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From My Closet Giveaway: Comfy Dress + Boots

Congrats Amanda! You are the winner of this giveaway :)

Thanks so much to all you lovely kind lifers that entered!!

Today I’m giving away a dress I got at one of my favorite used stores (Buffalo Exchange or Crossroads.) It’s super comfy and will fit a size S-M. It looks cute with tights and the boots pictured below. These boots are made with vegan leather and were gifted to me. They could be great with any summer, fall, or winter dress.

The Kind Life

This outfit could be yours! Just leave a comment below telling me what you love about fall.

I will announce the winner on Friday, November 18th. 

With Love,




  • Rachael

    I love the cooler weather for fall and when the leaves change colors. So beautiful!

  • Lauren

    Hello! Fall has always been my favorite because I love the comraderie of the holidays and spending more time with family and friends. I also love having the excuse to drink vegan hot chocolate and apple cider because of the chilly, beautiful weather. ❤️

  • Kris Johnson

    My favorite thing about fall is harvest. We farm and I look forward every fall to time our out in the fields and spend in g time in the combine with my fiance.

  • Leslie Minney

    I love that fall gives me a pronounced time to reflect: it’s the seasons changing that really demonstrates the reassurance, that comes inherent to nature, that everything has a course. The after relies on the before; change is our only constant. It helps remind me to be brave, that each intuitive step I take is perfectly fit into the Universe.

  • Kate

    My favorite thing about fall is reorganizing my cold weather accessories. Deciding what to donate and what to keep. Then getting to wear my favorite fingerless gloves and knit berets.

  • Andrea

    I’m just loving the weather changes! The leaves are so beautiful all over the sidewalks. And next week is Thanksgiving and I am running in my very first ever Tofurkey Trot!!! I have never done anything like this before so I am so excited! Love you Alicia ❤️

  • r.add

    Hi! I’ve admired you since I was young, but am even more in awe since I
    found your blog. Thank you for the inspirational information for my family and me.

    As an Alaskan I feel like I missed out on fall for many years. Now I’m in Denver and can’t get enough of the rich and vibrant fall colors every year!

  • Jenna Harper

    My favorite part of fall is the change in the weather and the all the autumn leaves that change color. Both of which are hard to find in Los Angeles, but every once in a while I find little bits of autumn in Los Angeles! I love your book, it inspired me to become Vegan! ❤️

  • Ginelle Showalter

    Cute, comfy and vegan! Everything I dream of.

  • Niki Stevens

    Yellow leaves against bright blue skies. And scarves!!

  • Meg Bowley

    Beautiful leaves, apple picking, making apple butter & the chill in the air

  • What I love about fall… i love the feeling of the holidays approaching! It can be so hectic but as I have gotten older I have learned to take it all in and not stress about the details. I love seeing everyone getting excited for fall whether it be apple orchards or pumpkin spice everything.

  • Cortney McClure

    We just moved to a small mountain town and fall has been so incredibly beautiful here! My favorite thing is that here, we have actually experienced a fall for the first time in YEARS (we moved here from the desert)!

  • Patty Raschel

    What I love most about fall is how the chilly weather makes everything feel magical. It’s the perfect season for curling up with a good book along with my cat and vegan hubby and enjoying steamy almond milk chai on our porch.

  • Patty Raschel

    What size are the boots?

  • Sarah

    Vegan pumpkin cookies, hot chocolate, boots, scarves and bon fires! <3 <3

  • Marie

    I like to horseback ride outside with the fresh air and beautiful colours ! If i win, i’ll assure the shipping fee to send to canada :) Thanks!!!!!!!

  • Amy

    I love fall because of the cool breeze on my face, the time I’m able to head into the woods without the oppressive heat, while camping in my tent and waking up in the morning with the cool temps that touch my face while I’m drinking my coffee in my sleeping bag, the sweaters and boots, hot chai, vegan chili in my crockpot, and yes running through the trails with the crunch of the leaves that fell from the trees and the beauty that surrounds me in the great outdoors. :)

  • Reina Verdin

    What I enjoy about fall is the gathering of people and good food made with love. What else could we ask for. Wishing you and yours many blessings!

