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Guest Blog: Favorite Facial Products

Excited to have my dear friend Alanis, share some of her favorite natural products today. Thank you Alanis!!!


sharing some of my favorite facial products. clean, effective, sensual, eco-friendly. let me know some of your faves. xo Alanis Morissette


Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser: for those moments when I really need to hear a “squeak” on the surface of my skin after cleansing. The clean ingredients combined with the pure cleanliness this leaves me with is the perfect step one in my facial routine.


Marie Veronique Cleanser de Jour: when I want to clean my skin but don’t want to harshly reduce all oils to nothing (it has a cumulative drying effect for me) I use this cleanser. Sometimes I blend in ISun phyto-enzyme exfoliant into the cleanser if I want a bit of deeper cleaning.


Pratima sandalwood rose mask is a comforting and sensual experience beyond its function of purifying, exfoliating and calming. Reminds me of the sweetest exotic travels I have taken throughout my life.


Eminence Stone Crop Hydrating Mist: with a clean face, I spray this on generously. The scent and the effect of the mist itself tones and hydrates and perfectly preps for the next step….(it’s also from hungary, and with my being half Hungarian, it makes me think of my grandma)


Odacite A Winter In Paris: after toning, and before a serum, I put a few finger dabs of this facial oil…it absorbs instantly and then scent of rose-geranium-citrus transports me into a relaxed and deeply feminine-honoring state.


Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum: I love tata harper’s products. I love watching tata, herself, speak. And watching her luminous skin bounce the light off her face as she does :). I put a healthy dose of this all over my face and neck after the light amount of oil applied just before.


ISUN Phyto-Antioxidant Cream: after serum, I apply a tiny dose of phyto-antioxidant cream to gently bind and seal-in all the potent and calming and natural moisture I have applied. This cream acts as a protector from the elements…and knowing that what is put ON my skin winds up IN my body, I appreciate that it is natural and organic.


Tammy Fender Restorative Radiance Masque: after a day at the beach or after riding on airplanes, I apply a very thin layer of this masque, and leave it on overnight. *includes beeswax


May Lindstrom the Blue Cocoon: this magical “blue cocoon” concentrate is jam packed with moisture (a little goes a long way!). I put this in areas that are severely dry: the sides of my nose…anywhere that needs to be drenched. (even a little on my hands when I have been in hot or super cold weather). This product is rapture.


Kahina Night Cream: for straight up nighttime moisture, I love using this night cream. Creamy and rich with argan oil and red wine grapes. Morocco and napa valley fantasy combo.


Tata Harper Be True: On the lips I put “be true” tata harper lip treatment. Moisture. Reminder. Goodness. Goodnight. Or good day. xoxox *includes beeswax


Photo Credit: Stephanie Schuster


  • michelle

    Thanks for putting together this great list! I can’t wait to try some out.

  • Jesse Megan Eidsness

    Awesome info. Thanks! I live by the beach and having so much trouble finding a great, clean face/body SPF that doesn’t make me look like a zombie. Any suggestions?

    Ps. This small batch rose face frosting from my fave Colorado apothecary is to die for.

  • Sarah

    Alanis Morissette giving beauty advice, love it!

  • Green by Mercy

    Alanis knows her stuff! The Pratima mask sounds heavenly. Kahina Giving Beauty holds most spots for my all time faves, their products are just so simplistic yet provide the skin exactly what it needs, great for all skin types. Their argan oil is the best!

  • Andrea Annunziato

    I cannot find these plums! All I can find is the paste, where are they?? Help!