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September 5th, 2012 | By Alicia Silverstone

Vaute Couture founder Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart is back with a new guest blog about these groovy Farm Sanctuary tee-shirts designed by CFDA board member and award-winning designer John Bartlett. Get the scoop here:

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Farm Sanctuary’s Ambassador Collection
By Leanne Mai-Ly Hilgart

So about a month ago, I got to visit my favorite place on Earth. No, not Disneyland. The Farm Sanctuary! The Farm Sanctuary is the country’s largest farm animal rescue and protection organization and has rescued thousands of farm animals who live out their lives in peace and happiness on one of their three gorgeous sanctuaries… since I started my label Vaute Couture to rid the world from needing to wear wool for winter, the sheep are very close to my heart! On my first ever visit to NYC, I rented a car and drove several hours upstate to the Watkins Glen, NY Sanctuary where I cuddled sheep to my heart’s content. If you live on the West Coast you can visit the Orland sanctuary a few hours from San Francisco, or the location in Los Angeles.
Details on visiting the sanctuaries are here (there are great B&Bs nearby too if you want to make an unforgettable weekend of it).
There is honestly nothing more magical than a day at Farm Sanctuary! I swear life is sweeter after you spend time with these beautiful amazing animals. Roll around with rescued goats (they’re so playful!), thoughtful hens, sweet sheep, smart pigs, or the wonderful cows. See the faces of those saved from a life (and death) of incomprehensible pain, loneliness, and suffering, and find out more of the shameful secrets of the factory farming industry for food and fashion that the meat, milk, and wool industries try so, so hard to keep under wraps.


You can donate directly to the Farm Sanctuary’s amazing rescue and President Gene Baur reminds us often: “A compassionate world begins with you” and it’s true! Every meal you eat, every thing you wear, is a choice to live compassionately. Go for it! We’re here for you!!

Check out how you can customize your kid’s wordrobe here!

Learn more about Farm Sanctuary’s rescue, advocacy, and education and visit if you can!
(All photos by Farm Sanctuary’s photographer Nick Ugluizza)
xoxo Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart

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Thank you, Leanne! I love this!
Have you been to Farm Sanctuary in New York or California?

y0TCeP7Xbgh5oba8deE3UG3F.jpeg:Amazon:photoLeanne Mai-ly Hilgart is a kind fashion expert for and the Founder and President of VAUTE COUTURE, the first fashion house to focus on developing high style vegan apparel that does not yet exist on the market, especially for cold weather. With no background in apparel, she spent her life savings and a year developing the first and only true winter dress coat line that is at once vegan and warmer than wool to prove that there is no reason to wear animals. The label has been featured in Marie Claire Magazine, WWD, & Bust Magazine wrote that Leanne is a “Badass business woman, informative and inspiring” and Teen Vogue said, “We can’t think of a better way to keep warm this winter.”  Visit to learn more.

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