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Kind Mama Milk Share

A couple weeks ago, another mama I know gave birth to a son. She e-mailed to let me know how things were going, and she was beside herself. She’d tried to do everything so that this baby would have the healthiest, happiest start in life–she nourished herself during pregnancy with clean, kind foods; had a beautiful home birth; and planned to breastfeed from now until her son could say, “No thanks.”  But because of a breast reduction surgery, she found she wouldn’t be able to make enough milk for him, no matter how much precious boobie time they spent together. She tried reaching out in her community for donor milk, but it was almost impossible to figure out what kind of lifestyle choices the donors had made. And after all that hard work keeping herself vibrant and healthy, she felt she had a right to demand better for her baby.

A lot of women unfortunately have a similar struggle, and there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to give their babies the most amazing start in life with clean, mean, glorious breast milk. And because we are a community of beautiful souls who recognize the importance of food as health, I say we help support those mamas and babies who need a hand during one of the most important times in their lives. Welcome to the Kind Mama Milk Share, a way for moms to connect with other moms in their area. If you have milk to share–post it here! If you are in need of milk–post it here! Think of all the babies we can help raise together! It goes without saying that common sense precautions should be taken.

Are you a Kind Mama interested in participating in a milk share? Post in the comments below!


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  • giovanna

    hi, my name is giovanna and i live in brussels, belgium. i am about to stop pumping milk as my son doesn’t want it from the bottle anymore. is there anyone in this area in need of milk? i could give between 200 and 300 ml daily.
    please let me know.
    kind regards,

  • heather

    Hi, I’m new to the site… very happy to have found it! My husband has been vegetarian for years and I have been mostly nondairy since childhood (I do love ice cream occasionally). Since having our son last July, we have gradually become more plant based in our diet (though I do still occasionally have ice cream). Our son, now almost 14 months, continues to nurse 3-4 times/day and eats mostly what we eat (oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, kale shakes, hummus, pb and j, a variety of seasonal fruits, mostly organic, many different vegetables (if it can be chopped up or softened), quinoa, beans and lentils, almond and coconut milk and vegan whole wheat breads). We recently moved to northern VA and I am still pumping usually when I am at work (I work overnights several times/week). I would be happy to share any extra milk I pump with moms who may need it. I don’t have a huge stock and I will likely stop pumping once my son weans himself, though I don’t know that there is a light at the end of that tunnel soon. Just let me know what else I need to do if anyone local is interested! And thanks for this site… it’s been helpful :)

    • Danielle

      Heather! I am pregnant and unable to produce due to 2 breast surgeries. I am interested in picking up your extra for my baby boy and keeping it frozen! I’m in pa but will travel or pay for overnight shipping!!! Please contact me :( daniellebshr at gmail. Thanks Danielle Dmitrovic- I’m on Facebook if you want to friend me!

  • SG

    Hello :) So happy and grateful to have found this lovely site. I am a vegetarian that eats mainly vegan, from San Francisco, California. I had my first baby on July 1st and have been having problems with production as my midwife and I suspected. I had a breast reduction surgery in 2006 and we didn’t expect that I would be making any/much milk. We prepared for that in advance by having herbal supplements ready, hospital grade pump, lactation tea, and proper vegan friendly lactation diet. To our surprise, I was yielding about 5 oz a day at first, which I was grateful for! Three months later I am only getting about 2.5 oz per day. I’ve been supplementing with formula and donated breast milk but it’s been difficult finding donated BR in my area. If any of you lovely ladies live in the SF Bay Area and can donate some milk we would be so grateful! Thanks for reading this. Cheers!

  • Gigi

    Hello I am due December 3rd and I really want to breast feed but due to medical issues I won’t be so lucky. I live in Illinois and was hoping to find a mom who would be willing to help us out. Please contact me I would be willing to pick up or pay for shipping. This would be an amazing gift. [email protected]
    Thank you for your help and kindness. Gigi

  • Happy Chap

    Hello, I’m a mama from West Michigan with a six month old who is currently formula-fed. I’d love to wean her off to nourishing breast milk. I am willing to pay shipping or pick up if nearby. PLEASE email me at [email protected] if you are able to help. This precious little one has not had a kind start to life!

  • Marina Kantor

    I live in west LA and would be happy to donate some stored milk. Email me at if you’re still looking: marn.kantor at gmail.

  • Jessica Warnke

    Hi! My name is Jessica and my son’s name is Brody, we tried breastfeeding for a long while but had no success. He just turned 2 months and I would love some help with getting him at least some breast milk every day. We live in Phoenix,Arizona but I would be willing to pay shipping.

    Jessica and Brody

    • Catherine

      If your still interested jessissca I have some breastmilk to donate. My email is [email protected] I libe in Phoenix

  • legalwriter

    Absolutely thrilled that you are sharing and caring!! As a mom of six
    (and now a grandma of five) I know how difficult it is to maintain
    breastfeeding even under the best of circumstances. When my son was born
    disabled 26 years ago, he was unable to feed at all and all of my
    pumped milk was given to him via feeding tube. Since I produced enough
    milk for a small city, the rest was donated to a milk bank. I literally
    pumped gallons of milk each week to feed babies that otherwise would not
    have had it.

