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July 7th, 2010 | By Alicia Silverstone

I found a success story on the site and I thought it was a really important one to share. This is for all of you ladies who have suffered from bladder infections and UTIs, and are seeking relief! Take a look at Kind Lifer Heather Hix’s story:

“Ok, so that may be a strange thing to post. But if you have gone through what I have gone through over the past few years (especially the last two) you would be shouting this from every available rooftop you could.
I have wanted to post this but have waited until now because I was afraid I would jinx it. But, I realized today – its just different – finally!!!
I have had frequent, and I mean FREQUENT UTI and Bladder infections for awhile. But in the past two years they have become practically monthly occurrences. And, when I am not dealing with one, I am dealing with trying to keep them away. Almost on a weekly basis I would get that ‘feeling’ that one was starting so I would take drastic measures to counter it. Sometimes I was successfull, but not always.
I have seen my Dr., they have run tests, after tests, I have done everything (and I mean everything) they have told me to try, do, not do, not wear, etc. But those stinkin’ things kept coming back.
Well, not only have I not had one since I removed meat/dairy from my diet….I have not even had a twinge that one is *trying* to happen. I mean it is like night and day for me. I feel so free!”
I recently contacted Heather for an update on her success, and here is what she wrote me:
“To date I have not had ONE bladder infection. It is incredible.
The thought of introducing meat back into my diet is unfathomable to me.
Now, trying to get my family totally off meat is another story. At home I do not make it, and they eat dinner and they enjoy it. However, when we eat out – they all order the meat dishes….sigh. But, every little step counts.”?
That is such exciting news Heather! I am so happy for you!
The picture at the top of this post is of Heather’s daughter. How cute is she?!
If you have an inspiring story like Heather’s please post it somewhere on the website. All you have to do is click “like” next to your story, and I will check it out.

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