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Guest Blog: Farm to Vitamins

Congrats Lainey, DebraKatrina, Stephanie, & Pogonia, you won some mykind Organics Vitamin C!

Thanks so much everyone for the thoughtful notes and love!!


I am so thrilled to have Jeffrey share on his visit to one of the farms that we source a key ingredient from for our multi vitamins and vitamin C, Amla berry! If you have not tried our vitamin C, you must! The orange tangerine spray tastes like Tang! The cherry tangerine flavor is my new obsession, I carry it everywhere cause it’s like candy – only no sugar! It’s so delicious! We will be giving away our Vitamin C to 5 kind lifers. To enter this giveaway, leave a comment below on why you’re excited to try it! We will announce the winner on Friday 6/17/16.

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Jeff’s story below helps demonstrate how our vitamins really are farm to bottle. How cool is that?


When we source our organic produce for mykind Organics, we look globally, but we think locally. How do our farms carry out their organic practices? What are their labor practices? How do they ensure that quality controls are maintained at the highest levels.

Yes, we use well-known third party agencies to conduct audits, inspections, and certifications. And we review documentation, standard operating procedures and even the family history of ownership for our suppliers. But in the end, there’s no substitute for seeing it all with your own eyes. That’s why I am making the journey near thirty hours away, to India.

My Indian hosts are a unique husband and wife. Both are scientists who have committed their lives to researching the fruit, vegetables and herbs used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine. They are award winning chemists who hold over thirty worldwide patents for their discoveries, particularly in the areas of botanical extraction. They became Organic farmers around fifteen years ago when they realized that the proliferation of genetically modified food crops was a real threat to the diversity and nutritional value of our food stream. They purchased a large tract of barren land, at the edge of a forest, far from the areas growing industrialization. There, they applied their unique combination of ancient farming techniques and modern science to develop one of the most productive farms I’ve ever seen.

Their farm, around an hour from the nearest city, is barely accessible by small vehicles. This building runs entirely on solar power and is also equipped with rain water reclamation and water purification facilities that feed to a modern bathroom with a modern two-flush system. Connected to the main house is a stable for free roaming cows who are treated with great reverence as honored farm-guests.

On the day I visit, they are harvesting Organic Amla fruit. Amla, sometimes called Indian Gooseberry, is a green fleshy and juicy fruit that has a sour taste that reminds me of a cross between a cantaloupe and a lime. The Amla berry is a staple of Ayurvedic tradition and is well known for its high vitamin C content.

The fruit are being harvested by hand. In fact, all of the crops on this farm are harvested that way. There’s no machinery – no diesel – ever used here. Unlike the normal Amla trees throughout the country, these organic trees have larger berries (roughly 30% larger), with greater nutritional density than the norm. Even more, they bear fruit three times annually while conventional trees fruit only once or twice.

What is your secret to success, I ask?

These are humble scientists and I am practically begging them to brag on their innovations. But they quickly get up and we hike to a far part of the farm where they show me a cement structure with a thatch roof. The structure has three troths, and here lays there secret. It’s an ancient farming technique used for generations, learned from studying Ayurvedic history. In the three troths is compost rich in earth worms. As I walk closer to the buckets my eyes start to water. Each bucket ferments a mixture of plant parts and cow dung for up to three months. When it is ready, the liquid turns an opaque yellow color.

This is truly a world of ancient and modern contradictions.




  • Pogonia

    I had no idea what Amla was all about! I would be thrilled for my 72 y.o. husband and I to be able to use this high quality product.

  • Lori

    Oh my goodness cannot wait to try these. I’ve been wanting to try a new organic vitamin that doesn’t have all the “stuff” in it.

  • michelle

    It’s nice to know where and how your vitamins are sourced. This sounds like a great brand and all the effort they put in to produce an amazing product. I will definitely look out for them at my store.

  • Jess

    My kiddos and I would love to try your vitamin C. We like to bring vit C on trips and take it often as it keeps us from getting sick while away from home, especially since while traveling our diets are not as well rounded. Your spray would be a welcomed addition since it sounds delicious and is a quick spray.

  • Brandi Young

    I am so excited to try it because I shake hands all day long at work and I am also traveling in Europe for two weeks in August so this would be great to make sure I don’t get sick!

  • Amanda

    What a great story! I am excited to try the mykind Organics Vitamin C because it sounds like it’s much more bioavailable than other supplements and I love the idea of supporting small farms with dedicated, smart, and kind people working them.