  • Katie Zuko

    my favorite thing about fall is halloween. :)

  • Michelle

    I love the cool weather and the changing leaves.

  • Anne Perry

    I love the cool crisp air.

  • Debbie Elgison Cunningham

    I love the crunching sound the fallen leaves make when you step on them.

  • Catherine Roccaforte

    What I love best about fall is taking a walk in the crisp air to a local coffee shop, and enjoying a hot beverage to warm up, along with positive conversation with a good friend.

  • Sarah

    Favorite thing about fall is getting snuggly under blankets in front of a fire!

  • Heidi

    What I love about fall? I love that I am able to wear layers again! I feel that fall/winter time is when I am able to express my style more as summertime here in Texas makes me melt at the thought of wearing anything other than shorts and a tshirt. Oh, and pumpkin pie.

  • BJake Gerl

    I love eating anything with pumpkin with my children (seeing what they like and don’t like, while I love it all). Just made your pumpkin loaf today and can’t wait to try it in the morning with coffee.

  • Jessica Lea Jacobson

    What I love about Fall…
    I love the gratitude month, the focus on the positive and what we appreciate. I love making a meal for friends. I love tofurkey, apple pie and pumpkin pie. Green bean casserole…. So much yummy food. ❤️

  • sam pearce

    The leaves change color and the air smells yummy and spicy. It starts to cool down and you get to wear comfy clothes. My kids favorite thing is checking the pumpkin patch and playing in the fallen leaves!

  • Brittany Krupski

    I love the chilly mornings because my pup wants to cuddle!

  • Nicole Robbins

    What i love about fall– there are so many wonderful things. The comforting scents all around, the yummy fruit and veggies that are in season and that its the start of families coming together. I also feel like fall starts putting everyone in a better mood. Everyone is happy because the holidays are coming. Its definitly my favorite time.

  • Lili

    What I love most about fall ate the crisp mornings, drinking my tea and watching the pink/purple cotton candy sunrises !

  • Alicia Dowhaniuk

    My birthday is at the beginning of fall. I always have loved watching the gradual change in color of the leaves and the crisp cool air in the morning! We have been lucky here in Alberta, Canada to have a warm fall and it has been beautiful.

  • Laticia Duenas

    Soups! I think my family and I live off of soup in the fall.. lentil soup w barley, broccoli potato soup, butternut squash soup.. and that my cats actually come inside to cuddle w me once it starts getting cold

  • Margaux J Lewis

    I never used to be a fan of fall until I became passionate about cooking. There are so many wonderful seasonal ingredients available; squash, apples, Brussels sprouts, pears, etc. The flavors of fall are delightful!

  • Cristy Tucker

    My fave thing about the fall is my family & friends seem to get together more. Nothing more therapeutic than love, laughter and good people!

  • Teresa Shemaria

    The cool, crisp, fresh feel of the air.

  • Stacey Titus Rauch

    The smells! The colors! The anticipation of a snowy winter! I love everything about fall.

  • Emily

    Cute dress and boots! I love fall because I love cozying up on the sofa with a snuggly blanket, while looking out the window at the beautiful colored leaves falling.

  • Cathryn Rae Barnes

    The colors outdoors. I live in WA state and it is beautiful here in the Fall.

  • Millie Berg

    The colors!!! I live in Montana and have 11 trees in my yard with the most beautiful leaves. I love sitting on my porch with a cup of tea in the mornings just marveling about the gorgeous colors of red, yellow, orange and gold that the leaves turn into. My favorite season ❤️

  • jessica

    Looks like a cute outfit.. thanks for sharing

  • Katharina Bang

    I love fall because of the feeling of warmth. The nature colors and holidays to gather all families in one spot. Thank you for great give-away!

  • Dana

    I lover the fall weather! It’s the best time of the season to be out running and enjoying nature.

  • MJ Jeanette

    I love how beautiful the fall season is with leaves changing color and colorfull sunsets. I also lover the cooler weather to make cozy veg soups & baking pumpkin & squash treats.

