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From My Closet Giveaway: Vintage Dress and Charm Necklace

Congratulations Chrissi Catherwood Fisher! You are the recipient of my vintage dress and charm necklace.

We’ve sent you an email with details on how to collect your prize, so keep your eye out for that.

Thanks to everyone who particpated. You all shared such beautiful stories of your prized vintage and heirloom items.

Stay tuned for more From My Closet giveaways soon!


The closet giveaways are back!

This black dress is one of my favorite vintage dresses I own. I used to rock it with blue/green tights and crazy old blue boots with a little heel. I would also wear it with the buttons and tie in the back, but I love it in the front too! I am sad to say goodbye to this piece, as I truly adore it, but I’m so excited to pass it on to a fellow Kind Lifer.

From my Closet: Vintage

The handcrafted piece made by Designs by RB’s “Yoga Twins Collection” was gifted to me a little while ago. This sterling silver necklace is chic and Zen at the same time. I Love RB’s mission, “Go from head to heart to hands” and it fits this necklace perfectly.

To have this dress and necklace combo from my closet become yours, please leave a comment below telling me about your favorite vintage/inherited item.

I will select and announce the winner on Thursday, March 14.






  • Allison Litten

    My mother gave me a vintage black lace sheath dress that I wore to a formal dance my senior year in high school. Not at all the style of the day (1996), but I felt glamorous!!

  • Christina Kaetzel

    Definitely my hand beaded tree of life necklace from my great grandmother.

  • Shaman Mama

    Coffee table from my grandmother … One of the legs keeps popping out of the socket, but I kind of like it :)

  • Cyndi Clay

    A necklace from the late 50’s that was my Grandmothers. It was given to me the day we buried her and said goodbye. It is a 3 strand art glass and pearls.

  • Meg

    My favorite vintage and inherited item is a “tigers eye” necklace form my mom. She received it in college from my dad and no longer wears it. It is lovely and goes great dressed up or down.

  • Kathy Gray

    I have an inherited Carnival glass bowl that I got from my Granny. It’s the only thing that I have of hers and I love it.

  • Jennifer Gaudet-Esenwine

    My favorite inherited item is a silver bracelet I received from a woman with whom I worked. She was there for me during a very difficult time in my life, and one day gave me this bracelet of interlocking circles that she always wore to remind me of my strength and that we are all connected. She had faced a lot of trials in her life , never once complaining about life, yet always seeing the good and was always there to help others. Whenever I wear it, I think of her wonderful friendship!

  • Heather Mitchell

    My most treasured item is a ring given to me by my mother. When I was 14, I was going through my mom’s jewelry box while she was getting ready for the day. I found a really neat ring, and asked my mom about it. She told me it was a spoon ring, and that when she was younger they were the “in thing” to have, so she saved up for months, and finally purchased it herself from a local department store. I instantly fell in love with it and she was happy to give it to me. I have worn it on my left thumb every day since then, and I am now 24. I never fail to get compliments on it, and I love talking about it because it reminds me of my mother and has somewhat become a symbol of the special bond we have.

  • Angel Kendrick

    My favorite vintage item is a silver turquoise bracelet that used to be my grandmothers, she received it as a gift many years ago and I remember her always wearing it, she gifted it to me a few years ago and I adore it , it goes with everything and is filled with love !

  • Melanie Orr

    I know this might sound corny, but, my favorite “vintage” item is my baby book. My mother kept a baby book about my growth, milestones and accomplishments until I was around 7. It’s amazing to be able to look back and see that one of my first words was squirrel or that I went through a phase of eating only grape jelly sandwiches. :)

  • Codie Surratt

    When I was small my grandmother always wore the most beautiful jewelry. I remember sitting in her lap and always playing with this one particular ring, gold with diamonds in the most intricate pattern. I would comment on how beautiful it was each and every time I was alone with her. She would say it was her “favorite one too” and that I had “exceptional taste.” Wow, these words would light my face up like a candelabra. About 2 years ago, my Mema now in her late 80’s and not able to get around too well, came to visit me at my home for the first time ever. She was about to leave when she pulled me aside and said “here, I knew you would keep this safe.” And she handed me a small box. Inside contained 2 cufflinks of my Papa’s, who has since left this earth, and the ring. I could not contain my tears. Even as I write this it fills me with joy and love tear to know that after all those years she remembered how special that ring was to me, and felt that same love enough to let me continue to treasure it. Thanks Alicia for this this oppotunity to tell a such a personal story.

  • Gary Moore

    My favourite inherited piece of clothing has to be a set of cufflinks my grandfather left to me. They are from his regiment that he served during his time in the army where he fought in WW2. Not only did he wear them during his time in the army but he was also wore them when he married my grandmother so they hold even more sentimental value to me. I wore them on my wedding day and I intend to pass them onto my son.
    Even though the cufflinks are not high fashion they are priceless to me. If I was to win the dress and necklace I would give them to my wife as a surprise. She would look lovely in them.

  • Marshall N Halee Holland

    When I was a teen I used to wear the bell-bottoms from my dads old Navy uniform. My mom hated them, but I thought they were super cute. Lucky for me, my dad was thin and short when he first joined the Navy. I loved those pants and wore them almost everyday. Not sure how he felt about the fact his teenage daughter could fit in his pants, lol. -H

  • disqus_n6P3gaQ2GK

    I love the vintage costume jewelry inherited from my grandmother!

  • Angela Balmain

    My favorite vintage piece? A beautiful scarf that was my Great Grandmothers. I cherish it but rarely wear it for fear of it getting lost or damaged.

  • Zoë Mae Morin

    Hi Alicia! My name is Zoe Morin, my favorite vintage/inherited item I own is a ring I inherited from my grand-mother. It’s a half gold half silver band and I’m never without it. It’s the one thing I have of hers and I always think of her when I look down at it.

  • Shannon Waite

    I inherited a ruby ring from my great grandmother. I absolutely love it’s old Hollywood look!

  • Codie Surratt

    When I was little my grandma used to wear the most beautiful jewelry. I would often find myself sitting in her lap and admiring each piece. But there was one particular ring that I gravitated towards. I would run my tiny fingers over each diamond, admiring the intricate details and my Mema would say “oh that one is my favorite too, you have such excellent taste.” Wow, these words would just light my little face up. A few years ago, my grandma now in her 80’s made the trek to visit me in my home, which she had never done. She pulled me aside as she was about to leave and handed me a small box and said “I knew you would keep this safe.” I opened the box and inside found a pair of gold cufflinks of my grandpa’s and the ring. I was overcome by emotion. The tears of joy flooded my eyes, not because I “wanted” that ring, but because after all of the years she remembered what it meant to me. It said to me that I mattered. I treasure it to this day and every time I wear it, I get comments. I always smile and think of my grandma.