    Please be VERY cautious and aware, though….anyone
    who is donating or accepting donated milk should be screened very
    carefully. Even the Tylenol you may have taken for last night’s headache
    may pass through the milk and have devastating health consequences for
    these most fragile babies. The risk for transmission of viruses and
    illness is also very high in shared breast milk. Remember, every Mommy’s
    body produces specific antibodies just for them and their baby….your
    baby may have a devastating reaction.

  • Pearl

    So, I became a vegan last year after stumbling across this website when I was looking for weaning recipes for my daughter Naomi who was 7 months old at the time. I subsequently bought The Kind Diet and it changed my world… and my husbands hehe. In truth, he’d always toyed with vegetarianism anyway. I was a vegan for 5 months and produced tons of milk for my daughter. When I became pregnant with my daughter Sophie, I developed a strong aversion to soy products and fresh bread. I went to a nutritionist as I was still breastfeeding Naomi and I wanted to be sure to have a balanced diet that would support the pregnancy, myself and Naomi. I was given horrible advice to just eat meat. I abandoned my vegan diet because I wasn’t sure of myself I was scared that I wasn’t doing it right (planning vegan meals). I tried a couple of vegan pregnancy books but they weren’t for me and Kind Mama was not out yet. :)

    At 26 weeks, I went into labor and had Sophie at 27 weeks. Even though I had a well established supply of breastmilk, it dwindled to almost nothing after Sophie was born. In part, I’m sure it was stress, poor diet as I was at the hospital all of the time, expressing and not being near Sophie and not staying hydrated. Even though I still fed Naomi, who was 13 months old at the time, it was really difficult.

    I can’t offer any milk at the moment as I’m still feeding both girls, but I do want to pass on some advice from my experience.

    1. I struggled a lot to get started with Naomi who was a term baby. It was just difficult. I massaged my breasts a lot, and used a woven wrap to keep Naomi next to me all of the time doing skin to skin. I was sure to eat enough and drank at least 2 litres of water every day. Plus I used Spatone iron water, as red blood cells make the milk. It took three months of persistent feeding and expressing before she latched on properly and I was producing what she needed. She was slow to gain weight at first but we never had to go to formula as suggested. She was the fattest baby I ever saw at 6 months.

    2. With Sophie, I really struggled again in the beginning as there wasn’t the same contact and my diet was off. There was a couple of days when I went from expressing 600 ml a day + feeding Naomi to only 10 ml every time I tried to express. Finally, I rested, ate well, slept well and drank a lot, and held Sophie in Kangeroo care as much as they would let me and it popped right back up.

    Sophie was tube fed for 6 weeks and I couldn’t even attempt to put her on the breast. I persisted and because she was only 2.5 lbs when she was born and gaining weight slowly, she breastfeeds with a special premature baby formula that is very heavy with calories. It accounts for about 20% of her diet.

    I wasn’t very happy about it, but there weren’t any alternative formulas, as we consulted another nutritionist to see if there was a non-dairy option. I noticed again a drop in my milk supply when Sophie came home and I believe it was due to the bottle supplement, so now, I always always offer her the breast first and let her have as much as she wants before I offer her the formula.

    With that being said, my advice is to:
    – Eat well
    – Stay hydrated
    – Sleep as much as possible
    – Have as much skin to skin as possible. Wrapping a baby is a great way to bond and it puts them in the perfect kangeroo care position next to your breast. When I wrap Sophie, I always have so much more milk than when I leave her in the moses basket to nap.

    – Always put the baby to the breast before giving any other meals or expressing. The contact is necessary to stimulate milk production.

    – Sleep with your baby in the room. Nursing mothers who sleep with their babies respond better when they are in the same room. You can hear them squirm and my first response is put her to the breast. 3 weeks ago, I was able to stop expressing as she’s strong enough to take a full feed on the breast. I fed her myself all week with the exception of just 2 formula bottles and she gained 10 oz in one week. Whereas before she was gaining between 2-5 oz a week.

    There were a lot of mothers in the NICU who really struggled with milk production and everyone who did what I suggested were able to increase milk production without any other intervention.

    I wish you all the best and of course that you can find milk donors, but remember it can be dangerous as diseases as well as medicines and potential food allergens can be passed through breastmilk to a baby.

    BTW, Sophie is now 4 months old (corrected age if born at term 1 month) and doing really really well. And I think next weigh-in on Monday she will be 8 lbs. Naomi is 17 months and getting 4 back teeth at the same time, so she’s not really eating solid foods right now and is going to the breast 3-4 times a day.

  • lauryn

    hi there! I’m in Orange County, CA (but work in LA). My baby has a milk protein allergy, and doesn’t seem to react well when I eat soy either. I’ve cut down on soy, but haven’t eliminated it completely. I have eliminated all dairy.
    I’ve returned to work, and am pumping, but seem to be a few ounces short each day. I wanted to find out if anyone in my area has breast milk they would be interested in sharing or selling? Thank you! my email is: laurynleighcole at

  • Danielle

    I have been exclusivley breasfeeding my daughter now for 9 1/2 months and I am blessed that it has been an easy and rewarding experience for both of us. I plan on breast feeding her for a year. I do have a large surplus in my freezer that I am willing to donate as she drinks fresh milk everyday. If anyone is interested, please contact me at [email protected]. I live in NY.

