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Vegan Relationships Infographic

A little while back, I shared some ideas about vegan relationships. I also asked all of you Kind Lifers to share your experience dating as a vegan. Almost 1,000 people responded and this infographic illustrates what you had to say:

kind life vegan relationships

What are your thoughts on these results?

Are they the same or different from what you expected?


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  • Rachelle

    After making the switch to a vegan lifestyle, my boyfriend (a huge meat-eater) has decided to join me and became vegetarian. We are so much more happier now and I am very grateful for him to take the leap to give it up. Plus, he loves my plant-based meals!

  • Krystle

    I’ve only recently (within the last two months) become vegan. While my husband supports me 100%, he has not joined me. However, I do the cooking… He eats a lot more whole grains and vegetables and other vegan side dishes but I still cook the meat he likes to eat. Perhaps it’s not what others might do… but it works for us.

  • Tara Kuzma

    Krystle, I too have an omnivore husband who supports my plant-based food lifestyle but is still big on eating meat. I am not keen on buying and cooking animals but I feel it is the right thing to do to not try and change someone, and at least I make sure to buy cage-free, organic fed, no hormone meat (which I am hoping is a lesser evil.)
    Despite him having a picky-eater demeaner, he displays being very open to trying any dish I create and has also adapted a more whole foods diet since I am also the cook!
    At first I struggled and wanted him to be on the same page. It’s such a relief to know I’m not the only one with a night and day relationship like this. I learned the more I accept him for his beliefs, the more open minded he is to my kind lifestyle. I feel with time he may join me because middle-aged men tend to have doctors on their backs about cholesterol and blood pressure. In the meantime, I am enjoying my kind journey and providing kind choices for my husband, as I will for my children to come in the future.

  • ✌Brian Magee ⓥ

    Totally expected those results. As a guy, I see it all the time. It is very gross to be vegan yet cook and contribute to buying dead animals.

  • lisa

    I am a vegan raised as a omnivore. Since I have chose veganism as a spiritual choice, I can not buy meat nor cook it for my family. My children on their own decided to become vegetarian. My husband states he never will give up meat, I am wondering if I will give him up too. Although he supports my choice to be vegan I have a harder time supporting his choice to support the holocaust of animals in this country.