  • thelaurakz

    My favorite inherited item is my great grandmother’s necklace. My mother gave it to me right before I went in to get married at city hall. It means so much to me… it was the best wedding gift I could have asked for! :-)

  • Coral Miller

    My Grandads cardigan my Grandma knitted for him about 40 years ago. It’s cream with a retro red & brown pattern around the chest/arms with a folded back collar & wooden ‘duffle coat’ buttons. Thick wool & very warm :-)

  • Jennifer Gaudet-Esenwine

    My favorite inherited item is a silver bracelet I received from a woman with whom I worked. She was there for me during a very difficult time in my life, and one day gave me this bracelet of interlocking circles that she always wore to remind me of my strength and that we are all connected. She had faced a lot of trials in her life , never once complaining about life, yet always seeing the good and was always there to help others. Whenever I wear it, I think of her wonderful friendship!

  • Jamie Martina

    There is one vintage piece that I’ve bought recently that comes to mind. It was a gift for my 18-year-old brother. The belt buckle is a masterfully designed scene, depicting a battle scene from WWI. It was a commemoration piece of the army, and made in 1948- solid brass. Personally, I am not a supporter of the war efforts, but my little brother has had his heart set on joining the military since he was very young, and the look on his face when I gave this to him for Christmas, a recognition of having my support, made it one of the most cherished antique purchases I’ve ever made. (picture to come!)

  • Lauren

    My favorite item is a necklace with a little bible on it. My great grandmother gave it to me when I was 10 because she knew she would not live to see my next birthday that was in a few months. Later that month she passed away.

  • Katie London

    My favorite inherited item was one my step-mother brought me from china when she moved here and married my dad. It was a dress that was her mother’s and then hers. She didn’t understand my animal loving ways, but respected me and my decisions. She made sure the dress was made from all non-animal sources before she gave it to me. Unfortunately it was lost in a fire being stored at my mom’s while I was moving, but I still remember how beautiful it was and how much I loved it.

  • Ronja Holm

    My favourite is a gold ring with a large rosy quartz stone that my granddad gave to my mum when I was born. He sadly passed away shortly after. To me it represents his love for both my mum and me :)

  • Lauren Elizabeth

    This is a lovely idea. My favorite vintage items are these little gold drop earrings I inherited from my grandma; I think of her when I wear them. She was very warm and kind to me, and she had a reputation for being strong minded and a bit sassy! I love finding old photos of her like the one attached where you can see her style! :) Thanks for your book and all of this.

  • Coral Miller

    My Grandads cardigan my Grandma knitted about 40 years ago. It’s cream with retro red/brown pattern across chest/arms with wooden ‘duffle coat’ buttons & folded back big collar. It’s thick & very warm :-)

  • Tamara Cheetham Danieli

    My favorite vintage item is a glass and silver filigree necklace inherited from my grandmother. The glass was actually cracked and repaired but that flaw actually makes me love it even more!

  • Sarah Farrell

    My favorite vintage item is a john travolta tee from the 70’s! I found it at a thrift shop in my teens and 15+ years later I’m still wearing it!

  • Dewi Sarah

    What an amazing dress!! My fave vintage item is my moms wedding dress! I’ve made it shorter, knee length, and now it makes a perfect little summer dress! I absolutely adore it, and wear it as many times as the weather permits :) good luck everybody

  • Nicole Zink

    My favorite vintage item is my grandfather’s World War II Navy pea coat. It reminds me of him and the time he spent away from his family while serving in the war.

  • brittany mccabe

    My mother handed down an adorable shiny pat in leather purse with a hard pearl colored handle.

  • briana

    My favorite vintage item is a chunky art deco bracelet I found in an Antique Mall in Vancouver. It’s gold tone, with large red crescent shaped pieces. Even though one of the red pieces is missing, I still wear it! It is a great conversation starter.
    Have a fabulous week!

  • ENF

    I love this black shirt/jacket that I got from my grandmother. I’m not sure how old it is, but I like that it was hers. I like wearing it unbuttoned but with a belt over it with a dress underneath. It’s cliche, but they really don’t make things like they used to. This dress is super super cute. I could picture it with all different colors of tights depending on the mood. Or going bare leg with cute little flats.

  • Nella

    My favourite inherited item is this old clock (kinda tacky, with a chicken and her chicks) which belonged to my grandparents. Every time we used to visit them, it was on their kitchen counter and I always had an attachment to it as a child. It now sits in my kitchen and I always think of them every time I cook up something.

  • alex franceschini

    My favourite inherited item is my mom’s old Gucci watch. It’s timeless. Fingers crossed!

  • Ellie

    Hi Alicia! First of all I have to thank you so much for your book! It’s been an amazing read and I’ve changed my diet ever since. I’m still in the process of working out problems with my body, but I get more and more positive about it. I keep recommending your book to people who consider going vegan without all those strict rules and bad thoughts when once in a while you’re “cheating”. My favourite vintage item – I purchased in London two years ago – is a jumper depicting a farm. It’s very warm and cozy and I get a lot of positive laughs for it : ) It makes me happy and it makes me happy that it makes people smile.

  • Debi Cole

    Hmmmm…I’d say the old sweater that was my grandmas…sentimental….

  • Kaileigh

    My mother died with I was 17 so one of the only things I have left of hers is a beautiful beaded necklace. It’s totally her. I get called a hippie when I wear it but that’s one of the things I love about it :)

  • Karlyn

    Dear Alicia and Guests, My favorite inherited item is also vintage. It’s a gold key that belonged to my grand-aunt and Hollywood designer Irene Lentz. The key was to her studio “Irene Inc” in Culver City. She wore the key on a chain, so I put the key on a chain and have had the honor of wearing it to some Irene-inspired events in Los Angeles over the last couple of years. Irene is no longer with us, but I feel like part of her is with me when I’m wearing her gold-key close to my heart. Photo attached. Thank you for the opportunity to share this.

  • Gary Harders

    My favorite vintage/inherited item is my sterling silver belt buckle. It has a big G on it for his name George. With my name being Gary, it worked out pretty good. I wore it as one of his pall bearers. He was a WW 2 veteran, which made it extra special because I am a veteran.

  • Allison Larsson

    The ring my Dad gave my Mom the day I was born :) So special!

  • sksk3

    My favorite vintage item is my moms leg warmers form the 80s. Leg warmers are so quintessential 80s (my favorite decade), so it’s nice to have an authentic pair.

  • Teri Schotanus-Rhodes

    Hi Alicia.. Wow!! That dress is so cute…I love vintage clothes, my favorite piece I have not been able to part with is a blue and green 50’s dress that I got up in L.A. at wasteland I want to say 15 years ago ( my best friend and I said who ever the dress fits gets it and it fit me)… I was more rock a billy then wore it to many a concert it is too small now and the fabric as from that time does not give … if I acquire your vintage dress this will give me the opportunity to pass on the vintage dress I keep hanging on to.

  • Laci Hoffmann

    My favorite clothing hand-me-down items are my upcycled tees and tanks from 2nd hand stores! Loved and lived in tanks are by far the softest; however, I am a sucker for vintage furniture! My whole house is 2nd hand and I love it :)

  • Lisa

    My fave inherited item is a pink button down sweater that belonged to my grandmother. We were extremely close and she always wore this sweater so it means a lot to me. It screams granny but I don’t care, I think it’s cool.