  • Amy Silver

    There’s so much I love about fall. Boots, leggings and scarves. Cozy sweaters, pumpkin everything, apple cider, cooler brisk air, bright colored leaves, Halloween and lots of vegan slowcooker meals.

  • Cara M. Hernandez

    My favorite thing about autumn is truly the feeling of calmness that comes over me. I thrive in gloomy, cool weather.

  • Susan Macy

    Cool sweater weather, the crisp clear days which sometimes give way to a warmer one and open windows. Cats in the open windows, soup simmering on the stove. That feeling of wonder turning a corner to find glorious foliage at its peak.

  • sunshine

    Hot apple cider with cinnamon whiskey, mashed potatoes with gravy, and naps on the couch with my dog Diesel.

  • Sara Christman

    I love that fall is the one time that death looks beautiful. There is so much cruelty and horrific death surrounding us, that sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that it’s not always so bad. Plus, who doesn’t love comfy, cozy clothes. Boots especially! And since going vegan, I relinquished a lot of my cute boots. I need new ones!

  • Alex Bancroft

    Fall is a transitional time for me…it’s a sort of transitional period from the vibrant energy of summer to the hibernation feeling of winter. It is my favorite time of the year. A time for reflection and a time for creativity.

  • Rebecca Federico Alby

    Standing with my 4 year old at his bus stop one morning, I was in awe. It was a dark raining morning with a beautiful variety blue hues from the sky in contrast with the colors of the trees, and I was watching my son dance and twirl the umbrella while leaves were blowing past him. It was such a picturesque moment of fall.
    Wishing I had my phone in my pocket to capture it, though I’m glad it’s a memory for me to hold onto forever. I feel sometimes having a memory in my phone lessens the impact for how I felt at the time.
    So here’s to beautiful fall moments with our children and nature.

  • Bridgette Yarnell Larkins

    The time to start fresh with children returning to school , time for family and friends as we move through the season. Your beautiful clothing choice says it all, cozy, comfy, stylish, warm, hugs . Thank you Alicia would so love for my daughter . Who lives a kind life! ❤️

  • Rebecca

    I love fall for its’ gift of colors, new scents, and vegetables.
    An artists palette.

  • Lyllee Evans

    Dry leaves crunching under my boots and the smell of warm coffee :)

  • Amy Williams

    I love making comfort food to enjoy on cool days

  • Olivia Colón

    I love fall because as a military spouse, I don’t get to see my family as often as I’d like. Every Thanksgiving, my parents stay with us for 2 weeks. I’m thankful that I can count on this visit every fall. My kids will have great memories of this as well. Fall family time.

  • Erin Kristine Ehly

    I love the opportunity to really focus on gratitude and giving. Spending more time with family and friends is one if my favorite things. I will be abandoning art on day after Thanksgiving instead of shopping. Fall comfort foods are pretty delicious too! Thanks for the chance to win this lovely outfit.

  • Dania Aubrey Christine DePas My rescue pup, Mimi, a MinPin/Chihuahua mix of some sort, is VERY picky about temperature. She pants like crazy if it’s 75 degrees or warmer, and shivers uncontrollably if it’s 50 degrees or colder. (PS, we live in DC where the weather is almost always too hot or too cold.) But fall is her favorite!! We can go out running, sit on a bench, and just hang out–no booties, sweater, or cool neck towel needed. :)

    Photos: Under the covers using my pillow, her FAVORITE place! Working in my office at PCRM, and under my sweater, her second fave spot. ;P

  • Amy John Franklin

    I love the change in my diet & closet from warmer temps to cooler ones. The change in the organic veggies available from my local farmers market. Such as the squashes and pumpkins added in savory dishes, warm kale & bean soups… long sleeves and I will admit a few less days shaving my legs. :)

  • Hillary Ann Fish

    My favorite about fall is when summer ends people slow down and enjoy the outdoors at a relaxing pace when the blistering heat stops. Then there’s bon fires, harvest festivals, Halloween, thanksgiving. All are great things to do with family! And who doesn’t love all the fall recipes like pumpkin pie, and Thanksgiving dinner, all vegan of course!