  • Julie

    After several rounds of mastitis, my supply has dried up. It’s especially sad because previously I had surplus and was able to donate! If there’s anyone in the Phoenix, AZ area able to donate…I’d appreciate it! [email protected]

    • Catherine

      Julie I can donate some of my milk to you. I lve in Phoenix too. Email me [email protected]

      • Julie

        Thank you for the offer! I’m sorry I hadn’t mentioned the dairy allergy, previously.

  • Catherine

    Im willing to donate my frozen breat milk. I live in Phoenix. My email in [email protected]

  • Catherine

    Im willing to donate my frozen breat milk. I live in Phoenix. My email in [email protected]

    • nichole

      Do you still have milk?

  • Gabrielle

    Hello I am located in Las Vegas and in search of milk for my baby girl. We are willing to travel all over Vegas for a donation. Thank you.

  • Moonie Guzman

    Hi, I`m Mónica and I want to donate some milk. What should I do???

    • Lauren

      Hi Monica–Do you still have milk to donate? I am a low supply mamma, like 3 oz a day at best, and would love anything you have. Please email me at [email protected]

  • Moonie Guzman

    Hi, I would like to donate some milk. What should I do?

    • Gigi

      Where are you located? I’m interested please

      • Moonie Guzman

        I´m in North Hollywood, CA

        • Maluki

          Hello, Moonie. I know your post is from nine months ago but I’m reaching out in hopes that you are still breast feeding/pumping and have an interest in donating. I’m in Arizona, however, I have an upcoming trip to LA and would love to take you up on your offer.

  • Tara Krogh Lanning

    Hi, I’m in Iowa (Des Moines area) and looking for donor milk for my 2 month old daughter. I have struggled with BF, and despite taking fenugreek / blessed thistle / domperidone, I am only able to produce about half of what she needs. She gets about 12 oz of formula per day and I would be so, SO grateful to anyone who’d be willing to help us out with donor milk. I’d prefer someone local but would be willing to consider getting shipped milk (I’m just a bit unfamiliar with that option). My email is tara_lanning at hotmail dot com.

  • Gigi

    Hello I just had my baby girl 9 weeks early she’s still in the nicu but I would love to be able to give her breast milk unfortunately I have medical conditions which prevent me from being able to breastfeed or pump because of medications I must take. If you would be willing to help please email me at [email protected] I live in Illinois thanks for reading. Gigi

  • Joanne Power

    Most hospitals that take part in the Healthy Baby initiative usually have a milk bank that screens breast milk for disease and other nasties.

  • Melody

    Hi, I’m a new mom to an infant who’s birth mom is a dug addicted prostitute. The baby is now 15 months old and is considered under weight and has ongoing digestive issues. Although she is over a year old the Pediatric GI is recommending that I put her back on formula. I am opposed to formula and would really like a milk donation. Please help. I am in Lancaster, CA.

    • Eliza Ari

      I am not in your area but there is something my family has done for many generations about the digestive issues of our infants…in the supermarket in the spice isle find the manzanilla/camomile it looks like little flowers stems and leaves you put it in some filtered water and boil it then you get a cloth drainer ( like the ay coffee used to be made) and you drain it twice then you let it sit and cool until its warm or room temp and give the baby this once a day usually mid evening it helps its also good with colic FYI I drink it too for adults its great with a teaspoon of honey! lots of luck and congrats on becoming a mom!

    • sasha

      Hi Melody,
      I would love to donate! I’m in the Santa Monica/Venice area. You can reach me at: [email protected].

  • Kelsey Thurman Burkemper

    I’m currently nursing and would be able to help another local mama in need of vegan milk. I don’t have a supply issue but since I am still nursing my son, I’d only be able to help in case of emergency (so enough milk for 2-3 days). I live in St. Louis and can be reached through this site. Happy to be of help to anyone in need!

  • jen

    Hi, I live in Philly, PA. have been ethical vegan for 4 years. I eat a healthy diet full of whole foods. My son is 5 months and I am able to produce a little extra milk. Would like to help out a vegan mama. My email is girlalite at gmail.thanks

  • Kristen Jessup

    Hi Kind Mamas! I have a beautiful new 2wk old daughter and despite my BEST efforts (pumping every 3hrs religiously, placenta capsules, steel cut oats daily, LOTS of fluids etc…) I am only able to barely squeeze out 20mL of breast milk from both sides combined at each pumping session :( I’ve been working so hard around the clock that I feel that I am missing out on the joy of having my newborn. My body just refuses to cooperate and FEED HER. She is now being given formula in addition to whatever I can manage to produce. My little girl was in the NICU for 8 days after birth due to being born prematurely and could really use the extra antibodies that healthy breast milk provides. I would be so greatful to find a local mama or someone within a reasonable distance who might be willing to donate their excess milk to my darling girl. We live just outside of Brentwood, CA on the edge of Clayton. Thanks for reading!