  • Ree Todd

    I only have one inherited item, but I love it dearly. It’s my grandmother’s senior picture that she sent to my grandfather while he was away at bootcamp. Many people in the family wanted it, but she chose to leave it to me, and I never felt so honored.

  • Emily

    My mother refurbished my father’s old rocking horse for my kiddo. It’s awesome, and definitely a favourite for the whole family.

  • jenmodica

    My grandmother gave me a handknit shawl that her sister made for her when she was leaving Italy for Canada over 50 years ago. Her sister has since passed away and I treasure the shawl as a reminder of their bond.

  • Sherrie | With Food + Love

    Although I LOVE all my vintage/thrift clothing finds, my favorite vintage piece is my inherited 100 pc. china set from my great grandmother; old school florals at their best.

  • Nicole

    My grandmother bought me and my sisters rings with our birthstones. The best part was that she kept and wore them until we were 25 and then we got them that way each of us got a personal piece of her jewelry.

  • Katie Brown

    My fave vintage item is actually a sweet dress that my nana made for me when I was a baby. My mum packed it away when I grew out of it and gave it to me when I had my daughter. It’s now hanging on a pretty hanger on my daughters wall until I can bear to pack it away for her so she can pass it on too :)

  • Kristen

    Definitely my grandma’s ring! :) Real diamonds and so sentimental

  • Amy Ford Barker

    I love my stack of vintage sheets that belonged to my great Nana!! I have used some of them to convert into curtains for my daughters rooms as well as on their beds….So colorful and full of love :)

  • Brandie Patterson

    My favorite vintage item is a ring from my late grandmother…she inherited it from her mom and it got passed down to me shortly after she passed away. Every time I look at it, it reminds me of what a wonderful, strong woman she was, and inspires me to do great things. I definitely put it on when I need a confidence boost!

  • Victoria

    A necklace my great grandfather gave to me. He had it while he was in the war. It is an Australian coin inscribed with his name, his wifes (my great grandmother), and his children (my grandmother and her brother)’s names. I wear it often

  • Ciera Alvarez

    My favorite vintage item is a pair of earrings my mom gave me before she passed away. They are crystal hearts that even though I know are not “real” I feel beauty everytime I wear them.

  • Sandy Rapier

    My favorite vintage item is a pair of Steve Madden wedges that belonged to my niece Brandi. She bought them at a thrift shop…we loved to go to thrift shops and yard sales. Brandi passed away and my sister have me her favorite shoes…I have good memories of Brandi when I wear them.

  • Larken Brooke

    I have a dark funky green vintage coat with pintuck pleats on the back….love love love it! It’s been worn to holes a couple of times and I just keep repairing it!

  • Sarah

    My favorite vintage item is a silver and turquoise ring from my grandmother. It’s not worth a lot of money, but I lost her when I was young, and every time I wear it, I am reminded of how great she was.

  • DeeBy

    My Grandma’s Irish wool shawl reminds me of her everyday. She passed away when I was pregnant with my first child, so once my daughter was born I would wear the shawl around my shoulders to keep my Grandma close.

  • Meghan Kane

    I love my collection of vintage hats from my great, great aunt (who was a bit of a rebel and a crazy insect lover), her best friend, and my grandma! They range from far out turbans to my grandmother’s wedding hat. Love and adore them!

  • shaina

    I have a macrame plant holder that my grandmother made before I was born. I don’t remember meeting her as I was young when she passed, but I love looking at it and imagining how cool she must have been (:

    -Shaina Rosene

  • La Mer Kristina

    Beautiful dress and jewellery, Alicia:)
    My favourite inherited vintage item would definitely be a gold ring with a heart and two small diamonds on its face. It was passed down from my step moms mother, to her and now to me. I also love all the cashmere sweaters that we have from my great grandma, she was so stylish;) Thank You:)

  • Mandy

    My favorite vintage item is the crib my grandfather made for me when I was born. He was an amazingly talented man and he designed the crib to transform into a bench when flipped over, that way it could be used once I had outgrown it as a baby. I am now 36 years old and my grandfather has not been on this earth for almost 20 years, that beautiful bench however is still with me and is currently being used as a table which holds pictures of all of my family and loved ones.

  • Trina

    Hi Alicia! Thank you for the opportunity to win beautiful items that belong to YOU. My favorite item is a muted lime green, made in India, side table. It’s wood with the cutout designs popular in Indian and Morrocan decor. Supposedly everyone had one in the 70s. I love it!

  • Jenny Mojica

    My favorite vintage item/items is my grandmothers elephant collection. Me and my grandmother shared a love for elephants. We both believe them to be beautiful creatures, that brought luck. My grandmother loved to travel the world, and she would get an elephant from every country. My grandmother and I both battled cancer, she 4 times and beat it all four times, and me when i was a child, but her elephants would always cheer me up she would tell me they were lucky and always left one in my hospital room until i went home. When she finally passed away she left her elephant collection to me. They are now beautifully displayed in mine and my husbands home, bringing us luck, and her love all the time and carrying on the luck of the elephants with our children :)

  • Mary

    What a beautiful dress and necklace! I really like the insect pins that they have at a vintage shop nearby my college campus, I bought a beetle pin and adore it!

  • aleri73

    I wear three rings, and they are all vintage or inherited. I made a decision long before I ever got engaged that we had more than enough diamonds in the world already, and that I didn’t want to contribute to pulling any more out of the ground, much less any worries about blood diamonds. The ring on my right hand was my great-grandmother’s, and I inherited it from my grandmother. My wedding band was my husband’s mother’s band, and it fits perfectly with my engagement ring – an estate ring that we found at an antique shop. My wedding rings look like nobody else’s – and that’s why I love them!!!

  • Oliver Walters

    HI! My favorite inherited item is a dress my late grandmother made. My mother and her sister have had a strained relationship for far too long. When my grandmother died, her belongings were kept at her house where my aunt and cousin lived. After years of not speaking with them, I have been able to create a bridge of communication and they gifted the dress to me. They also gave to me a painting by my grandfather, who died before I was born. The dress is beautiful and it reminds me of my grandma, who was probably my favorite person in the world. It also explains to me why when I started to sew it was as if I had it in my blood to do so! :)

  • Erin

    My fave vintage items are the jewelry pieces that I received from my Grandfather. He passed just a couple of months before I was born. They are very special to me, a connection with someone special that was gone too soon. Erin

  • Sarah

    My favorite is a crystal vase from my husband’s Mom-mom. She let me choose a piece from her collection before she died–it felt like she was acknowledging me as an important part of her family. She is missed.

  • Jessica

    I have a vintage dress from my maternal grandomither. I wore it in a production of Arsenic and Old Lace my junior year of high school. It is a beautiful black silk halter dress. I havvent worn it since beause I’m about 5 inches too tall, but I’d love to find the right occasion to wear it again!

  • Marz

    Thanks for the chance to win this adorable dress! My favorite vintage item would have to be my grandmother’s odd hope chest.