  • Tracie Boyle

    I love the smells of fall (bonfires, apple cider, crisp air, etc.) and I love being able to wear oversized sweaters, leggings and boots :)

  • Xia

    This is my second fall in the U.S. and seeing all of the pumpkins on the porches and fall wreaths on the doors stirs up such a funny warm feeling! We don’t mark fall in this way in Britain, where I’m from. We just let the leaves do the work! I’ve seen the pumpkin displays so many times on American TV shows but to see the real thing is so charming and magical, and is making me love all the colors and sights of fall in a whole new way.

  • Tabatha Mahaffey

    What I love about fall is spending time with my family exploring and seeing the fall colors as the leaves change. In NC the trees look like they’re on fire, the color is so vibrant!

  • Maria Young

    Fall is a time for family gatherings..delicious soup recipes from THE KIND DIET, & memorable conversations! I open my windows to let the cool crisp air in to cleanse the home and cleanse the soul!

  • Rachel Mertz-Rodriguez

    I love long walks in the woods in the midst of falling colors, long bike rides in perfect temperatures, camping with no mosquitos, over-sized sweaters, warm drinks….the smell of academia is in the air. And, can I just say – one is never too old to build and jump in leaf piles.

  • joshmustafa

    The fall connect between the end (summer)and new beginning (winter), there is sweet sadness in the fall and it can lead to romance, its time if im with some one I feel most love and if Im alone I feel sweet sadness

  • Jackie

    Even though I live in hot south Florida, there is still a change in the air around this time of year. I can’t describe it exactly, but it just FEELS like fall! I love it. Reminds me of carving pumpkins as a kid on my parents driveway, and all things pumpkin- bread, pie..!

  • Kirsten Antony

    Fall is a time to settle down from Summer and get a bit more reflective and introspective. A walk in the forest is always amazing.

  • Brandi Young

    I love fall because it is such a peaceful time of nature going to sleep and planning for renewal. I feel like I mimic nature in fall as I rest more and find more comfort in planning for the renewal of spring- there is so much peace in that planning. And then come spring it turns to hope (I live in Phoenix, AZ so we basically skip winter).

  • AneGA

    I love watching my cat Baby running around my backyard covered in red leaves. It makes me feel so alive and present!

  • Shelly Brown

    My birthday is in fall and my favorite thing about vegan fall is the chance to wear these vegan boots! Cutest combo I never thought of!! Tall boots and a dress is just adorable. I would wear it to work!! Ps…my bday is on the day you are announcing the winner!

  • Shelly Brown

    Happy Same Birthday as me Kind Lifer!!!

  • graygrrrl

    Living in the South, I dream of the 2-3 months of the year I can pull out my jackets & scarves. I love how I can smell the fires of my neighbors.

    What size are the boots?

  • Brandi Dawn

    I love being able to hike with my doggie without getting to hot!

  • Zianna’One Love Lopez

    Fall is my most favorite! Cooling weather, warm boots, hot coco and apple cider. Fall festivals and vegan pumpkin pie. I’m in vegas so fall is special because when you live in a desert it’s so nice to see some color ♡

  • Michele Johnson

    I feel the earth starting to relax in the fall, getting ready for its winter season of slumber and renewal. I love the sunset-colored landscape and the nourishing bounty of vegetables and fruits.

  • Rochelle Wicker

    I spend fall rescuing kittens and fostering for the Humane Society of Greater Miami :)

  • Kathryn Null

    I live in South Florida, where we don’t get too much of a fall. But luckily, this year – today as a matter of fact, we are getting some amazing fall weather! I feel like my days become more peaceful and calm during autumn. Time seems to slow down and that feeling helps me take in all the sights and smells that I normally pass over every day. I love sitting by the bonfire, watching the spunk in my cat and dog light up as they feel the temperature drop. The scarves, the boots, the soups! Fall is family and love. :)

  • Kristen Jacobson

    Pumpkin everything! Also, cozying up to my husband and watching a movie.

