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January 17th, 2013 | By Alicia Silverstone

I posted a video from the Eco Vegan Gal before and when she sent this over, I thought I’d share it too. She is adorable! Her boyfriend was sick so she has decided to make a batch of my Magical Healing Soup from The Kind Diet (page 251) to help heal their bodies and fight off illness.

If you want to be extra superhero, go easy on the shoyu – it’s not as healing when you incorporate too much salt; also the miso flavor can get lost if you add too much shoyu. Mix light and dark miso to add complexity to the flavor of your soup. When adding the miso, follow these tips to ensure the healthy enzymes in the miso stay intact:

1.  Dilute 2-3 teaspoons of miso with a little bit of soup broth
2.  Add the miso mixture to the soup at the end of cooking
3.  Let simmer for 2-3 minutes

Remember, we get sick because of an imbalance in our bodies: too much sugar, or too much complicated food out in the world. When it’s time to heal, you want to go super clean, simple, not too spicy. Just have rice and greens steamed with light sauce, or a nourishing miso soup. Sometimes it’s hard to get used to plain and natural flavors when the tongue is used to complicated flavors…I get happy in my mouth when I’ve been naughty, and then when I need to go clean and simple…this soup is just what the doctor ordered!

What do you like to eat when you need to heal your body?

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