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My Baby Shower

I came across these photos recently and thought it would be fun to share some memories from my baby shower that took place in 2011. The shower was a small and intimate affair that my dear friend Alex Thompson Keeling planned with the help of my mom and Candy Cope (Christopher’s mom). Our friend Mimi Brown did all of the beautiful flowers.

The food was delicious! We enjoyed a brunch style meal that included leek and asparagus quiche to banana walnut bread and waffles. The spoons shown below are creme brûlée vegan style!

Baby Shower FoodBeautiful & tasty food!

It was such a day filled with delicious food, colorful flowers and dear friends and family. I am so grateful to Alex and Mimi who organized it!! A fun thing- we asked all of our loved ones to suggest names and place them inside “the baby name jar.” At the end of the party we read them. Candy, Christopher’s mom, put the names Bear and Blu independently in the mix. Although we didn’t decide on Bear’s name until a few days after his birth, I love that Christopher’s mom was the one who thought of both of Bear’s names! 

The Kind LifeBear’s name found in the jar! 

The Kind LifeThe set up

The Kind Life

The Kind LifeCandy,  Marina, my Mom, & Suz 

The Kind LifeHoly huge belly! This dress made it look especially big ha!

The Kind LifeField Roast sausages and salad yum

The Kind LifeMarina, Alex, & I

The Kind LifeMy Mom & dear friend Suz

The Kind LifeAlex giving a sweet speech, Mimi & Candy 

The Kind LifeMom

The Kind LifeThe Tig! Or as she instructed Bear to call her, Uncle Tig

The Kind LifeLots of hand me downs or unwrapped – yay!

I’m excited to share even more motherhood moments and tips on baby showers with you in my book, The Kind MamaHave you had a baby shower? How did you celebrate?





  • Ruth Dreier

    Thank you for sharing these photos….what a sweet time in your life! It is such a joy to see the happiness and support between friends and family at your party! Also …LOVE seeing the outdoor grounds at your house! Love Ruthie in Santa Rosa, CA

  • Parul Patel

    Wow, love the setting and impressed by the vegan desserts! Especially the creme brulee! Do you have the recipe and can you share it?

    By the way, I have a custom cake business called The Cake Designer and we offer vegan cakes and desserts. Many of our cakes have been featured on NBC, FOX, The NY Times, Bravo TV, etc.

    Would love to send you some! Please let me know how I can go about doing that. Thank you!

    Parul Patel

  • Sandeep Patil

    What a beautiful setup. The Atmosphere looks so calm and serene. It seems to be the influence of the vegan diet you have chosen to a large extent.

  • Christine Davis

    Thanks for sharing such a personal moment! Your mom is beautiful! Congrats to you and your family.

  • Cheryl Ace

    beautiful and welcoming warm and sweet !

  • Vanessa

    Olá Alicia! Muito legal acompanhar você pelo blog! Sou do Brasil e sou sua fã desde os tempos dos clipes do Aerosmith. Os clipes marcaram muito minha fase de adolecsente! Você é linda!! Beijos

  • Patricia

    Such a smorgasbord of healthy food, beautiful setting and gorgeous flowers. Next comes joyous birth. Good wishes to you, husband and family.

  • Mary L – Mary’s Test Kitchen

    Everything about this post just made me smile.

  • Christi Mackey

    how sweet! You look lovely as always!

  • Clinton Blake Squitieri

    Hi Alicia. Thanks for sharing this. Looks like a pleasant day you had. How are you and yours today? Well I hope!
    Just went to the DC VegFest and learned from Dr. Barnard that he is opening the Barnard Medical Center next year. Exciting and great news. Love you and Christopher and Bear and stuff like dat!! hehe.

  • Shannon J. Perkins

    Can you please name these different foods that you have at your baby shower? I wanted to know because I want to share it with my friends who are planning to have a baby shower this month.

  • Leila

    Fellow kind lifers, has anyone experienced a combination of high fever, rash and molars coming in all at the same time in a 23 month old toddler before?
    Also, is this the only way to connect to the online Mama tribe? Or is there a forum page that I am missing?

    • Aimee

      Hi Leila, my daughter is 29 months, and I remember vividly that she went through exactly what you’re describing just after her second birthday. Poor little poppet was miserable! It passes pretty fast. I gave her frozen fruit to chew (inside a muslin so she couldn’t choke) and lots of cuddles. Hang in there and trust your instincts xx

      • Leila

        Thx, Aimee. It’s my niece actually. (My husband and I are in the midst of planning our family.) It turns out it was a combination of Impetigo and Foot and Mouth disease of all things! They are very common, apparently, and very contagious; easily caught from shopping carts and public places. This is one of those moments where we can be thankful for modern medicine as an integrative part of healing. She’s doing much better now after being on antibiotics. Back to her beautiful self.
        Thank you so much for your input and encouragement. I really appreciate it.

  • AliceAndyland .

    i love this so much !!!!!!