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The Impossible Burger

Kind lifers be on the look out for the Impossible Burger! I’m excited about this burger because it tastes amazing and meat eaters say it taste like meat, so I’m hoping it converts carnivores to eating more plant-based burgers. The whole brain behind Impossible Burger is exactly that, they are trying to end the animal cruelty and environmental destruction behind meat by getting more people to eat less of it! Guess what? Bill Gates invested in this awesome mission.

The burger “meat” is made out of ingredients like potato protein, coconut oil, honeydew melon, and a legume-derived molecule called “heme” that can also be found in animal blood. I recently tried this burger and can vouch for how unreal it tastes – almost alarming for those of us that haven’t actually had meat is soo long! Bon Appetit tried it out as well and had a similar experience.  Check out the video below and see for yourself!

Impossible Burger is being served at limited restaurants this summer and will be more widely available later this year. Follow Impossible Foods on social media for further updates!


Photo Credit: Impossible Foods


  • Sarah

    Can’t wait for this to come to Philly, I’ve been reading about it for like a month now!

  • Rhonda

    This is great to promote to get more people trying plant based burgers. Especially the carnivores who could use eating some plant foods. I recently did some checking around for some plant based burgers for an upcoming event. I found a couple of burgers that meat eaters could not believe were plant-based. One was Field Roast burgers and the other is called Match Meats. You can contact Match Meats directly and they can tell you where you can get them. People have said they have returned them at restaurants as they taste like the cow burgers. Glad to see the Impossible Burgers coming out with nice ingredients and a yummy ad to entice people to try them. Happy to see these alternative plant-burgers hitting stores and restaurants out there.

  • Chuck

    I read that it cost $7 million to create. Heme is what makes the blood red and gives the burger its unique taste, but is in every cell of life, even plant cells. So it looks, cooks and tastes like meat. On the other hand, I saw food critics who went and tasted it and said that there are other fake burgers that taste better. But they could be lying. So we will just wait until it is available in the store.

  • Robert Hayden

    I was watching music videos on YouTube and stumbled on Aerosmith’s “Crazy” which lead me to Alicia’s speech at Google and now I’ve watched 4 or 5 documentaries on Netflix about plant-based food and think, hopefully, it will change my diet long-term. Thank you Alicia from Robert in England.