  • StacyAnn

    I love fall. My family loves to go pumpkin and apple picking and go on a fall hayride. Fall is the perfect time for weekend hikes and taking in all nature has to offer.

  • Amanda Williams

    I love the tastes. I love pumpkin, pumpkin pie spice, sweet potatoes, cinnamon, apples, & pears. I love tea. I love the smells. The bonfires. I love the sights. I love being outdoors. I love the fall colors. The mountains. I love the temperature. I love layering. I love leggings, boots, hats, & scarves. I love everything about Autumn!

  • Trina

    I love the fall – I wish more trees turned but I grew up here in So Ca so I will take what I can get……

  • Kristine Miller

    I love the colors of fall! I love seeing my cats playing in (and sometime chewing on) the pretty fallen leaves. I love wearing cozy sweatshirts and tall boots. I love snuggling on the couch under a warm blanket with a cup of vegan hot chocolate watching netflix with the kiddos. I love Halloween and Thanksgiving, and the fact that we are one step closer to Christmas! (The only thing I do NOT like about fall is that the leaves tend to camouflage my dogs “messes” he leaves in the yard! lol)

  • Sherri Lyness

    It is so hard to pick my favorite thing. The colors are amazing, falling leaves, cool breezes, warm sweaters with boots, pumpkin spiced coffee, apple cider or hot cocoa and winter veggies on my dinner plate. It is a time to reflect on being grateful as we prepare for Thanksgiving and the birth of Christ. I absolutely love fall.

  • Lea Ellen Yarbro

    The thing I love most about fall is getting to spend more time with my family for my nieces birthday on Halloween and then thanksgiving.

  • Christine

    I love going out hiking/walking in fall. Feeling the cooler breeze and crisp air. There is a feeling you get when fall rolls in. Fall is like the end of a cycle. The leaves fall and the trees hibernate until spring, when life begins again.

  • Lindsay F

    I love playing in the leaves with my kids and being outside on days when they are bundled up. We do so many art projects with leaves we collect from our walks

  • Tessa

    I love watching the leaves change color and then fall away from the trees. Yes, they are “dying”, but it’s comforting to know that they’ll be back. It reminds me that change is essential and constant. They’ll grow back more beautifully in the spring, continuing the natural cycle of growth and life! (Just as we do!)

  • Rachel

    What I love most about fall is the cooler weather and change in the color of the leaves. It makes me want to snuggle up with a cup of a tea and a good book!

  • Courtney

    I love seeing the trees with leaves of all different colours. I love boots! I love getting warm inside after being cold outside, and reading novel after novel.

  • Michelle K.

    We’re having a baby in about 6-8 weeks! This dress would be such a great post baby outfit!

    What’s not to love about Fall?! New seasons are magical! Fall is a refreshment from the heat of the end of Summer. It’s a time to absorb the splendor of cooler mornings that call out to you to hike, run, walk, wear cozier clothes, breath in glorious colors that grace the Earth. Bask in the occasional warm day where you can still visit the beach and walk in the water barefoot even though it’s November! It’s a time to harvest all that’s been bursting over the Summer, cook delicious warm soups, celebrate the excitement and anticipation of the holidays as if they were happening for the very first time, smiling with the fun and connection of school, children and family – and helping to support other families through various school outreach programs. At my youngest son’s preschool all of the families take part in helping other families with holiday meals – It’s a super special season to practice gratitude!!! Love love love it!

  • Kendall

    Fall=Family! Always looking forward to bringing family together on Thanksgivng!

  • Lily Egan

    I love fall because it helps me to transition and appreciate the cold winter ahead. Mother nature knows how to display her art in the best ways. Fall also reminds me of my childhood; it is truly amazing how smells and even the sound (of crunching leaves) can bring you back to the best times of your life!

  • Leslie Du Fresne

    I love being able to start wearing jackets, sweaters, scarves and boots!