  • Rachel

    I’m excited to try it because you say it’s sweet like candy but no sugar, which I work at avoiding. Thank you so much for the chance to try it out!

  • Yvette

    I am BEYOND EXCITED for the opportunity to possibly win an amazing Mykind Organics vitamin at such an important time in my life.. I’m looking to change and focus on healing my life and this is definitely the beginning of change for my mind body and soul..I will be soO grateful as this will truly be a BLESSING.. Thanks BUNCHES!

  • Michelle S.

    I am excited to try this because I know it’s a quality product from some where I trust (I don’t have to worry about the ingredients or how “kind” it is). I love that it supports small business, they need all the love and support they can get. By the way, the cherry tangerine sounds amazing!!

  • Moya

    I am excited, because I have heard that liquid vitamins get into you sooner and work better then the pills and all natural is always better Thank you for all you do to help us in health!

  • Susan

    I’ve been learning recently about the health benefits of vitamin C (the ones I didn’t know about like skin healing) and have incorporated into my skincare routine but definitely need a healthy, safe, natural oral way to take vitamin C. Finding the right brand of vitamins is so confusing taking into account where the product comes from, the packaging, the company’s ethics, everything! This simplifies it for me. =)

  • Amanda Williams

    I’m excited to try the Vitamin C because I already use the yummy raspberry Vitamin B12 spray every day!

  • Katrina Musgrave

    I love the unique story and the process of how mykind vitamin C is made. I recently lost 34 pounds after switching to a whole foods diet and also took it one step further and became a vegetarian. Eating organic natural foods has become very important to me. I have had a hard time finding natural vitamin supplements that do not contain sugar since I have also eliminated processed sugar from my diet. Reading the story behind mykind vitamin c has me intrigued and I would be very excited to try it!

  • Leila Diaz

    My family and I love the miltivitamin, Vit D and B-12.. Very excited to try this Vit C. We’ve been waiting for it!

  • debra puccio

    I am new to the Kind products and just purchased the kind diet.As a grandmother of 9,I would love to try the vitamin C: I need energy and would appreciate all the help I can get!

  • Kristy

    I am excited to try it because I have a huge sweet tooth! This sounds like a yummy satisfaction and Vitamin C is such a healthy boost

  • heyjudette

    I love that these are filled with vitamins!

  • Anne Perry

    I love that I can buy non gmo organic vitamins and know that real food is far more healthy.

  • lisa kay

    I love taking My Vitamins and an excited to try these..Love Organic!

  • Lainey

    I am excited to try the cherry tangerine flavor because organic cherries are one of my life’s great pleasures!!! Organic cherries = heaven on Earth. I remember trying amla while on a trip to India and I have a picture somewhere of me trying it! My face is all puckered! It’s super sour and so different to our western palates 😀 I had no idea that amla was used in your products and it’s so interesting to hear of that organic yellow mixture that’s fermented by Ayurvedic practices!!! Even though I know it’s extra good food for the plants, I’d rather forget it while spritzing the yummy Vitamin C spray 😀 The B-12 spray has made my body really happy!!!

  • Debby

    I love that these are organic!

  • Deanna

    I have never tried a spray vitamin. I think this would be cool and easy for me to remember to use. I have also only good things about this company.

  • Claire

    I’d love to win and try the cherry tangerine flavor.

  • Angelica Cassandra Dimeo

    I would love to try Cherry Tangerine flavor I love cherries :)

  • Stephanie Clare Mistrot

    I am excited to try this new form of vitamin I had never even heard of before I joined the Kind Life. Every since going vegan I have been so open to trying new things, a change in my diet actually made me braver. As a matter of fact I’m moving to the coast in a few months after having lived in the Midwest my whole life! The moral of my story is that ever since opening up my heart and mind to the Kind Life I have been trying new things I would have never dared to do in the past and trying some new funky sprayable vitamin is right up my ally!

  • June S.

    This product sounds wonderful to me, I had never heard of it before reading this. I would want to try this flavor first; The cherry tangerine flavor –

  • Destini Skye

    I take care of 14 kids, 6 days a week for my job. Vitamin C is always a must-have so I don’t get sick. Plus, my mom managed a health food store for 10+ years, so eating organic is very important to me (and important for mine & my husband’s fertility).