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March 15th, 2012 | By Alicia Silverstone

Kind Lifer Carol’s life was being turned upside down by a hidden culprit that couldn’t be pinpointed. Check out how she turned her life around:
I happened upon your book at the library when I was searching for vegetarian/vegan cookbooks. My daughter, Georgia, has had a very strong aversion to eating meat ever since we introduced solid food. You see, she’s only two years old, so getting her to eat a balanced diet is difficult enough, but throw in a lackluster desire for meat and mealtime is beyond difficult. So I set out on a journey to find meatless recipes to cook for my family. Little did I know that picking up your book would change our lives in more ways than one.
At the time I picked up your book, my daughter was suffering from chronic rashes. We had been to the doctor six times in two months. They just kept saying, It’s dermatitis, and wait and watch, but nobody had ever pinpointed the culprit. A dermatologist had diagnosed her with eczema and a staph infection, but again, the culprit remained at large. As a mother, nothing is more torturous than watching your baby suffer. My daughter was so uncomfortable all the time. Her skin was rough and dry no matter how much lotion we applied.
When I read pages 39 – 40 of The Kind Diet where you talk about how undiagnosed milk allergies can be the cause of other conditions such as eczema, a light bulb went off. I called and left a message for my daughter’s pediatrician that night. My daughter was diagnosed with lactose intolerance when she was a few months old, and I wondered if it was in fact an allergy. The next day, with her doctor’s approval, we started her on a two-week dairy free trial. The day we started the trial her skin felt like Braille. It was rough and red and flaky. It took a mere 48 hours of a dairy free trial for her skin to clear up 80%. I am not exaggerating; 80%! By the end of the two weeks her skin was completely healed.
Countless doctors and specialists, and none of them ever mentioned diet. Your book, your words, changed our lives. Your book helped me find the culprit. We have started making the transition to a kinder diet for the whole family. Thank you so much for this book. You have truly made a difference in the world.
I can’t tell you how happy I am that your little baby is feeling better. This makes me so happy! Thank you so much for sharing your story.

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