  • Amanda Johnston

    Hello Alicia! I love, love, love this vintage dress and necklace…so pretty. Perfect for Spring! So, my favorite vintage item at this moment in time is my 1983,Vanity Fair, Smurf Record Player! As a child of the 80’s, I loved playing 45’s on it…so much fun! And now my 6 year old Son has the pleasure of playing and enjoying it as I did and still do! Passing on items that we played with as a child to our own children to enjoy is truly something special. He has so much fun with it and thinks it’s a lot cooler than CD’s or an Ipod…and it is! We love to “put the needle on the record” and dance and sing in our living room!
    Thank you Alicia for all that you do and for teaching me to be “Kind”.

  • Patricia

    My favourite piece is a ring I bought at a second hand store. Inside the ring is a name of someone engraved. I love imagining the story behind the ring. Was it given to her by the love of her life, by her best friend, by her mother? Was it given to her for a special occasion?

  • Lisa

    My favorite vintage inherited item is a statue of the Buddha that I inherited after my Grandma’s passing. I used to be so curious about him when he sat in my grandparents’ home, when I was younger. I fondly remember rubbing his belly as a little girl upon arrivals and departures. The Buddha now has his own shelf in my family’s living room. I like to think that he is helping my Grandma keep an eye on me from where he sits. And I still rub his belly, often. :)

  • Lisa

    My favorite vintage inherited item is a statue of the Buddha that I inherited after my Grandma’s passing. I used to be so curious about him when he sat in my grandparents’ home, when I was younger. I fondly remember rubbing his belly as a little girl upon arrivals and departures. The Buddha now has his own shelf in my family’s living room. I like to think that he is helping my Grandma keep an eye on me from where he sits. And I still rub his belly, often. :)

  • Tiffany Norris

    Really anything of my mom’s, but I love an antique brooch/earring set especially. Makes me feel close to her when I wear it!

  • Megan

    I have never owned anything vintage, but I do own some necklaces that were my grandmothers. Very special :)

  • Stephanie R.

    I received a set of coats from a friend moving to Florida (from the northeast). THey fit wonderfully and I was able to share some with those who needed more than I. Doubly wonderful!

  • Aimee Wilson

    My favorite vintage item is a ring. It was my grandmothers who has passed and we were very close. I never take it off and it’s engraved on the inside from her husband. I like the Jewlery and clothes I wear to have a story. Whether I know the story or not I think it’s so much cooler than going to the mall!

  • Cindy Maslanka

    After my Grandma passed away I was blessed to receive her very first wedding band which was engraved with the initials of my grandparents. I miss her.

  • Amanda

    My favorite vintage item I have is my grandmother’s wedding dress. My mother wore it when she married my dad and then I wore it when I married my husband. I hope my daughter will wear it as well when it’s her turn!

  • BC

    My favorite vintage piece is a beautiful navy with white stripes dress I had found on Ebay! It was love at first sight, I was able to get it at a pretty great price, so having to take it in and have it hemmed was no problem. I get so many compliments on that sweet little dress!

  • Nina Vecchi

    My favorite vintage item is a black onyx clover shaped ring with a small diamond chip in the center. It was given to my Nana by my Papa while they were dating in the 30’s. Eventually I had it made in to a pendant so I could wear it close to my heart. I think it brings me good luck!

  • Lynn Sheehan

    My favorite inherited item is a green reclining chair my uncle bought for my grandmother with his first paycheck. It dates back to the early 1950s. Not very attractive but such a wonderful reminder of family love.

  • Meg

    I have these yellow diamond stud earrings I received for my high school graduation from a long time friend of the family. They’re special because that family struggle financially, so I cherish them.

  • Brione Smith

    I have a long navy skirt of my grandma’s from the 1920s. I used to wear it all the time, but now I’m afraid it will fall apart!

  • Sandy Pothier

    My favorite vintage items are my vinyl record collection. Nothing beats the sound of music on vinyl.

  • Christia S.

    I live my life in vintage clothes. I love them because they tell beautiful narratives and have a history. My favorite is a cream colored bell- sleeved mini dress from the 60’s. I feel fully and wholly myself in it.

  • Nancy Kuzniar

    My favorite piece is my engagement ring…it’s a miner’s cut solitaire diamond from the Edwardian Era and belonged to my Great Grandmother. It’s set in a beautiful white gold filigree setting ( and not too large which I love! ) my wedding band, we purchased second hand from the same era, it’s a thin band with diamonds across the top. I like to think about what the women who wore these rings were like .

  • Savannah O’Hara Curtis

    My favorite piece is a groovy dress I found at a vintage yard sale last summer. It’s light pink with white flowers! I love rocking it with grey or black tights and ballet flats. I pretty much only wear vintage dresses…they’re so beautiful <3

  • Fredrika Adolfsson

    My favorite item was this dark green shirtdress with a purple and red subtle pattern, that a swedish designer made, and that I found in my favorite vintage shop in Stockholm. It was so practical to wear because it felt both casual and dressed up at the same time. And most importantly I felt like it reflected me as a person and those are the clothes that I like the most -the ones in which I feel connected to myself…Sadly, I wore it so many times that it finally shrunk from being washed and I couldn’t wear it anymore…This dress reminds me of mine in that sense of style. Would be happy to wear it!

  • Sara S

    My favorite piece is my dad’s old cross body bag. It’s the coolest color of army green and it’s so easy to throw on and go!

  • Roseli Rinaldo

    Hello Alicia. My favorite vintage/inherited item is my mom’s engagement ring. It is about 50 years old and I love to wear it because I know I am wearing a unique peace. I would love to be the winner and wear that beautiful dress with my ring. Thank you 😀

  • Candi

    My dad wore RayBan Wayfarers. Classic black, just like Tom Cruise in “Risky Business”. He needed good sunglasses for driving and bought them back in the 80s when my parents didn’t really have the funds to buy such an expensive item. He passed away 12 years ago, and I wear that same pair every day. Still stylish after all these years and a happy memory of the coolest person I’ve ever known.

  • EJ Carter

    Good morning Alicia,
    Such a cute dres. Great for spring! My favorite vintage items are those I inherited from my mother. They harken back to another era, a time where people really thought about clothing selections. Plus, it really connects me to her. My favorite? Her first pair of Calvin Klein jeans. Not real vintage, but I love them anyway :)

  • Melissa Zombiegirl

    My finished 14kt yellow gold charm bracelet that I collected charms for during the past 13 yrs. And when I move on, it will go to 1 of my daughters. Uh-oh…guess I better start working on bracelet # 2 !!!!

  • Brianna Ehrenberg

    My favorite piece is a ring that I inherited from my grandmother. She used to go traveling all over the world and this was a ring that she picked up in Europe and throughout the years was one of her favorites. I love the imperfection of how the metal band warped and bent over the years because every time I look at it, I can see her. :)

  • Lisa Cressey

    my favorite inherited item is a necklace i got after my grandmother in the czech republic passed away. it’s very delicate so i never wear it, but i love it so much!

  • Rachel

    I recently inherited my grandparents’ home. It’s where my grandmother grew up, and then my father. I love working in the kitchen, using dishes that my grandmother used, imagining what she might have cooked! Vintage dishes have great stories to tell.

  • Melissa Baines

    My favorite “hand-me-down” is my mom’s high school ring. I always wear it when I need an extra boost, because it makes me feel like she’s with me.