  • Kristy

    I love the crisp air in the Fall time as well as Pumpkin everything!! I also love wearing flowy comfy dresses with cozy leggings and boots! So cute, especially now that I am newly pregnant!

  • Maura

    Getting outside with my kids and enjoying every second…the smell, the weather, the leaves, etc. Fall is such a beautiful time of year and it is so versatile as far as fashion is concerned.

  • Lydz Hut

    OH these are b-e-a-u-tiful! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the crisp mornings, cool afternoons, football, and pumpkin spice! I would love to win this giveaway!!

  • Dina Banks

    Everything in fall is so beautiful! Trees are full of color and then suddenly everything covered in most beautiful crunchy carpet . orange color food is so nourishing – pumpkins and carrots and butternut squash, I even crave oranges and mandarines more than ever for desert 😉 love the fall weather , it’s finally enjoyable after exhausting summer heat and refreshing – it’s so enjoyable to take a walk on quite evening now

  • Cindy Holcomb

    I love fall for the change that it brings. I love to feel and smell the crispness in the air and the change of colors in the leaves. I also love the fresh vegetables available this time of year, particularly squash and Brussels sprouts. YUM

  • Rhonda

    Fall is my favorite time of year because it is a natural season that the earth is designed to slow down and hibernate. That is what we feel like doing too and it is an important time to take this time to nurture ourselves and our loved ones. As we put our gardens to rest this time of year I think about the wild animals and how they prepare for this season by storing food and how their bodies naturally prepare them for the winter. I stock up on fruits and vegetables during the summer and fall months and store these foods in the freezer or hydrate them and store them in jars. This is such a lovely season to share our garden harvests with friends and neighbors to promote the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle by having potlucks with soups, casseroles and sweet desserts.
    Sweet autumn to everyone here in this community.

  • Jess Vaughan

    Fall in Arizona is much different than other parts of the US…that being said, so many beautiful flowers and clear night skies are my favorite part of fall in the desert!

  • Tina Grizzle

    I live in Texas. The thing I love most is the weather changing. I love cold weather!

  • Tiffany Nicole Ward

    I love fall. It’s my favorite season. The two things I love most are of course the beautiful leaves on the trees changing and seeing deer! There are lots of them in the wooded areas by my home and this is the time of year they start to come out and play. They are absolutely beautiful!

  • Maribell Lynn

    I love the cold weather and cloudy days. I love seeing pumpkins at all of the stores and in people’s yards.

  • Melissa F

    Fall is beautiful in New England. I love fall hikes through the woods & seeing the colorful foliage. I love cooking (and eating of course!) delicious vegan soups like chili, corn chowder, and lentil soup.

  • joanne fernandez

    Boots, sweathers, and hot tea!

  • Skye

    I love surprising my husband with a crafty, fall decorated house when he gets home from work! It makes it feel so warm and homey. He loves it and gets so excited. :) We also love carving Pumpkins and baking the pumpkin seeds. & Watching Charlie Brown is a must! Favorite time of the year :)

  • Lara

    I love the cool, clear sky, long walks through the leaves with my dog, handmade knit scarves and my children’s rosy cheeks while they play outside.

  • teresa

    I love that everything is about comfort. Comfort foods. Comfortable clothes. Being with family is comfort. Comfortable weather (not to not or cold). Finding comfort in the changing leaves and beauty. Hot chocolate or teas….the list is endless!

  • jtlittlelong

    Apple orchards! We have a ‘mansion’ near us that makes and sells Apple cider, Apple cheese, apple sauce, apples etc. I love going into the Apple orchard to pick my own apples. Apple pie. Everything is fresh. And organic and vegan!

  • Elizabeth Findlay

    I am not much of a cold weather person, but I love fall for the sweaters I do get to pull out and snuggle into and that my birthday is in October does not hurt either.

  • Maayani

    Morning dear Alicia,

    What I love most about fall is how it marks the beginning of all things cosy: tea, mittens, soup.


  • D.Roc

    I love the softness of fall, the hazy skies, and the mellowing that takes place. We’re someplace between the sadness of saying goodbye to summer, and the excitement of the upcoming holidays. In the fall we witness real transition and we are open to new possibilities. Fall is not only a season, but fall is a feeling.