    • sasha

      Hi Kirsten,
      I would love to donate! I’m in the Santa Monica/Venice area. You can reach me at: [email protected].

  • JonJons

    The hardest part about being a single dad with an adopted son is getting milk. I’m vegan for both ethical and health reason. I’d like my son to have dairy free milk its but hard just getting him any milk. It’s so unfair to my son and all kids. Breast milk shouldn’t be a luxury for any child in the world. I work for an animal charity and spend lots of time in Asia. It’s shocking how companies can claim formula makes your kid smarter.

  • Brittany Miller

    I’m in IL and I’m in desperate need for my 9 week old son.. I hv been searching for over a week with no luck and will have to do formula soon which im really dreading!!! If anyone can help please email me! Thank you all so much! [email protected]

  • sasha

    Hi! I have a 12 week old and have been lucky enough to have had an abundant supply from the beginning. I’d love to donate my frozen milk and continue to donate (perhaps on a weekly basis?) with someone who has a continued need. I plan on continuing to pump extra and could donate probably 8oz a day. Please contact me for more info [email protected]

  • sasha

    Hi! I have a 12 week old and have been lucky enough to have had an
    abundant supply from the beginning. I’d love to donate my frozen milk
    and continue to donate (perhaps on a weekly basis?) with someone who has
    a continued need. I plan on continuing to pump extra and could donate
    probably 8oz a day. I’m in the Santa Monica/Venice area of L.A. Please contact me for more info
    [email protected]

  • Nereida

    I have a 2 and 1/2 month old. I tried to breast feed him from the start however I was never able to produce enough milk. I started giving him about 1/3 of breast milk and the 2/3 formula. I went through a depression because I felt like an inadequate mother who could not provide him with his basic needs. I am looking for vegan moms who would be willing to supply me with their milk. I currently live in the SF Bay Area, but will be moving to the Greater NYC area around April.

  • Semra-Nazire Sanchez

    Hello Ladies, Can someone please help me out? Im in need of BM for my 2 month old. I live in Hendersonville, Tennesee but willing to drive a reasonable distance. Will also replace your bags. Thanks in advance ladies.

  • Hayley

    I NEVER do this, but had to chirp in here and say what an amazing community this is! Good on the mama’s (and papa’s) who are looking for donated milk as preference to formula…and the mama’s donating milk…you are all amazing parents doing such a fabulous thing!! I am still breastfeeding my 2 yo son, but find it so very challenging! Could not imagine having anything left to donate! Lots of love to you all! xo

  • Jamie

    I have a 3.5 month old son and have some frozen BM that I’d be willing to donate (from February-Now). I live in Maryland, but am willing to ship.

    • Rachel Mireles Santilli

      Jamie if you still have some I know someone in need please email me [email protected]

  • cmm441

    If you are on fb try looking at eatsonfeets. Its an amazing group that lets people post if they need milk or have milk. I have given out over 400ozs to over 5 women from that group!

  • Nichole

    NEED: Hello ladies! I’m in Tyler Tx and can use any extra breastmilk I can get. I have a 6 week old baby girl who had latching difficulties so I resorted to exlusively pumping but do not make enough milk to feed her dye to chronic blocked milk ducts so I have to supplement some. My email is [email protected]

  • Jacqueline

    Hi Erin-
    My name is Jacqueline and I posted below a month ago. I am located in Minneapolis but am searching for breast milk for my 4 month old nephew, and am willing to pay for shipping. If shipping is a possibility, please let me know! Thank you in advance for your help and consideration!

  • Samantha A.

    I’ve been so lucky, I’m the mom to a 2 year old and only recently stopped pumping. She is still nursing like a champ, and I’ve been able to donate over 2500 ounces of breast milk. I have to say, stopping pumping has been a difficult, guilt filled decision. I want to pump forever and provide for all the other mamas out there who weren’t as blessed as I was! But after a breast biopsy and my supply dropping, it was time to let go.

  • Lauren

    I would love your milk if you still have it!! I live in Denver too. Please email me at [email protected] or call me, 720.470.0057. I have a low, low, low supply and need all the donor milk I can get! Thanks.

  • Lauren

    I have a 4 month old son and don’t make enough milk for him. I have a breast condition and lack glandular tissue to produce milk. I have tried everything, pumping, herbs, domperidone, and still only make 3 oz a day. We would be so grateful for any breast milk donations. We live in Denver, but would pay for shipping from out of state. We have been using donor milk since he was a newborn but are almost out of that supply. Please email me at [email protected].