  • Jennifer M

    I had met this darling couple, Oliver and Jeff, from my time working
    behind the bar at a grassroots pub in Chicago. They were having a party
    and invited me to attend. I was honored to be there and laughing with
    so many of their kind guests. Jeff mentioned he had some pieces that
    needed to be loved and he knew I was the womyn to do just that. When he
    snuck me into the back room closet, I blushed with all the warmth in
    the world. A handful of 1920s underthings and one was a peach satin,
    drop waist slip with an overcoat. I still bring that piece out, as well
    as the others, to drink tea in and howl at the moon.

  • Jessi

    My favorite vintage/inherited item is my Grandmother’s couch. She and my Grandfather brought it back from Germany when they were stationed there during WW2. It stayed in my Grandma’s living room from then until she passed about 10 years ago. My mom and her sisters were thinking of selling/donating it, but I asked if I could have it instead. Some of my aunts have since passed, and my Grandma is gone, and I never even met my Grandad since he died when my Mom was a child… but every single one of them sat on that couch, and when I sit on it I feel connected to them.

  • jenny m

    My favorite vintage item is a little delicate purse my grandma gave me and it had inside a cute vintage perfume locket and a vintage lace Hankey from my great grandma. I love them and will treasure them. :)

  • Janis

    I do not own any vintage or inherited ppieces. Iwould love these pieces to share with my daughters.

  • Katie

    I have bell bottoms from both my mom and my dad. They are really fun & I used to wear them often.

  • Suzanne

    My favorite piece is a silver Barrett that belonged to my grandmother over 60 years ago. It’s the only vintage item I have besides a cast iron skillet from the depression era that I bought at a thrift store :)

  • Marta

    Sadly I don’t own any vintage or inherited items! :( My mom didn’t save her clothes from the 60’s and 70’s because she didn’t think they would ever go back in style LOL! But there is definitely something special about vintage items…

  • Anne Perry

    I have a vintage mushroom cookie jar that I adore.

  • Jennifer Albertsen Blonsley

    I recently purchased a vintage tunic at a second hand store in Nevada City, California. I wore it with leggings on Valentines Day and my husband said I looked the most beautiful on that date!

  • Cheri Jamieson

    I rock a lot of my Nana’s vintage costume jewelry. Around the office, it is known as the ‘Nana Collection’

  • april

    my favorite vintage piece is something that has tremendous sentimental value to me but I feel conflicted about keeping it…it’s my mom’s fur coat! My mom died in 2002 of cancer & I kept her fur coat….when she bought it in the early 70’s, we argued back & forth about her buying/wanting/wearing fur, etc., but we usually disagreed about most things back then & neither of us could change the others point of view. Buying & wearing that coat was a symbol of status, etc.for her… she loved it & wore it almost every day until winter ended & it was time for her fur to go back into storage. I’m vegan & can’t believe I have this fur coat hanging in my closet! It smells like my mom & her initials are embroidered in the lining, so I do like seeing it everyday….I’ve seen similar coats in consignment shops in New England, where I’m originally from & I have relatives who would love to have it & wear it but I’ve kept it anyway.I wonder what other vegans do with their coats, shoes, etc. that are made from animal products.Sorry this post is so long, but I’ve never had the chance to talk about “my” fur coat before…So that’s my favorite vintage item…maybe someday I’ll just throw it away or I’ll cut it up & make blankets for my dog…I welcome any suggestions anyone might have for me…thanks

  • Christine Uribe

    My favorite vintage piece is a watch on a necklace that my grandmother used to wear! My Mema was the love of my life! Wearing her necklace makes her feel as of she is still with me even though she passed away 5 years ago! What’s nice Is that it’s timeless!

  • Tabitha

    my favorite peice is the vintage necklace my mother in law gave me on my wedding day. it has been in the family for generations. it is very special to me. I want to give it to my daughter.

  • StacyAnn

    I love a long sleeve funky print tunic shirt that i wear with leggings and boots. It was my mom’s who lives far away from me. I think about her every time I wear it :)

  • Rebekah E.

    A ring that came from my great grandmother and my mothers prom/wedding dress that I wore in one of my high school graduation pictures.

  • Vegan Odyssey

    My fave piece is a 60’s cozy comfy sweater I bought on a frigid NYC day. I did not wear the proper coat that day and was soooo cold. I knew I would be out and about all day so when I passed by a local thrift store, I hopped in and within 2 minutes found a gorgeous beige and black long sweater with belled cuffs. only $19.00!! It is so whimsical and lovely, but most of all it kept me warm that day and many more after that. It feels good knowing this sweater has kept others warm as well!

  • MayaBollinger

    My favorite vintage piece would have to be all the jewelry I inherited from my grandmother and great grandmother. A lot of various bracelets and earrings. I get so many compliments whenever I wear some of them :) and because I don’t have any memories of my great grandmother (I was very young) it’s nice to always feel some sort of connection with her through wearing jewelry she once wore.

  • Crystal G

    My favorite vintage piece(s) I inherited from my grandmother. I wear her engagement/wedding/anniversary rings every day. They are a beautiful yellow & white gold combo. They mean the world to me & help me keep her in my thoughts daily.

  • Kristan Bowlin

    I’m sad to say that I don’t own any vintage pieces but I would love to start a collection. Where I live, we simply don’t have many places to go for quality vintage items.

  • Aleah Helton

    My favorite vintage item is a necklace I got from my grandmother.

  • LB1983

    Anything from my Mom from the 70’s. There’s a great pair of gray wool slacks that look great with a blouse and heels. Or she also gave me a beautiful wrap around dress that is black with orange and purple flowers. I wish she had saved more of her stuff. She had great style! <3

  • Karol

    My favorite vintage item, are some old hats I inherited, the style is very 20’s and fun. The boxes have gotten bit beat up but the hats are to this day still lovely, the joy they bring is when I find myself experiencing a day of loneliness, sadness or just the yuckies, I put the hats on letting my inner child come out to play. Wondering what clothing styles they wore with them, and to what events. ohh the possibilities, That is the joy of receiving a previously owned item, it has a story of its own to tell.

  • Amy Surginer

    My fav piece is the green stone necklace n ring set that was handed down from my grate nana…i got it after my mother passed and wear it offten with a silk vintage shirt that was hers; it makes me feel like she is closer or with me when i have them on as i still remember her wearing the as i was a child *priceless items;)

  • Angela Marie Bessette

    My favorite inherited item is a black beaded purse from my mom :0)

  • Tracy Varju

    My favourite inherited item is my dad’s blue and red flannel shirt. He was a small man so it fits me, over sized just right. My mom used to wear it when she painted things around the house so it has a bit of paint on it along with the collar starting to fray. My mom gets embarrassed when I wear it out but it’s my favourite shirt and I feel like I’m wearing a piece of them when I do.

  • Kate Boham

    My favorite vintage item is a pterodactyl pin my mother found at a thrift store and gave to me. It’s so unique-I just love it.

  • Angie

    My favorite vintage piece is a yellow hand bag from about the 1960s that my grandma used to carry. Just used it to carry my phone and wallet to a fundraiser the other night! I like feeling that she is with me!

