrical bow that adds special glamour to your look ($36).
3. American Apparel Polka Dot Print Blouse: This ultra-feminine blouse is made with vegan chiffon and is great for work or leisure ($60).
4. Nola Singer Silver Bow Necklace: The accessories that caught my attention most were Goody’s bow necklaces – so cute! This one is made with a recycled vintage rhinestone bow and is just big enough to make a statement ($285).
Nola is great! I’ve known her for so long! -AS
5. Levi’s Clear Rinse Jeans: Eye-catching polka dots go well with these neutral colored jeans from the Levi’s Waterless collection ($50).
6. Nixxi Fringe Collared Wrap: Achieve a chic boho look with this black wrap top accented by a fringe collar detail and a sash belt ($130).
7. Ecouture Blazer: This bohemian blazer is made with organic cotton and sateen and can be paired with skirts or pants (€ 241.07).
8. Susan Nichole Oatmeal Handbag: If you also want to include polka dots in your accessories, this handbag is a great option ($150).
Such a great handbag! -AS
1. Allison Parris Black Dress: Show your dark side with this playful party dress made with PET netting ($365).
2. Madden Girl Black Boots: Pairing dresses with boots is a great option for winter and creates a chic and confident look ($69).
3. UNA Top: Cast a style spell by wearing this glamorous gothic top ($68).
4. Imoshion Studded Tote: Bring cool edge to your look with this purple tote made of vegan leather and adorned with pyramid studs ($50).
5. People Tree Stripe Top: This stripe top goes well with black bottoms but it also matches bottoms of any vibrant color like red, yellow, purple. You name it! (€ 38)
6. Rose Organic T-Shirt: This gothic rose t-shirt has a gathering in the back that makes it flattering to any body type ($30).
7. Tumbleweed Silver Hoops: Give your dark outfit an uplifting touch with these sparkling silver hoops ($45).
8. PI Organic Skirt: A classic and stylish tube skirt that can also be worn as a tube top. And it’s made with organic cotton ($15.05).

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Thank you, Fiorella. So great!

Which pieces would you want in your closet?
Tell me in the comments!

About Fiorella: Fiorella Vidal is an architect who works in planning and design in Lima, Peru. She is also a dance student and has been dancing for 3 years now. Promoting anti-bullfighting campaigns with her friends is one of her free-time activities when she is not designing or dancing. She believes that it’s possible to live a more eco-friendly life without losing your personal sense of style.

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