  • Lyndsay Ratson

    What a brilliant idea! Im a mom of two, soon to be 3 in October and im extremely interested in the milk share program as I am unable to breast feed. I managed to with my son but he did a Number on my breasts. I went from barely a B cup to a DD breast feeding back to barely a B. I was 19 years old with the breasts of an 85 years old..
    so I had a lift and small implants put in. It was very tastefully done. I Dud not expect or plan to have more babies. My husband of 10 yrs and I split up and 2 years later I met my soul mate and had a beautiful little daughter. I tried to nurse but as I was warned from having my mamory glads severed, it would be difficult if not possible. My daughter SHREDDED me and couldn’t get enough, but I did try. Breast is BEST! Im VERY into heath and wellness now and would like to avoid formula at all costs with the new little one who’ll be here in 3 months so if I could please get more information about this incredible program I would be beyond appreciative! Kudos to all you incredible woman so generous with your gift to be able to share it! You are truly changing lives!! Bless your hearts! My email is [email protected] and i greatly than you for your time! :)

  • heidib

    I’m in bay area and can’t make enough milk, any help would mean everything. Baby is getting sick and throwing up on formula.

    Thank you so much.

  • julie

    I live in Normal heights San Diego, ca. I have a bunch of BM that I want to donate. It’s from jan/feb until may 2014. It’s been stored in a freezer door. I am a vegan, still taking a prenatal vitamin, moringa leaf powder and I take chia seeds regularly. If anyone is interested please let me know. I’d love to help someone.

    • Lisa

      Hi Julie, my son was born a few weeks ago. He came four weeks early and needs all the kind mama milk he can get. Unfortunately, I am struggling to meet his needs and don’t want to resort to supplementing with formula. Please let me know if you still have any frozen milk left. I am in Los Angeles. My email is lhanel at gmail dot com. – Lisa

    • Maluki

      Hi, Julie.
      If no one has taken you up on your offer, I’d LOVE to talk to see if we can meet up. I live in Arizona but have an upcoming trip to the O.C. and am willing to travel to SD.

      • julie

        hello, i just saw your reply. as of today 8-26 I still have it, you can email me at [email protected] if you are interested or have more questions.

    • Ashley Picard Makridakis

      Hi Julie!! Is your milk still available? Is be so grateful for it :)

  • Sifa

    Hello! I am from Dallas Texas in need of a donor. Have unsuccessfully tried to pump for my 3 month old. Despite all herbal as well as prescription remedies, not able to produce for her needs and she struggles with formula at every feeding. Would love a donor if possible and am willing to pay shipping etc. Thanks!

  • Maluki

    I’m in need of breast milk for my baby boy. I also had breast surgeries and could not provide enough for my baby. I have tried reaching out through milk share sites but have had no success even when I didn’t specify that I preferred milk from a vegan mom. So, here is yet another request in hopes that an angel will bless us with her milk. I am in Phoenix, AZ and can travel to the greater Phoenix area.

  • Johnny González Mba

    Hello I’m Johnny from Bakersfield Ca, my nephew who is my foster son was born positive to drugs and I have been giving breast milk for the last 12 days to help detox his body. He 16 days old and has has had an increase in appitite and keeping him healthy is important to me. I’ve had donations from a few friends that still breastfeed and pump milk, but I’m not sure how long that will last. I’m looking for other donators who can help me. I’m a single father of three and would appreciate the help.

  • twee

    Hello- I live in West Hollywood, Ca. I have breast milk I can part with. Healthy, mostly organic diet. Stored in
    -4 oz increments. Email me at thuystyle dot yahoo dot com

  • Katie

    Hi my name is Katie and I live in Wisconsin. I’ve been a vegan for 7 years. My husband and I had our first child. She is 6 months now. I was so bummed when I didn’t produce enough milk for her. I really wanted the best for her. I struggled so much with this. Feeling guilty. I did what i could to help my milk supply, it wasn’t enough for her. Could a vegan donor please help me. Thank you! My email is [email protected]

  • Marilynn Sitton

    Hello! I am in San Antonio and I’m looking for donor milk for my 2 month old son. I can’t produce enough for him and I currently use a supplemental nursing system to supplement with formula, but I would like to start supplementing with breast milk instead.

  • Melissa

    Hello! My name is Melissa and I have a 3 month old son Logan, who has failed on every single formula we’ve tried. We live near-by Chicago. I am unable to provide any milk for him and we are very desperate for donors this month, October 2014. Please msg me via facebook if you’re able to help! I would need a dairy-free donor! Thank you!

  • Ashley Picard Makridakis

    Hello Mamas :) I am about to be in a dire situation with feeding my 4 month old little boy. Breast feeding him has been a very wild ride…to make a long story short, I got a horrible case of mastitis when he was a newborn and pumped myself into a massive oversupply and then a little over a month ago he went on a nursing strike and now I have a substantial undersupply. At this point, I am pumping (he still will not nurse) around 14-17oz LESS than he is eating and my frozen storage is almost out. Ladies, I am heartbroken and panicking. I’ve had 2 consultations with an IBCLC anpediatrician, he’s going to the chiropractor weekly, I’m renting a hospital grade breast pump and I’m also taking every herb under the sun to get my supply up and help him nurse. I will be so upset if I have to supplement him with formula when we run out of our stored frozen milk as I am extremely dedicating to providing my children with human breastmilk. I nursed my 4 year old for 13 months on a kind vegan diet and I need him to have the same. I am humbly and graciously asking if anyone has any milk to spare. I’d be forever grateful. [email protected]

  • Ashley Picard Makridakis

    Hi Erin! I know it’s a long shot since alot of mamas replied to your post but if you be any chance still have your milk I’d be so grateful. If shipping is an issue, we can fly out to pick it up. Thank you!