  • Laura

    My favorite inherited thing is a bible that belonged to my great grandpa. He was a minister and when I was growing up, one of my favorite things to do was watch him sit in his chair with his bible and prepare his sermons. It is such a treasure for me to have something that was so personal to him and at the same time hold so many memories for me. I miss him so much but my memories mean everything to me and I am blessed to have his bible!

  • Tammy

    What a neat giveaway! When I was a little girl, I used to sit on my Nanny’s (Great Grandmother’s) lap and play with the golden heart locket that she wore around her neck. I loved to open it and see the pictures inside. She promised me she’d give it to me someday. Every time I look at it, I think of her.

  • Mary Syrenne

    My favorite piece is a green, very Mr. Rogers in style cardigan that I inherited when my father passed away. I love to wear it with black leggings, a white tee, and flats.

  • Rebecca Effenberger Smith

    My grandmothers jewelry. She had some great stuff. I love all the big pins. People don’t wear enough of that stuff. I also really love the wedding dress that belonged to my great grandmother.

  • Kimberly Gruber

    My favorite vintage/inherited item would be from my mom, who passed several years ago. She made this “Foo Dog” out of ceramic in 1962. Us ‘westerners’ call it this, it is actually called a Shi in Chinese, they’re guardian lion statues that are said to bring protection/good luck. I still have this by my front door.

  • Roksanna Stephens

    I have a genuine 2 carat ruby ring set in an old fashioned vintage setting with swirls on the sides. I love it and will never part with it. I was the lucky one in the family of 5 to receive it.

  • Sarah Rogers

    A child size rocking chair that my grandfather made for me when I was a baby. It’s beautiful and better-made than anything you’d ever find in any store. My daughters use it now, and I’m sure their children will one day, too.

  • Sarah Metcalf

    My favorite vintage piece is a turquoise necklace of my grandmother’s from the 60’s. The few items of hers that I have bring me great joy because I was hardly able to know her.

  • Angela Ojeda

    My favorite vintage item is a set of vinyls that my neighbor gifted me when she moved. She was such a sweet person. I used them to decorate my room now & think of her often, The Doors album is my favorite!

  • Susan Brawner

    My favorite inherited piece is my Grandmothers Squash Blossom Necklace. She bought it new on an Indian Reservation in 1921 in Flagstaff Arizona. It is a big piece but yet she still wore it nearly daily. I remember being obsessed with it even as a young girl. When she passed it was given to my Aunt. A few years ago she gave it to me and I cherish it. Between the amazing Native American energy it has and my grandmothers love, I feel empowered and loved everytime I wear it!

  • Johanna Robinson

    My favorite piece is a necklace I bought at a garage sale. It’s black and red beaded with pooka shells and had a black lotus flower on it. It’s very bold and big piece to considering I usually where small jewelry. I think the experience of talking to the neighbor in my new neighborhood and finding out that our families were experiencing some of the same struggles too. It really speaks to how we’re all connected in one way or another.

  • Jennifer Ham

    My favorite is actually a set. My grandfather was a member of the masonic lodge and my grandmother was a member of eastern star. When my grandfather died, my grandmother kept his ring on a necklace and when she died my father gave both of their rings to me. They always wore the rings. It’s a little bit of my grandparents that I can have with me.

  • Megan

    My favorite vintage/inherited item is the ruby ring i received on my 16th birthday from my aunt. It was a ruby that was given to my great great grandmother by my great grandmother as a gift. The meaning behind this ring was that the ruby stone was the birthstone of my great great grandmother. This ruby ring has been passed down generations, and when my first child is born, I will be passing it on to my baby! Its such a beautiful ring with much history :)

  • Sarah Marshall

    My favorite vintage piece is a necklace from my great-grandmother, Ba-ba. It is a simple gold chain with a plastic yellow heart. Very simple but also very elegant when wore with the right outfit. I absolutely love this necklace and have been wearing it for close to 20 years now.

  • Lindsey Taylor

    Any jewelry my mother has given me from her life’s collection. Nothing more sacred than gifts like that.

  • Cheryl Capoocia

    My favorite vintage item is an art deco waterfall style bedroom set that I inherited from my grandma when she moved out of her home in the 1980’s. It was the first bedroom set that she and my grandpa bought after they got married in 1930. I especially love the decorative vanity, I even got her lovely vanity set (brush, comb and powder jar) from the same era. It reminds me of her every time it use it.

  • Christine Peace

    My favorite vintage piece is my husband’s Mom’s pearl necklace. Mom was an amazing woman. I would always say she was “a woman before her time” ….sorry getting off track here… Anyways she always wore this pearl necklace and I was so blessed to receive it. Mom had a beautiful soul. Oh the memories …if only this pearl necklace could talk….love you Mom!!!!

  • Nicci ifeelknitty

    My favourite vintage piece is my Grandma’s Cameo necklace. It’s so beautiful, and since I never got to meet her, it means a lot to me

  • Tanya Alycia

    My favorite inherited item is my maternal grandmother’s ruby ring which was HER mothers!!!! I have it safely put away and pull it out every quarter, just to look at it; It’s just too precious to wear…. maybe when I hit 50 in a few years lol. There is another ring that my uncle gave me that my material grandmother used to wear DAILY. I can’t bring myself to wear this one either as my hands look like hers and its kinda eerie. She’s going through early stages of alzheimers.

  • Steph

    What a great idea! My favorite vintage item is a gold stretchy belt from my nana. It creates the perfect cinch waist look with just about any tunic I own. It also has these tiny little elephants gilded throughout. Trunk up of course! I’ve always considered this to be my lucky belt and it makes me think of my nana every time I wear it.

  • Sara’s Mom

    My favorite piece is a chocolate brown men’s cardigan sweater…I found this sweater while working on my high school’s production of “Scapnio!” (I did costuming) in ’96. It had been hanging in that old costume room probably since the early ’70s. That sweater was with me throughout high school, a very scenic trip through undergrad, and for several years beyond. A lot of good memories with my closest friends…camping, concerts, and many other adventures.

  • Jennifer Handy

    My Grandmothers’ wedding ring. My grandfather gave it to me after she passed away.

  • Jennifer Nicole

    My favorite inherited item is my grandmother’s jewelry box that was filled with inexpensive costume jewelry. It’s funny because most of the jewelry included clip on earrings and brooches, which are pieces I would never wear. But she wore everything on a regular basis and so the jewelry was a great keepsake for me. I decided to use the pieces to decorate a small Christmas tree that I keep out year round in memory of her. :)

  • Elizabeth Stanley

    My favorite heirloom piece is a gold necklace I wear everyday. My great aunt gave me the chain and the St. Christopher charm when I moved from Massachusetts to Illinois. I believe it brings me luck, especially when I travel.

  • j9l

    My favorite vintage piece is a necklace that was my great-grandmother’s. Not fancy, a pretty pale blue glass with silver panels, but she passed it to my Mom who gave it to me.

  • Jennifer Backus

    My favorite vintage piece is my navy Gucci clutch I bought for $5 at a consignment shop about 10 years ago!

