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Current Favorites

Listed below are some of my favorite products at the moment!

Be sure to check out the rest of the line – which includes Men’s and Women’s Multis (in capsules + gummies!), Men’s and Women’s 40 + Multi (in capsules + gummies!) Men’s Once Daily, Women’s Once Daily,  Kids Multi Gummies, B-Complex, Vegan D3 (in chewable + spray), and Plant Calcium!

B-12 Organic Spray

This B-12 is SO delicious! Bear thinks it’s candy…

Each tasty spritz is a great energy boost whenever you need a pick me up, way better than espresso and much more convenient!


Vitamin C Organic Spray

I am obsessed with the cherry tangerine flavor. If you’re feeling under the weather or haven’t been eating as clean as you’d like to, this is a super handy one to have on hand!


Prenatal Multi

This is the only multi I would have taken when I was pregnant!

100% nutrition, no additives or junk, a real safety net for nutrition during this crucial time.


Plant Iron & Organic Herbs

Iron supplements usually taste a little nasty, so I’m happy to say our cranberry lime flavor is way better!

Our plant iron is unique because it’s the only liquid iron on the market that comes from actual organic plants and herbs.


Plant Collagen Builder

This product will give you serious results! If you’re in the market for some extra help in the skin/hair/nails department, try this!



Unlike most gummies on the market that pile on added sugar, syrup, animal byproducts, artificial dyes and colors, these gummies are actually good for you!

They are free of added sugar, the sweetness is sourced from organic apples and peach puree. 🙂