  • twee

    I have MILK TO DONATE. I’m in Los Angeles, CA. I have a frozen milk supply from April of 2014. All stored in freezer bags ranging in various amounts from 1 oz to 4 oz. I’d say I have about 250 oz to donate. you can email me at thuystyle at yahoo dot com

    • Amory Chin

      Hi Twee, I am a mama who was unable to breast feed due to drugs given during pregnancy. I have been blessed with many milk gifting mamas in the first year of my son’s life. He is now 14months old and I would love for him to still have human milk rather then being on Cow milk (if anyone knows of a great alternative please let me know!). If there is a someone in grater need then us, I understand, but if you still have the milk and are happy to share it with us, we would be so grateful! We live in San Diego, so we would need to arrange how to transfer. Thank you!

    • Dr Mary Wendt

      Do you still have milk? We need it! Thank you!

  • Chelsea Losh

    Hi! I’m an organic vegetable farmer down in Georgia. I’m trying to raise the healthiest baby possible, but I’m having a lot of trouble breastfeeding, despite all of my attempts to boost my supply. I’m the mama of a 33 weeker, who is now 4 months old and healthy! I’m looking for donations to try to make it to a least 6 months on mama milk. Please contact me on facebook if you have any milk to donate! Thank you!

  • Kristen

    Hi! I am a mama of a beautiful but very picky baby girl. I was so blessed with an abundant supply early on, but since going back to work two months ago, my supply has cut in half despite taking supplements, mothers milk tea, lactation cookies, pumping often & regularly and nursing as much as possible. I only produce half of what my 7 month needs but she will NOT drink formula. She only wants breast milk and we have tried everything, as has her day care provider. We NEED dairy-free breast milk (she has a milk protein allergy). Poor thing is crying from hunger but refuses soy and hypoallergenic formula because it taste so different. Please contact me at kaecurtin at gmail dot com if you have any milk to donate or sell! I am a careful organic eater, so would appreciate someone sensitive to that, as well. Thank you so much!!

  • Megan


    My name is Megan and I’m hoping to find a donor in the Los Angeles area. My boss Deboragh has a 4 month old baby boy who has been lucky enough to receive breast milk from donors we have found on Facebook. Unfortunately his supply is running low. We live in the West Hollywood area but are willing to travel up to 2 hours to pick up.

    If there is anyone who can help donate, please email me at [email protected]

    Thanks so much.

  • Antonia

    Hi! I am in Hollywood, CA. I don’t expect to get many responses, as my case is a special one—-and I understand that so many mothers have newborns that very desperately need breast milk. Here it goes—–I am looking for breast milk for ME. I have very bad Lyme’s disease. I have had it before,and was pumped full of antibiotics for months, which destroyed my system. My mother was unable to breast feed me as a baby, and I was born about 6 weeks early via Ceasarean. So my whole life I have lacked the beneficial bacteria that is so important or the immune system. (Both that which comes from a natural vaginal birth, and the vital protection you get through breast milk). As a result, I have been sickly my whole life. And now, with this Lymes disease (I have two forms of the parasite—Babesia and Borrelia in very high concentrations) I have been feeling so terrible, often I can’t get out of bed I am so depressed, tired and achey. :(( I have tried so many probiotics, have been almost 85-90% vegan for the past 10 years, changed my diet, etc. But I still never seem to shake this pervasive weakness and constant malaise. So I just had this epiphany—-maybe I just need a bit of breast milk myself—to help my immune system! I understand if some people may be unsympathethic to my cause….but I cannot express how much this would mean to me. I have been feeling so low, I regularly imagine ending my life. :( It’s not that I am going to jump off a building…..don’t worry. It’s just—–I can’t enjoy life with this terrible exhaustion all the time. I don’t enjoy the things I used to anymore…..I am just at a point where I will try anything——Preferably vegan/organic, as my body can’t take any chemicals or antibiotics anymore. Please, if anyone can help me, or has any advice at all…..I would be so eternally grateful. With love XOXOX

    • Vija Sarkane

      Antonia. Have you done any parasite cleanse? Like the wormwood black walnut and cloves? Read about that. Anyone can benefit. Not just you.

      Read about zappers.

      Also I just watched a video on YouTube last night about herbal remedies. Her name is wisewoman or Susun weed. Check her out. She spoke of lime disease I think that was the hawthorn tree video. Not sure. Check them all out. She is amazing. Hope you get better. And i don’t think you need breast milk.
      :) bless you

  • Peta Dingle Wall

    Hi all
    I’m located in Hollywood & I have breast milk to donate. I have a 7 week old and Im producing more than my little guy can handle.
    Please email me @ [email protected]
    Cheers Peta

    • Dr Mary Wendt

      Do you still have milk? We need it!

    • Noemi

      Do you have any milk you can donate?

  • nichole

    I am in mesa az and in need of dairy, soy and corn free bm my baby is 9 months I am no longer able to breastfeed do to medical issues

  • amwells

    I know this is an old post, but looking for donor milk for my 3 month old son. I’m in Southern California if anyone sees this and can help.

