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November 15th, 2012 | By Alicia Silverstone

I was so thrilled to watch Vamps with kind lifers Beth, Corinne, Melyssa, and Katie in the East Village on Sunday. They all came this weekend to the play I’m in The Performers, then I invited them to join me, a bunch of friends, and some of the cast from The Performers for the evening show of Vamps at the AMC Village 7. We had a great time! Here’s what they said about it:

“The movie was really terrific (I cried at the end) and the energy in the theater was really nice. There was a feeling of camaraderie that you don’t normally get in a movie. Even though I didn’t personally know anyone else it felt like I kind of knew everyone else. It was especially nice to watch the cast & crew walk in and hug their friends who were there. And everyone clapping for Alicia’s name during the opening credits. Just a feeling of family in a way, that I felt privileged to experience.”

– Beth

“I’ve been looking forward to Vamps for quite awhile now. Another Amy Heckerling film with Alicia in it is just so exciting! The movie was really adorable and sooo much fun to watch, really quirky and smart. I thoroughly enjoyed the outfits Alicia wore (done by Mona May who also did Clueless!) and Krysten Ritter was awesome. And just like when I was thirteen after watching Alicia in Clueless, all I wanted to do was act like her, dress like her, and watch the movie over and over again! I can’t wait to watch it again!” 

– Corinne

“My husband and I were lucky enough to join Alicia and the cast of her play on the night they were going to see Vamps in NYC. Even though it was a dark theater, the camaraderie we felt by sitting in a room surrounded by working actors who obviously love theater and film, was so exciting. I thought Vamps was a lovely comedy about being young, growing old and all of the relationships a person experiences in her life. It made us laugh and cry. I loved how Alicia’s character, Goody, seemed so fitting to her. Goody portrayed just that: goodness, caring and often selflessness for anyone she came into contact with, except for the poor rats, of course… she was a vampire after all! By the way, it was so odd and at times, cringe-worthy, to see the biggest animal lover on the planet sucking the blood of rats. Gotta love make believe! Alicia, the scenery throughout Vamps and the ending montage were just beautiful and truly heartwarming.”

– Molly

“As if meeting Alicia backstage at The Performers wasn’t enough, she invited us to go with her and the cast of the show to see Vamps later that night. I had to clarify with her that she was genuinely inviting us to go with her, and not just making a pitch to us to see her movie! We showed up at the theater, still unsure of whether it would all be a bust, whether security would not allow us in, or whether we got the theater or timing wrong. But then the pack arrived; Alicia, her husband Christopher, Ari Graynor, Daniel Breaker, and many more (unfortunately no Dan Stevens, the incomparable Matthew Crawley and Alicia’s co-star in Vamps). Some more hugs were exchanged, and then we all headed upstairs for the hilarious, silly shenanigans of Vamps. After the show, we waited downstairs to thank Alicia for everything. How many movie stars (or vegan idols) are so open and receptive as to allow their fans into their lives the way Alicia has? And to cap it all off, the very next day, I discovered a raw vegan/juice bar place a couple blocks away from my office!  It must be fate.  Now excuse me while I go eat some kale.”

– Sara

It was so nice meeting all of you and also Katie and to see Tara again! If any of you NYC kind lifers haven’t seen Vamps yet, please run to the theater and see it! This may be the last week it plays, so go!

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