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Free City and My Amazing Friend Nina!!

My friend Nina Garduno is not just an amazing adventuremate, she’s also the woman behind Free City, an awesome LA based clothing experience. I have a pair of Free City sweatpants, and they are the comfiest, most flattering, impossibly softest ever. They are perfect for staying warm on a cold night, or throwing on for a trip to the Farmer’s Market. Putting on a Free City sweatshirt is like giving yourself a hug all day long. And my husband has some rocking sunglasses and a headband.



Free City is so much more than just a clothing store. Like I said, it’s an experience. Walking into the Malibu Super Shop is about as close as I ever came to Santa’s workshop. She sells t-shirts and pants, bicycles, CD’s, Vans, necklaces, fragrances, shoes. And the store so perfectly represents Nina. And Nina so perfectly represents the Kind Life… And FYI, Nina is a vegetarian.

Her philosophy is to “make things with the simplest elements with the highest of possibilities.”