    • Drusilla

      I know this is an old post as well but i can help out . I have about 1000 oz of breast milk Frozen in my deep freezer now .

      • Noemi

        Do you still have milk?

  • Czarina Biton

    Hi, My name is Czarina and mom to 10 week old Sybil. We live in Silver Spring, MD. Even while I was pregnant I dreamt of exclusively breastfeeding my daughter, but after an induced labor that led to a c-section, my milk was delayed and my daughter had a tongue tie and so my milk supply slowly depleted and i have never been able to fully restore it. I found that out the hard way when my daughter became dehydrated on day 4 of her life . Right now Sybil is 11 weeks and I supplement with about 12 ounces of formula, and I’m about to go back to work ferl like i have done everything I can to increase my supply. I have used fenugreek, goats rue, ate oatmeal, lactation cookies, pumped after each feedings and power pumped and I still haven’t seen any results or increase. Pumping has always been an issue for me. Even when using the Medela Symphony, I’m only able to pump out 1.5 ounces total at most from both breast. Either my supply is really low or I just don’t respond to pumps well. Anyway, I’m seeking breastmilk donor(s) who can help. I can be contacted at [email protected] . Thank you for reading.

  • Lauren Kinslow-Finore

    Hello. I’m located outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I’m in need of dairy free milk for my 5 month old. He has been diagnosed failure to thrive so we need to supplement after each feeding. I am working with a new LC who sent me to this amazing site. Every time he has donor milk with diary he gets stuffy! I have an allergy to dairy so I know it must be related because when he has my milk he is fine. Please send me an email [email protected] if you can help! Thank you.

  • Veronique Zarcone

    Hi, my name is Veronique and i’m looking for donor milk for my 1 year old who is now in the failed to thrive catalog because she will not gain weight she is right noe 14.5 lb and is very small i have go to so many doctors and no one can find out what is wrong because of her weight she is also 26.5 inches i live in Lake Elsinore, California PLEASE HELP!!!

  • Amory Monique Mountjoy Chin

    Hi, i am in San Diego ca and in need of great milk for my 1 month old. I had a massive hemorrhage after birth and have been unable to breastfeed. If you have milk to Share please let me know!

    Thank you!

  • Noemi

    I’m looking for someone who is willing to donate breastmilk, I have a 2 month old baby girl, I don’t produce enough milk and she has a very difficult time with formula. She is constantly constipated and is loosing weight. Thank you

    • C. Sims

      Where are you located?

  • Sam

    Hi my name is Samantha and I am looking for a donor in or around Durham NC Burlington NC or Hillsborough NC. I want to breast feed my child after birth. I am currently 12 weeks and due april 7th. I breast fed my oldest for about seven months until I stopped producing. My four year old was born and I tried desperately to produce and could not produce but two whole ounces. My glands are not wanting to produce. This is mine and my husband’s last child we want to do what is right. Anyone willing to donate to us when our baby is born would be appreciated. Please contact me via Facebook again my name is Samantha. You may have to add me but can un add me after you msg me. Again, thanks so much!

  • C. Sims

    Hi, I’m in North Carolina and have a lot of milk to share!

    • Madelyn Pastrana

      I would love your milk!! I am in Elon NC but will to drive to you! Please email me [email protected]

  • Nicole Ocariza

    Hi I am located in Phoenix, AZ and am in need of a donor for my 2 month old son. He is being supplemented right now with formula, but I would love for him to be on breastmilk. It has been hard to find a donor here, and am hoping and still believe that there is someone out there! I am unable to produce due to a medical reason, and would really appreciate the help. Thanks in advance. Have a wonderful day!

    • Becca R

      Hi Nicole,
      I know this is two months old I have milk to share and will be in Phoenix in two weeks if you are still looking for milk! I have donated over 1000 oz to my local milk bank (I am a certified donor; have gone through all medical steps) but have 400 oz of milk still available that was pumped earlier in November.

      • Kimberly Van Sickle

        Hi! Are you still donating milk?

  • TheKindLife

    A kind lifer friend has breastmilk she can share with anyone willing to pick up in Mississippi, if interested contact us at thekindlife at gmail dot com

  • Rachel Renee Bailiff

    I don’t know if this is where I make a request but I live in Fort Worth, TX and have a special breast milk need situation. My baby has food allergies to milk, soy and corn at least (which basically means that she has issues even on elemental formula which all still have corn syrup solids in them). So, I would need breast milk from a mom that was willing to or already omitting these from her diet which seems like a long shot. I would have loved to continue breast feeding her myself and wish I would have thought to continue with EPing (If I had even known about that) but due to the constant discomfort she was in from the beginning of her life that took us several months to figure out my daughter developed something called food aversion which basically means she started refusing to eat entirely. This went on for months where you would offer a feed and she would not even open her mouth for breast or bottle. My supply dwindled due to lack of stimulation and the overwhelming stress of the situation. So, after several months of working to get her taking anywhere close to normal amounts of food again, we are on an elemental formula helps with many of her symptoms. But, I find myself wishing I could give her “clean” for her breastmilk. If there is anyone near the Fort Worth, TX area that has dairy, soy and corn free breastmilk they would be willing to share I would be so grateful. My email is [email protected]

  • Lisa Calabrese Halloran

    hello I am in Charlotte(cornelius)area? I just had s preemie and my mild supply is super low and can’t even get enough out for a feeding on a 30 min pump session. I desperately want my little one get the nutrients in breast milk. I pump every two hours ans still need to supplement to get her enough for her feeding….I would need somone who has a dairy free diet since my daughter is sensitive to these.