  • Amanda

    There are so many things I love about fall especially here in New England. Of course, the gorgeous foliage is always inspiring. It’s also a time enjoy the transitions (my big life changes have always happened in the fall—school, work, relationships, and even baby!). And lastly, it’s my favorite because it’s the BEST time of year here for vegan food! Pumpkins, squashes, beautiful bushy kale in the garden, and my favorite, towers of brussel sprouts. Whenever making baked good, stews, or fall-flavored hot drinks it’s a time of really good flavors to share with family and friend. Best of all this year, my five year old little vegan is so interested in cooking with me and it’s such a joy to be able to share what I know with her.

  • Kiran

    I love the change in the light.

  • Samantha Lotnick

    Fall has always been my favourite season. There are so many reasons why. First, the colours are so exciting; everyday is beautiful in a new way. Also, the new school year starts in fall and I love the feeling of potential and wonder at the start of the year. Finally, I love getting to pair my favourite summer dresses with tights, boots, and scarves. (Plus my birthday is in November which gives me something to look forward to towards the end of fall).

  • Rebecca Hall

    I love everything about fall, but mostly that it is full of my favorite memories – meeting my husband, getting married, most of my favorite trips abroad, and most of all, the birth of my daughter one year ago! (Fall is also the season in which I finally become a committed vegetarian and I LOVE all of the vegan options fall produce provides!)

  • Randi Popick

    Fall is the easiest season for me. It eases my physical pain and makes it a little more tolerable. Besides all the wonderful sweaters and boots of course. It’s also the bonfires with family and friends. It’s the wonderful smell of all the delicious banking and cooking in the kitchen. Fall is also the beautiful colors of nature changing along with the sweet smell of fall flowers. Fall has always been my favorite season and it’s really so hard to put into words. Thank you for allowing me to babble along. Can’t wait to see you in more gigs. I just found your blog page today. And am excited to explore it more…

  • Cecilia Kaderli

    I love the cooler air, and changing light. The afternoon low sun is my favorite. It’s the perfect time of year to camp & hike!

  • Vern E & Rach E

    I love fall because of the beautiful scenery with the changing colors of leaves. It’s a great time to be with family and celebrate the holiday season. It’s also a great time to donate to your favorite kind charity.

  • Amber Birkenholz

    I enjoy the cooler months at the end of the year. I have MS and the summer months are really hard on me. I love the color change in the leaves, the geese, pumpkins, cozy nights with my husband, family time (fall & winter holidays) I love giving to the homeless and the ones in need (all year long, but I can donate to thanksgiving dinners, toys for tots, etc) baking, snow, and so much more.

  • kelly

    I love going on nature walks in the fall and admiring the changing leaves and scenery.

  • April Sundine

    Fall is my favorite because of my birthday in October and I love the changing of the season here in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Amy Haley

    Fall is my favorite season. Sweaters and boots, crisp night air, fires, hoodies, bike rides with my young kids on the trails through all the changing colors, raking leaves for my kids to jump in, fall harvests, night jogs, apple cider, halloween, and leaf peeping. These are just a few of my favorites. Xoxo

  • Erin Meise

    I love everything about fall… I love the weather and fall foliage. I love that we turn our focus to friends and family and everything we are thankful for. It is such a beautiful time of year when we’ve settled into the school year routine and get comfortable with the schedule – just in time for the holiday breaks! I love the smells of fall as well – pumpkin spice, cranberries and that crisp fall air!

  • Sveta

    Smell of leaves.

  • Evamaria Olivares

    I love the fall because it’s a season to harvest and gather both physical and spiritual fruits. I love the colorful layers of this transitional period and the gratitude I feel when I get together with loved ones. I’m looking forward to learning more about the Kind Life projects and fun giveaways. Thank you for the beautiful work you put out in the world!

  • Salmonberry

    Love the smell of crisp clean air, along with warm cocoa, boots and scarves. These boots and shirt would be great for a beautiful fall day!