  • Leigh Melendez

    My favorite vintage piece is my great grandmothers wedding ring. It was given to my grandma then my mom and then to me. Which will probably stop there because I’m not having kids. Lol. But it is GORGEOUS. Princess cut, white gold with tiny diamonds hugging the center diamond. It reminds me a lot of her. Simple and beautiful:)

  • Kelly

    My grandmother’s attic was a source of amusement for me as a child and teen. She saved everything. I would pull baby clothes, in perfect condition and worn by my mother, from racks. Old purses, carefully preserved in boxes held an intangible curiosity. On one occasion, I found a dress, dark blue and green, so perfectly sewn and fitted. I tried it on and when my grandmother saw it, she shared the story of how she had made it for my mother when she was about the same age. She gave it to me, and I still have it. It is my best-fitting, and most beautiful dress.

  • Ceblefish

    I have a WWII era locket that I bought at a second hand store back in the 80s. It is just a simple round brass locket with the Army Air Corps insignia on it. People used to stop me all the time and tell me about how their mother had one, or their grandmother, etc. One woman even offered to buy it right off my neck! I had other lockets from the same time period, but none were as special as this one. So beautiful in it’s simplicity. I often wondered who the locket originally belonged to and whose picture had been inside it. I like to think that the previous owner would be happy that the locket ended up in my hands and that I wear it with pride and with love.

  • Lauren Silva

    My most treasured vintage item is a carousel music box that belonged to my grandparents. It plays “Carousel Waltz.” When I was little I was completely fascinated by this piece. They had a ton of other trinkets around the house but something about this miniature carousel compelled me and I could often be found sitting on the floor playing with this small treasure. My grandmother remembered how much this music box meant to me and about a year ago she presented it to me as a gift. I keep it on my bedside table and sometimes before I go to sleep I reach over and wind it up (it takes a little while to start up now) and reminisce about how beautiful and marvelous the world seems when you’re a child.

  • Genevieve

    My favorite inherited item is undoubtedly my wedding ring!!! It belonged to my grandmother and had lost its small rock over the years, so my husband-to-be went to a jewelry store and got it repaired. I feel very moved whenever I look at it 😉

  • Ruth

    My favourite inherited item is a simple, handmade black vase that belonged to my grandfather. It is wonky and unique just like he was!

  • laura

    My favorite vintage/inherited item is my engagement ring. It was my fiancé’s step-grandmother’s ring, and we took the stones and refit them to a ring that was more my size. It’s so meaningful to know that it carries the energy of their happy marriage with it.

  • Tanja

    My favourite vintage piece is a silver necklace from my Grandma (who I unfortunately never met). I found it about 8 years ago in my Dad’s wardrobe, where he kept some of his favourite things from his mother. He was very happy seeing me wearing that necklace on my wedding day :-)

  • Caitlin Murray

    My favorite vintage piece is a pear necklace that I inherited from my grandmother when she passed away. I remember her wearing them all the time when I was growing up, and it makes me feel connected to her when I wear them myself. When I am nervous about a presentation for school or am worried about something in my life, I wear them and feel satisfaction in their heaviness. It’s a way to center myself and get out of my head when I become too wrapped up in the negative or perseverate. I call them (very cheesy- get ready) my “pearls of wisdom.”

    :) Caitlin

  • erinfromlongisland

    My fav is a sweater hand-crocheted by my mother in the 70s

  • Michelle Nicole Owens

    My favorite vintage item is a 1970’s dress I brought in NYC. It is orange with brown accents on the collar and sleeves. It’s got a total Marcia Brady vibe!

  • Bryan Dopp

    I have an old copper Finnish wedding ring from ww2. It’s meaningful
    because the Finns often gave their gold wedding rings to help with the
    war effort, and the gov. gave them copper rings in their place. Copper
    is also supposed to have a health effect of some kind as jewelry, and
    I have worn it alongside my gold wedding ring at times. I don’t need the
    dress, but if I win, please give the gift to leigh melendez:) She also has
    a vintage ring.

  • Rebecca Hall

    My favorite inherited item is my engagement ring. I didn’t want a “new” diamond for a lot of reasons, primarily human rights issues, but my aunt secretly gave an old family diamond to my now-husband to give me. My husband’s band is also a family heirloom, his grandfather’s wedding band, given to him by his grandmother, and it just meant a lot to both of us to start our married life by staying true to our ideals (and tiny budget) while preserving our family history and traditions.

  • Dawn Jensen

    Hard to pick! Probably the vintage dropped waist dress I scored for 20 punds in London. Even though the buttons got crushed in my luggage :)

  • Jess Vaughan

    My favorite vintage item is this gold bangle my Memaw got in Puerto Rico when she was first on her own. She gave it to me a few years ago and told me about how that was the first real trip she had ever taken independently (she was a twin) and she wanted me to have it to remind me that I can enjoy life if I’m willing to do things that scare me. It means so much to me and I’m thankful for the memories.

  • Jess Vaughan

    My favorite vintage price is a gold bangle that my Memaw gave me. She picked it up in Puerto Rico when she traveled for the first time alone (she was a twin) in her early twenties. She told me she wanted me to remember that the best things in life are often the most scary to do. It is my most precious piece.

  • Lauren Silva

    My most treasured vintage item is a carousel music box that belonged to my grandparents. It plays “Carousel Waltz.” When I was little I was completely fascinated by this piece. They had a ton of other trinkets around the house but something about this miniature carousel compelled me and I could often be found sitting on the floor playing with this small treasure. My grandmother remembered how much this music box meant to me and about a year ago she presented it to me as a gift. I keep it on my bedside table and sometimes before I go to sleep I reach over and wind it up (it takes a little while to start up now) and just reminisce about how beautiful and marvelous the world seems when you’re a child.

  • Elise Kathlyn

    My favourite vintage item is a pair of sunglasses that used to be my Dad’s. He passed away a month ago and so I cherish them even more now!

  • Ray of Sunshine

    When the “Sonny & Cher” TV show was on CBS, they had original outfits (similar to what Cher wore on the show) available for the general public to purchase via the “teen magazines”. My sister owned one of these creations! It was a two piece outfit ~ lemon yellow and cartruese green with thin stripes & a flower print. The bottom were palazzo pants and the top had bell sleeves with a matching high waist belt. I was fortunate enough to have it handed down to me … a true vintage treasure.

  • Ray of Sunshine

    When the “Sonny & Cher” TV show was on CBS in the 70’s, they offered outfits for fans to purchase ~ the same that CHER wore on the show. My Sister owned one of these creations! It was a two piece set in lemon yellow with chartreuse green thin stripes & a petite floral print. The tag reads “A Sonny & Cher Original”. I was fortunate enough to have it passed down to me. It’s a true vintage classic that I still treasure!

  • Julie Messier Brigante

    I have a vintage high ruffle collared black riding cape that I bought a couple decades ago at an antique store for $75. The richness of this cape is simply stunning. I only wear it on special occasions. My two BFF’s have fought for years over who gets it when I am gone!

  • brandi

    My fave vintage dress was one that was my mother’s in the 50’s . She would wear it when we went out and she would hold my hand . I thought she looked so glamorous.