    • Kristen

      Hi! I have eaten vegan x2 years and I live in Charlotte. The freezer in the garage is full of breastmilk. Are you still having supply issues? I also have tips to increase your supply since I’ve had formal lactation education.

      • Lisa Calabrese Halloran

        Yes my supply is low. I had a preemie so it may be due to that. I went to see a location sepcailist and have tried all natural remedies. I tried the oat meal fenugreek lactation pills Yeats extra water you name it. Super frustrating I’m only getting 2 ounces from both breast on a 30 min pump. If u have milk you would donate to me I would be super greatful!!

        • Kristen

          Hi. I just gave 200 oz of milk away today. I need to reevaluate my stash status. I will get back to you no later than Friday since I’m off and can make an honest assessment. At one point I doubled my supply in 2 weeks so if your interested in what I did let me know?

          • Lisa Calabrese Halloran

            Ok. Thanks
            Sure please tell me what you did

          • Lisa Calabrese Halloran

            Do you still have any milk? I would love to know how you doubled the amount

          • Kimberly Van Sickle

            Hi what did you do to double your supply? Tia!

      • darguzman

        hi Kristen I would like to know how you double your supply in two weeks .

  • Yareli Rivas

    Hi. I live in Los Angeles and I’m in need of donated milk. I will be traveling out of the country this Friday and I am not even close to having enough milk to leave behind for my daughter. I ordered organic formula based on high ratings but my daughter is simply unwilling to try it and I am panicking. If there is anyone out there who is able to donate please email me at [email protected].

    Thank you so much for your time!

  • Lisa Calabrese Halloran

    hello I am in Charlotte(cornelius)area? I just had s preemie and my mild supply is super low and can’t even get enough out for a feeding on a 30 min pump session. I desperately want my little one get the nutrients in breast milk. I pump every two hours ans still need to supplement to get her enough for her feeding….I would need somone who has a dairy free diet since my daughter is sensitive to dairy Any help I would greatly appreciate it

  • Danielle

    Hello Mama’s! I am in Ventura county, CA. I desperately need good clean breast milk for my son. I can only produce from one of my breasts and it’s just not enough. If you can help please call me at 818-213-0913. I’m Danielle. Thank you!

  • Eric R Crawshaw

    Hello, my name is Eric and my wife and I just welcomed first child a son, Odin William into the world. We live in lansing, michigan and we are vegan and she are nursing non-stop but, he just isn’t getting enough milk. He was dehydrated the other day and luckily our midwife had some frozen breastmilk from a different client of her. Despite our best efforts through homemade lactation cookies and red raspberry/nettle tea and a variety of natural options, we are still struggling. We just want to feed our baby with quality milk from a compassionate source. We would prefer someone lo local to the greater lansing area but are open to oth to other options.

  • Kimberly Van Sickle

    Hi! Mama in need of Donor milk for my 8 month old. I am pregnant and not producing enough. Located in Missouri. Willing to pay shipping costs of pick up within reasonable distance. Thank you so much!!

  • shelby ryken

    I would like to.donate to someone in need. I’m in jackson, ca. I have a freezer full and running out of space. I don’t smoke or drink. My baby is just now a month old. I just produce more then she needs..

    What should I do to help someone in need?

    • John Taylor

      Am interested in the milk for my baby of you still have it? you can write me back at: [email protected]

  • Rochelle

    Hello, I am Rochelle in waynetown Indiana. I have been vegan for years and am very healthy. I just had my first baby in December 2015. I am a stay at home mom so my healthy baby boy is breast feed and has never needed a bottle so I have a lot of extra milk if anyone needs any. My email is [email protected]

  • Maria F. Cordoba

    Hello! Looking for a milk donor for my one month old son Nicolas in Miami-Dade county area in south Florida,Im close to Broward county also, willing to travel a bit. I have low supply plus got mastitis which killed my supply. I appreciate any help! Blessings! [email protected]

  • Vanessa Webb

    I’m in Conway South Carolina and I am new to this area my baby is 5 weeks old and I was looking for BF support and other moms all these post are older but maybe just maybe someone can respond. [email protected] or text 6023493474 thanks Vanessa

  • Brianna Strack

    Hello, I’m a new mama of a 2 week old baby girl. I’ve done everything I can to try to boost my milk supply but I am not making enough for her to gain weight. in need of clean, perferably vegan, breast milk in the COSTA MESA, NEWPORT BEACH, or surrounding cities of the ORANGE COUNTY, CA area. Doing my best to raise a healthy baby, any help is much appreciated. Thank you.