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Learning About Natural Hair Dye With Hair Colorist Linda Kammins

I’ve seen a lot of questions in the forum about how to find vegan, eco-friendly hair dye. And I have to admit, I haven’t found the perfect answer. I have to dye my hair for different roles, so this is an area where I have to accept a less than perfect solution. There are stylists who are working on more natural solutions in their salons though. Hair colorist Linda Kammins is one.

The first time I dyed my hair brown, Linda gave me a nice dark color using natural hair dye. I loved it!
Here’s what Linda says about finding more natural ways to dye and care for hair:

Natural Hair Dye and Hair Care
By Linda Kammins

I think of hair as a living garden, but many hair care products are designed with complete disregard for health. People have been abusing their hair and bodies with harsh chemicals since the industrial revolution, but now the consumer is getting more educated and asking questions.
Avoid Chemical Preservatives
Often, beauty lines are formulated using ingredients that are not stable together. More often than not, chemical preservatives are employed to prevent these ingredients from quickly decomposing. These chemicals may keep the product looking fresh, and perhaps smell okay. However, over a short period of time, these formulations break down into a toxic byproduct. The most important lesson I have learned about creating natural beauty products is to use ingredients that are stable together. My own beauty product line is sound and simply entails natural organic stabilizers, such as citrus acid or olive leaf extract for a sensible shelf life.
Brush Regularly and Don’t Over Wash
Another important way to care for your hair is to brush regularly. Using the right brush – a wooden bristle brush makes all the difference in the world!

This is Alicia – I use this brush and it’s my favorite ever! I’ve had the same one for seven years!

A well-groomed dog or horse has a shiny, beautiful coat, and it’s the same with people. Our bodies have natural sebum and nutrients in our bloodstream that reach the hair follicles when we brush. Brushing encourages circulation, and I’ve witnessed the hair color of clients improve, also the shine and their hair getting thicker after a year or so of brushing correctly. I am also an advocate of not over washing the hair. We need the natural oils to buff up shine in our hair through brushing.
Opt for Natural Dyes
Bleaching hair the traditional way, with foils, is particularly drying and weakens the elasticity of hair. The bleaching process basically rips the cuticle shaft, like ripping bark off a tree. At my salon, I use plant enzymes (three ions) to carry pigment into or out of the hair shaft without “ripping the bark from the tree.” The highlighting method I designed is done using high quality bleach, enzymes and oils. I apply these using my style of freehand hair painting. The result is the hair glimmers with the highlights of a child’s. To color grey out of the hair, I invented a process I refer to as “paneling’. I apply the tint and enzyme directly on the panels this avoids applying the application right onto the scalp. The delivery enzyme system does not disrupt the matrixes of hair, and this supports the integrity of the hair.
My greatest goal this year is to find the answers to naturally reversing grey hair back to its childhood color. I know there are solutions. I’ve been doing a lot of research and ultimately I will find my way to doing just that. I am working on it, so stay tuned!
– Linda Kammins


Thank you, Linda!
Do you kind lifers have an eco-minded salon you love? Share your kind hair care tips in the comments below!

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