you kind lifers loved shantaram!

Last month’s kind book club selection was Shantaram. It’s a book I love, so I was so happy to see how much you all enjoyed it too! Here are some of the comments you left about the book:
I love it!! This book opened doors to another world for me. I especially liked the diversity of characters he met. They gave me a glimpse of another life. – Jill
One year ago I spent three weeks in India staying in Mumbai/Bombay before heading north to Panchgani. The very beginning of the book, with the author’s vivid descriptions, takes me there again. His descriptions of the smells of Bombay have returned me to a place full of hope and spiritual living – Yogini
I am not quite finished this book yet, but I wanted to get in on the discussion before it closed. At first this book was a bit difficult to get into for me, not sure why because now I can’t get enough. I am practally falling asleep before I can put it down, I want to find out more but my eyes won’t let me. So far an awesome read, and I can’t wait to finish and find out what happens. Since I love this book so much I am going to go out and get all the book club books and read them all. Thank you Alicia for sharing your books with us kind lifers. – Amanda
Thanks to everyone who shared their comments about Shantaram! What books would you like to read next? Share your ideas in the comments below.
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