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Guest Blog: Compassionate Meals for Compassionate Organizations!

Animal Place’s innovative Food for Thought campaign is successfully working with shelters and rescues across the country to leave animals off the menu at their sponsored events. Campaign endorsers include The Humane Society of the United States, The Vermont Humane Federation, spcaLA, The State Humane Association of California, and dozens more!

Animal Place

Food for Thought is designed to help nonprofit organizations — specifically shelters, humane societies and other animal agencies — adopt a more animal-friendly menu policy for their fundraisers, office functions, and all other sponsored events. The Food for Thought campaign is intended to help you align your shelter’s value of caring for companion animals by adopting a policy regarding the type of food it serves… or doesn’t serve! To many people, rabbits, chickens, horses, goats, and sheep are companions too! Because animal groups are driven by the mission to help animals, be truly humane and sustainable, and set an example for others, more and more organizations are embracing the opportunity to meet their ethics with their actions through board-approved policy change.

Animal Place

Does your local shelter or animal agency have an animal-friendly menu policy? We provide helpful resources such as an Advocate Toolkit to help activists approach local groups, Sample Policies, a Catering Directory, and Menu Planning and Recipes. We are awarding $250 grants each to the first 100 nonprofits to adopt a policy! With regional coordinators in place across the U.S. and Canada, we’re here to help your organization adopt a menu policy that’s truly in line with its mission to help animals. Visit or email us at [email protected].


Thank you Animal Place for this initiative! I feel this is a greatly overlooked issue in both the environmental and animal advocacy sector. Over the years I have been invited to many eco and animal related events where I had to request vegan meals be present. I found it so sad to go to a save the rainforest type affair and see everyone eating meat – meat that was connected to the rainforest I witnessed being ripped apart to grow feed for cows (that the activists would later consume). There is a huge disconnect even in communities of compassionate activists. Thank you for shedding light on this issue. 


  • Colliemom

    Yes, there is a huge disconnect between the pet rescue organizations and their ability to recognize that other animals are sentient beings as well. While cats are obligate carnivores, humans are not. Those huge fundraising dinners where meat is a main course are the perfect example.

  • Violetcows

    Thank you for covering our incredible Food for Thought campaign. Our regional coordinators are working hard to create change at a grassroots level. What is also cool about this campaign is anyone can participate – in fact, we NEED people at the local level to reach out to shelters and encourage them to align their ethics with their behaviors.