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My Ultimate Guide to Kind, Healthy Snacking

No matter how busy life gets, I am always an advocate of making time to cook delicious, nourishing meals. That said, I find myself needing to eat on the go pretty frequently, and I’ve become really good at finding healthy, delicious snacks. So, I’m sharing my ultimate guide to my favorite make-at-home snacks as well as a few grab and go snacks I love.
Make At Home
If you’re at home, but you don’t have time to prepare a full meal, these snacks are quick, nutritious and super tasty.
Warning: not all of these are superhero! But if you’re a flirt or a vegan who loves to flirt, these are all great options for every once in the while. When I’m feeling flirty, this is usually what I reach for:
Walnuts and raisins – I get these insanely delicious walnuts from my local farmers market. They’re fresh and organic – so much better than store bought walnuts. I get them from same vendor who sells organic, non-sulfur raisins. The combo is so delicious for a quick snack. When I’m in the mood, I grab that. The key is to look for non-sulfured raisins. You can sample them at your local farmers market
Shoyu and sunflower seeds on rice – sunflower seeds roasted with a few drops of shoyu make anything taste amazing. But I love a bowl of rice with some seeds and kale with a little ume vinaigrette (see the recipe on page 264 of my book). It’s a simple, nutritious snack or meal. So simple and good – sometimes it’s just the perfect meal.
Matzoh crackers and Earth Balance – so simple and delicious!
Tomato on sourdough bread – I toast the bread with Earth Balance and some tomato slices with salt and pepper if I’m feeling wild! I’ve also made this as a late night snack a million times in my past… Hits the spot if I’m ever in a situation where kind food is hard to come by. If there’s no Earth Balance around, you can just add avocado. It’s so easy to get some toast, tomato and avocado almost anywhere. Yum!
Grab and Go

Seasnax – I love…I mean love these little packets of yum. Problem? Can’t stop eating them! If you’re afraid of seaweed, I beg you to start here…a super tasty, crunchy snack!
Livin’ Spoonful Cracker Packs – These crackers are packed with so much flavor, and they’re made from super healthy, organic ingredients like sprouted flax, dehydrated vegetables, and sunflower seeds.
Kettle brand chips – Yum city! The salt and vinegar and sea salt flavors are favorites in our household. Though I try not the let my husband bring them in the house often…a mouse gets into them…me!!
Fabes Sweetened By Nature – This company makes yum cookies and other sweet snacks. The peanut butter cookies are pretty darn good! And the double chocolate chip too.
Rawkin’ Raw –The chocolate truffle is good.
Earth Café – these vegan cheesecakes are so freakin’ good! The Peach Passion Peace Pie will rock your world. Well, it did mine. I tested it on the set of “Suburgatory.”
Sweet and Sara – vegan marshmallows. You can use them to bake with or mix them in with trail mix. Here’s what I loved from them: The cinnamon hazelnut biscotti is very good. The peanut butter s’mores are so good, as are the original, but I may be partial to the peanut butter. The macaroons are good and very sweet. Also, I’d imagine the regular mini-marshmallows would be delicious in hot chocolate.
Brad’s Raw Kale Chips – pretty darn good!
Bare Fruit Granny Smith Apple Chips – these are a healthier alternative to chips.
Sweet Nuit – vegan, raw chocolates for when you’re feeling naughty! Also try Dagobo organic chocolates. They make non-vegan chocolates too, so double check you are getting the vegan ones – they are yum.
Allison’s Gourmet –these organic, vegan chocolates and cookies make great gifts or the occasional naughty treat!
Tofurky Hickory smoked Deli slices – these are sooo good!
Sunwarrior Protein Powder – this is all-natural, dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. It tastes good and there’s no graininess or weird after taste!
Vegan Divas Gluten-free Coconut macaroons – these macaroons don’t contain dairy or eggs but they do have cane sugar so superheroes beware!
Berkshire Mountain Bakery Pizza Crust – this crust is made with super clean ingredients and no yeast. If you live in the area, you can get pizza there. I’ve never been, but I have ordered their crust online. It’s really worth it! I use it for my radicchio pizza in my book (p. 144).
Two Degrees Energy Bars – these bars are vegan but they do contain cane sugar – not for superheroes. The bars come in three flavors: apple pecan, cherry almond, and chocolate peanut.
Lily’s Spicy Roasted Jalapeno Hummus – dip your Livin’ Spoonful crackers in this for a delicious, protein-filled treat!
Sunspire Grain-Sweetened chocolate chips – I love these! Earlier this year, I thought they had discontinued them and I freaked out! But it turns out they had just run out. You can get them again now. Phew! Add them to trailmix or use them for baking. Right now, it seems like the carob chips are the only ones available. They are delicious too though – another item I can’t keep in my freezer anymore, because I can’t stop eating them! But when I want to bake, or I have leftovers from baking, they’re a great little dessert snack. Super yum.
Recipe To Try
Vegan Pumpkin Latte – if you feel like indulging this fall! (via Girlie Girl Army)
I hope you found this list helpful! What are your favorite snacks?

Photos: / Stuat Eman, Sunspire, Liquiteria, Sea Snax, Sweet Nuit, Sweet & Sara, / Rob Qld

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