  • Chrissi Catherwood Fisher

    My favorite vintage/inherited item is a sweater and hat set that my great grandmother knitted for a family friend’s newborn son 40 years ago. That family friend gifted it back to me at my son’s baby shower. We only had girls in our family, we only had knitted girls items from our great grandmother, so if not for our family friend gifting we wouldn’t have for our boys. Coolest present we got that day.

    • TheKindLife

      Congratulations, Chrissi, you are the winner of this From My Closet Giveaway! We’ve emailed you with instructions on how to collect your prize. Thanks for participating!

      • Chrissi Catherwood Fisher

        Thank you!! I’ve replied to the email. This is so cool :) My little dude is 4 1/2 now and he’s going to love that his picture (I showed him today) won mommy a super cool prize. He loves this baby sweater, it’s still hanging in his closet even though it’s too small for him to wear.

  • Kristina Fukuda

    My favorite vintage items are a couple of necklaces I picked up at a rummage sale. I don’t know if they can truly be considered “vintage”, but they were used by someone else before I got them :-)

  • VLadyday

    Your website is so inspiring, thank you for the resources and encouragement for those of us who want to live our lives with compassion. I currently live in West Texas where being a vegan causes me to be at the worst accused of being in a cult and at best I am judged as a weirdo.

  • Trish Bourassa

    Hi Alicia, my most favourite vintage/ heirloom pieces were from my great grand mother. It was a compact with a beautiful engraved gold back and a silver jewellery set that was an engagement present my great grandfather gave my great grandmother. Unfortunately I no longer poses these items as they were stolen along with many other items from my parents house. I am quite fond of vintage items as I know they were once cherished by someone before me. Thanks you for this opportunity. :)

  • Diana

    I have not been fortunate enough to have inherited a vintage item. I did however purchase a ring some years ago from the Edwardian period and sadly due to to financial hardship bad to sell it.

  • Candyce C. Fleming

    My favorite vintage item is a delicately etched with flowers, glass dish that was my grandmothers. I make sure we use it every holiday and special occasion. It is not only beautiful, but also connects me to a wonderful memory of making stuffed celery with my Mamas.

  • Lisa Beckham Kostidakis

    My fav.vintage piece is a houndstooth wrap my Mom gave me. Its from the 40’s. I love to wear it with jeans and a tee. My mom passed away in 2012 and when I wear it I feel like she’s giving me a big big hug!!!! Xoxoxoxo

  • Lisa Beckham Kostidakis

    My fav. Vintage piece is a houndstooth wrap my Mom gave me. She purchased it in the 1940’s. I love to wear it with jeans and a tshirt. She passed away in 2012 and I feel like she is giving me a big big hug everytime I wear it. Xoxoxoxo

  • Valerie Riley

    My favorite vintage items are the record collection I inherited from my dad. It’s quite a varied collection, and I was able to add to it with my own records from childhood which gives it an even broader range!

  • coopersmama

    A Christmas ornament that belonged to my Great Grandparents. It’s an angel standing on a cloud inside of a clear, blue teardrop – shaped ornament. I never met my Great Grandparents, but I just feel so connected to them through this ornament. I feel so much joy every time I hang it on our tree.

  • Gretchen Abner

    My favorite/inherited item is this peace sign that my uncle brought home to me from the Vietnam War when I was a toddler. I was born in 1970; and he graduated from high school and went into the Army in 1970, and then shortly thereafter, to Vietnam. Now that I’m 44, with twin 15-year-old boys; it is even more incredible and heart wrenching to me to think about a teenage boy, in the middle of that situation, still thinking about bringing his baby niece a present. He told me that he watched the man pounding it out, making it by hand from a piece of gold. It’s unbelievably amazing that it even made it home to me. To me, the symbol that he chose perfectly represents the love that we should all be lucky enough to both give and receive. I’ve had it all my life, and it means so much to me, that I’m usually terrified of anything happening to it every time I wear it.

  • Amelia Parkhurst-Bartel

    My favourite vintage item is my prom dress! I knew I wanted to help the environment by getting a used grad dress, and one day I was shopping in my favourite vintage store and I decided to try on some dresses. I put my dress on and I knew it was the one! I love it so much because it is unique, good value and absolutely gorgeous!

  • Ama Pola

    Good day everyone! C”,) I love the dress and necklace… it reminds me of my gift from my male friend who happens to pass away last summer. I dream of wearing the same designed dress, hope my vegan diet will help in slimming me soon. Thanks!

  • Morena

    I love vintage coats but I don’t own one since they’re so expensive. They just make you look so badass.

  • Hilary Madsen

    My favorite inherited/vintage item is a patchwork quilted jacket my mom sewed during her hippy days. Not only is it a funky and fun statement piece, but it also fits me just right because my mom tailored it to fit her body type- which I also inherited from her. I first borrowed the jacket as a costume piece for my 6th grade ’60s-themed dress-up day. I won best dressed that day; I still feel proud when I wear it today.

  • Jen

    I don’t have a vintage or inherited item, but I would like to start a tradition for my own family. A dress and necklace to hand down to my own daughter someday. Roots and memories starting with me. : )

  • Raine Dawson

    My favorite vintage items are my dad’s old rock tees and his perfectly worn denim jacket from the 70’s. I ‘ borrowed’ them in high school and haven’t returned them yet :)

  • Tracy P

    My favorite vintage item I inherited is a scaly, mirrored belt with a massive silver plated buckle. This description does not even do it justice. It is the most unique, semi-gaudy, semi-hip belt I have ever seen. I wore the belt as a kid when I would play dress-up and now it not only brings back great memories, but it is also a fantastic accessory to any outfit :)

  • Jen

    I have a watch from my grandmother. I was the only other one in the family with wrists as small as her :) It’s a beautiful piece and it needs a new battery but I’m afraid of breaking it so I just wear it as a ‘bracelet’ and not to tell time. Whenever I wear it I think of her and it makes me smile.

  • Lisa Crout

    I have a cameo pin that my mother gave me that I adore. I pinned it to to my wedding bouquet because I like it so much. I love coming up with different ways to integrate it into my outfits.

  • Rachel Mertz-Rodriguez

    At least half of the items I own have been given to me or are thrift store/garage sale items. I am always connecting stories or memories to items. My playwriting teacher from when I was 16 gave me her writing sweater. I always thought it was ugly and it was several sizes too big for me. But, because I revered her as a writer and as an individual I cherish the sweater.

  • Donna Stattner Mercado

    My favorite vintage piece was actually a collection of a few cameo pins, given to me by my childhood friend. They belonged to her grandmother and mother and she wanted me to have them. Unfortunately , my apartment was robbed and my jewery was taken years ago. But, most recently I lost my dearest friend to cancer. Every time I see a cameo it makes me smile and think of her.

  • Margene Salzano

    My favorite inherited item is a beautiful charm from my mom. It’s a lovely delicate piece. It’s an outline silhouette of a mother and child. She is gone now, but I love wearing it because it reminds me how much she loved me and my siblings. You can find the charm here

  • Beth Walker

    Although I don’t really collect vintage items, I really love charm necklace and think they can be great presents or collections. Happy collecting everyone!